I Used A 56K Modem For A Week, And It Was Hell On Earth

In 1998, the year the first 56K modem was available for purchase, I was in the eighth grade. At that age anything that was not a video game was useless to me. Most of my reading material was still on paper. Porn was still the occasional nipple floating beneath a scrambled TV miasma. It was a simpler time.

Hilarous Ad Shows Jesus Planning His Stunts With His Marketing Team 

Video: Montreal-based production house 1one Production specialises in bringing marketing stunts to life. So when they decided to make an self-promotion commercial they laid eyes on Jesus and thought: What would have happened if Jesus had a marketing team to orchestrate his miraculous and popular stunts? Well, this is what:

This Guy Jumped Off A 10-Storey Building While On Fire Because Why Not

I shouldn’t have to say it, but I’m going to anyways — do not try to jump off a building while on fire.

Guy In Lawn Chair Lifted By Balloons Like The Movies Danny Deckchair And Up

Every person who has seen the movie Up — and also enjoys dreaming about fanciful things every now and again — has thought about flying away in balloons like Carl Fredricksen. Professional daredevil and crazy person Erik Roner just did it. He bought tanks of helium to pump up giant balloons to make him fly.

Mad Man Rides Motorcycle Over A Bridge's Arch Beam

Bridges to normal humans are things that make life easier because they connect things that, well, don’t connect. We get on it and we get to the other side. Bridges to this professional stuntman are obstacles meant for epic stunts, like riding a motorcycle on top of one of the bridge’s arch beam!

Edge Of Tomorrow Stunts And Practical Effects Are Surprisingly Crazy

Video: Edge of Tomorrow was a pretty good movie — and spectacular too. So much that I thought most of the stunts and effects were computer generated. But no, a lot of those explosions and jumps were completely real, as this complete behind the scenes B-roll footage shows. Very impressive.

Watch This Guy BASE Jump From The Ground Using A Motorbike And A Ramp

Video: Twelve-year-old Brad O’Neal imagined how cool it would be to BASE jump with a motorbike from the ground instead of a cliff, as most people do. The idea kept taking shape inside Brad’s head until the day he decided to bring it to life. This video shows what happened that day.

Watch A Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pull Some Crazy Stunts

There are certain things we all look for in a huge passenger jet: safety, stability, comfort… but what about some insane acrobatics? Well, you’ll be pleased to see that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner can certainly provide the latter.

Crazy Kid Crawls Across The Railway Tracks Under A Running Train

Forget those crazy Russians, this American kid crawling across the railway tracks while a train is still running above his head is the most insane video I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks to a bit of agility and a lot of luck he is not crushed like a bug. Skip to the 2:10 mark to see it.

The Terrifying View Of A Slackline Walker Between Hot Air Balloons

We’ve seen this stunt before: a daredevil with nerves of steel and absolutely zero fear of heights walks a slackline strung between two hot air balloons. But until today we’d never seen it from the walker’s-eye view. Deep breaths. Deep, terrified breaths.

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