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Google Goggles Now Solves Sudoku For You

The newest version of Google Goggles has some nice upgrades – barcode scanning is faster, and it’ll recognise and search print ads for you. But really, the hands-down coolest feature is automatic Sudoku solving. No need to use your brain!

Kuboku Will Crush Your Sudoku-Loving Brain In Three Dimensions

A new iOS app offers a new take on the popular brain-busting sudoku puzzles by slapping on an extra dimension. The same rules as traditional sudoku apply, but now you have to fill in an entire cube. My cranium aches.

Things Harder Than Sudoku: Making A Nixie Tube Sudoku Board

Figuring out where to put all 81 numbers in one of those Sudoku puzzles so that no row or column has any number more than once? No problem. Figuring out how to use 81 nixie tubes for same? No clue!

Lego Roboto Solves Sudoku

Swedish hacker Hans Andersson doesn’t need a robot to solve sudokus puzzles. That’s because he’s a genius capable of doing a robot that can solve sudoku puzzles. He used Lego Mindstorms to do it, and even the writing is beautiful.

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