This Aussie-Made Suit Has A Contactless Payment Chip Built Into The Sleeve

There’s nothing worse than having to stuff your packed wallet into your fancy suit pants of an evening. It produces an unsightly bulge on the pocket you select, and it lets down the whole outfit. Thankfully, Australian tailor M.J. Bale is here, with a new suit that has a PayWave tag built into the cuff.

Photographs Switch The Role Of Parent And Child By Changing Clothes

Mum, you look ridiculous. Son, what the hell are you wearing? These type of conversations go on in every household everywhere. In a generational tug of war between style and comfort it seems like parents and children are on opposite sides. But what if they changed places? What if parents wore the outfits of their children and children wore the clothes their parents wore?

Braun CoolTec Australian Review: Science Meets Grooming Equals Perfection

How much science can really go into your grooming gadgets? Sure, you’ve got the miniaturisation of components and motors to make it sleeker and more power efficient, but other than that, how much really? Meet the Braun CoolTec razor: the most advanced foil shaver you’ll ever put on your face.

You Can Now Buy Awesome Cufflinks With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is good for buying many things, including illicit drugs for some reason. Instead of buying some illegal internet weed, why not use those hard-earned Bitcoins to go and buy some geeky cufflinks from a local vendor?

Foldable Rain Boots Are Perfect For Finicky Autumn Rain Dumps

You wear your rain boots to work, but when you get there, you want to stash them somewhere else. And you know what’s good for that? These foldable Japanese wellies.

Sometimes Watch: Awesome Accessory, Subpar At Telling Time

I don’t wear a watch. I never have. If I did it would be more or less as a bracelet, but I dig the Sometimes Watch because it’s just so simple and cool.

Fashion Kaleidoscope: Stop Scouring The Internet For Style

Street style has become a thing thanks to the internet. Sometimes it’s annoying and self serving but oh my god can I get those shoes in green? You can shop all the fashion you see blogged about with Fashion Kaleidoscope.

What Are The Most Stylish Mobile Phones?

These days, any mobile you pick up can do the basics with aplomb — whether you’re an Android afficionado, Apple fanboy or Windows Phone 7 fanatic. And for many, style is just as much an important consideration as the platform itself. So which phones do you think win on style points alone? Here are five of our favourites to start the conversation.

The Android Wears Prada

Want in on the smartphone revolution but you’re too tres chic to get something that actually looks like hardware? Peep this Android handset from Prada and LG. If you’re a fashionista, you’d probably let Meryl Streep humiliate you for one.