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Watch A Train Get Assembled

Video: Seeing a train get assembled is a lot like watching someone play with LEGO bricks, only if that someone was God and the LEGO bricks were stupidly ginormous. This timelapse of a London Elizabeth line train being built out at Bombardier in Derby is especially cool because it seems like pieces and parts are just flying together.

What A Day's Worth Of Kilojoules Looks Like In US Fast Food

If you find yourself eating at fast food restaurants every day, you’re not doing your body any favours. The recommended caloric intake for the average adult is around 2000 calories (8368kj), while the average fast food combo often delivers more than that — in a single meal.

Watch A Train Travel Inside The Tunnels Of The New York City Subway System

Video: The New York City subway works, most of the time. It’s not the flashiest and it’s not the cleanest and it’s not always on time and it can get too crowded during rush hour but you can get all over the city for $US2.75. Not the worst deal! It’s also just part of the fabric of the city. Here are videos from DJ Hammers showing how the NYC subway works — you get to see trains run through an entire line from the perspective of the first car.

The World Metro Map Combines 214 Subway Systems Into One Glorious Mess

What happens if you try to combine 214 different subway networks — including 791 routes and 11,924 stations — into a single map? This beautiful tangle of colour and lines is what.

A Fleet Of Custom Machines Is Outfitting London's New Subway

Image Cache: Crossrail, London’s new subway system (and Europe’s biggest infrastructure project) is nearing completion: the holes have been dug, and now there’s just the little matter of kitting them out.

90 Years Ago, The Los Angeles Subway Was Born In This Lost Tunnel

By now almost everyone knows that Los Angeles has a subway. But did you know that this is not the first subway that LA has ever had?

Replacing Subway Lines With High-Speed Moving Footpaths Sounds Terrifying

London has the oldest subway system in the world: great for tourism, but sometimes not-so-great for commuters. There’s all sorts of sensible plans to upgrade the city’s public transport, but here’s one particularly outside-the-box solution: a 24kph moving footpath, looping 27 kilometres under London. What could go wrong!

A Rare Glimpse Of The Ancient Infrastructure That Controls NYC's Subway

New York City’s subway system is a wonder of engineering — but sadly, that engineering is so old that it’s not even manufactured anymore, causing huge problems for the people who run it and anyone trying to use it. That means the MTA has built a whole shop up around trying to maintain its ageing technology, and now they’re giving us a look at this underground industry.

What Is The Most Obnoxious Behaviour You've Seen On Public Transit?

Manspreading — the phenomenon where males require extra room on trains for their oversized scrotums — has been in the news lately with several reports of men being arrested on the New York City subway for occupying more than one seat. Surely this isn’t the worst offence committed on our public transportation systems?

The Amazing Photos Taken By A Crazy Tunnel Spelunker 

Gregory Berg will be the first to tell you that he’s insane. The New York-based photographer and urban spelunker likes climbing tall buildings and sneaking underground to photograph the parts of the subway most people never want to see. These are both crazy things to do. But the photos? They’re amazing.

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