Lost In A Maze Of Abandoned Stations Beneath The Streets Of Barcelona

The always interesting urban exploration crew at Trackrunners have assembled all of their various trips down beneath the streets of Barcelona into one long super-post, an epic catalogue of all things lost and subterranean in that Spanish coastal city.

Incredibly Claustrophobic Photos Of Tokyo's Train At Rush Hour

The World’s Best Ever picked up this great photo series by Michael Wolf. Titled Tokyo Compression, it shows snapshots of passengers captured at Tokyo’s train stations at rush hour. If you’re claustrophobic, don’t look at these.

The New Budapest Metro Line Is An Awesome Psychedelic Trip

After ten years of extremely expensive, slow, and politically messed up construction work — it is a long and sad story of government corruption and incompetence — Budapest, the Hungarian capital, got its fourth metro line today. Despite its ill-fated genesis and controversial usefulness, the Metro 4 is an amazing engineering, architectural, and artistic achievement, a mix of stunning concrete structures and trippy ornamentation. It looks stunning.

This Beautifully Simple App Wants To Change How Public Transit Works

Public transit is a hard problem. Imagine how difficult it is for a city to meet the needs of millions, all of whom want to go different places at different times. And, inevitably, you’re left standing on the platform. Ototo wants to change all of that.

How To Design The Perfect Train Network Map

Cameron Booth is a seasoned graphic designer. In his spare time, he also edits, the web’s finest emporium for bus maps, subway diagrams, train network maps and more. We’re enormous fans of his site and wanted to pin him down on a subject that’s close to our own hearts: what makes a good transit map?

The New York City Subway Was Another World In 1980

The annual Armory Show has kicked off in New York City, showcasing art from around the world, although perhaps still most widely known for its controversial 1917 show, when Marcel Duchamp displayed a repurposed urinal as art and the minds and morals of the art world collectively exploded.

Why The AIA Just Gave Its Most Prestigious Award To A Train Network

It’s a question that pops up again and again during the perennial cycle of annual architecture awards: Why do we only honour new buildings for great design, when the test of time is yet to come? It’s an inequality that the American Institute of Architects has being trying to address for decades.

Archaeologists Discover Aztec Ritual Skulls Under Subway

Archaeologists in Mexico City made a grisly and awesome discovery this week, after a subway extension project uncovered a stretch of pre-Hispanic development — including four skulls that were once displayed on a broad rack of bones from sacrificial offerings.

Watch The MTA Assemble A Prismatic Tunnel To The Sky

In New York, the Fulton Street Transit Center currently being built in the Financial District of Manhattan is shaping up to be not only the biggest place to catch a train in the five boroughs, but also the coolest. Where normally you’d expect the MTA to build tunnels through the ground, at Fulton Street they’ve assembled one to the sky. The MTA released a time-lapse video and a new set of photos that show a massive net lined with reflectors being installed inside the $US1.4 billion dollar hub.

Concrete Cavern Continues Carving Itself Under Manhattan

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority has posted a fresh set of images showing the progress on the Second Avenue subway being slowly carved out beneath Manhattan — and the photos are amazing. This concrete cavern is the future home of the 72nd Street station. Just add posters. [Flickr]