A Single Night Of Sex On This Luxury Hotel Submarine Costs $390,000

Well here’s a new option for the wealthy tourist who’s seen it all. No, it’s not a trip to space. It’s not a floating hotel room or even a wild safari. It’s a luxury submarine — an underwater palace built for a Bond villain that can be yours for the weekend. But it will cost you.

The Time The US Invaded A Japanese Submarine Base... In Alaska?

An absolutely fascinating but little-known story — described as a “forgotten theatre” by the US Navy itself — is the tale of Kiska and Attu, Alaska: two remote Aleutian islands where the Japanese military established a submarine base during World War II.

US Navy Launches Drone From A Submarine -- While Underwater

If you thought launching a drone from an aircraft carrier was impressive, you’re going to be blown away by this: After six years of development, the US Naval Research Laboratory has successfully launched a drone from a submerged submarine.

This Island Holds The Decaying Remains Of The Soviet Nuclear Fleet

Whereas most ruins of decades past are often strictly off-limits, Russia’s Kildin island is a veritable petting zoo of the creepiest decaying military equipment you will ever get to see up close.

Monster Machines: The Super-Secret 'Research' Sub That Helped Win The Cold War

Quests for scientific knowledge and military superiority often go hand-in-hand. And nowhere is that more exemplified than in the nuclear-powered NR-1 research vessel. When it wasn’t busy exploring the wonders of the deep ocean, its crew engaged the Soviet Union in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game of sub-sea espionage — much of which is veiled in secrecy even today.

A Self-Driving Mini Cooper Submarine For Commuting On Rivers

You’re late for a meeting in the CBD, and you’re still 45 stop-and-go minutes away. You walk a few blocks to the Los Angeles River, where you board a stylish pod-like watercraft. Soon, you’re zipping down the river channel, faster than any vehicle on the motorway.

This Posh Mini-Sub Explores The Ocean For The Rich And Famous

So what if your super-yacht has a laser shield, heliport, and discotheques? Today’s mobile island for the 0.01 per cent isn’t complete without it’s own deep-diving C-Explorer 5 mini-sub. Seriously, even Vladimir Putin thinks this “subsea limousine” is awesome, and that guy hates almost anything that requires a shirt.

You Don't Have To Enlist To Tour A 50-Year-Old Sub On Street View

Google Street View is slowly becoming the window to a world that most of us may never get to see in real life. And if you’ve already explored every last nook and cranny of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider via Street View, you can now head on over to the UK and poke around the retired HMS Ocelot; a 50-year-old retired Oberon-class submarine.

Don't Worry About This Kayak Flipping: It Transforms Into A Submarine

The long sleek body of a kayak makes it highly efficient at slicing through the water, but for unexperienced paddlers it also makes it easier to flip than a canoe. And that can be a terrifying experience, unless you’re on the water in Olivier Feuillette’s Subo which transforms from a kayak to a fully sealed submarine in just seconds.

This One-Man Submarine Was Built From A Kayak

We all dream of venturing into the unknown, though some of us would prefer to do it via the camera on the end of a robot, rather than diving head-first into whatever dangers the not-known has to offer. Not Olivier Feuillette though — over the course of a few years, he transformed a kayak into a one-man, human-powered submarine.