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Google Wants You To Use Its Apps To Get Out Of This Nightmare Escape Room

In what appears to be a valiant effort to turn the show Black Mirror into reality, Google France has created an escape room in which participants must use Google apps to get out.

The World's Longest Rail Slide On Skis Feels Like It Goes On Forever

Video: With a GoPro camera strapped to his chest providing a first-person view of the stunt, skier Tom Wallisch shattered the previous rail sliding record of 73.46m with this epic 129.24m long run that saw him fighting to maintain balance on a pair of skis while sliding along at 58km per hour.

Watch Fearless Stuntman Do A Blind Backflip Over A Speeding Race Car

Video: Besides a bit of YouTube fame, it’s hard to say why stuntman Damien Walters challenged himself to perform a daring backflip over a speeding Formula E race car — which he couldn’t actually see coming. It’s a stunt more impressive than anything you’ll see in a Hollywood movie because there are no wires, and no computer graphics.

These Crazy Jet Ski Tricks Seem To Defy Gravity

Video: Gravity doesn’t really apply to world champion jet skier Eli Kemnitz when he’s on one of those floating rockets. Just watch him freestyle and bust out an array of jumping tricks on flat water. You get to see see it a little bit from his perspective but the really wild part is just watching him spin and then bounce, spin and then bounce, and spin and then bounce like the water is a freaking trampoline.

Crazy Aeroplane Flies In And Out And Through A Wind Farm

Video: You know those basketball and soccer dribbling drills where you snake through a line of cones, dribbling a ball as you weave through them? That’s what pilot Hannes Arch is doing in this aeroplane at a wind farm in Tauern Wind Park in Oberzeiring, Austria. The aeroplane just flies through the wind turbines over and over again like it’s a video game and not real life.

Man In Wingsuit Flies Through A Narrow Opening Between Two Antennas

Video: And the kick is good! I always think of a field goal in football whenever something splits the uprights of two standing posts. Only in this instance, it’s not a football and a goalpost but a human being in a wingsuit flying through the narrow opening of two antennas.

These Stunt Tricks On A Moped Are Totally Wild

Video: I don’t know what sort of negotiations this person made with gravity, the magnets of Earth and the ground, because he came away with a freaking steal. The balance it takes to pull off all these crazy tricks on a moped and the creativity it takes to imagine them are just from another world. I mean, how does a person even realise that they could do this? Who sees a scooter and thinks “hey, can I stand on the handlebar while popping a wheelie? Or better yet, I’ll just ride the handlebar as I spin around?”

These Parkour Bike Tricks Are Super Wild

Video: There’s a lot of good ways to experience a city. You can walk and enjoy the outdoors but that takes a bit of time. You could ride any above ground public transportation system but that traps you inside. You could drive a car but that makes you miss out on things as you focus on the road. Or you could cycle and have fun. Tim Knoll, BMX biker, chose to cycle around Berlin. And to our benefit, he also busted out a few wildly creative bike tricks while doing so.

Man Soaked In Water Slides Through A Huge Fire And Escapes Unharmed

Video: The folks at NRK Viten are up to their usual nutty antics in their latest experiment. The concept behind this video is that it takes a lot of heat to evaporate water so if a person soaked himself in water and then slid down through an extremely huge fire, the water would provide a sort of protective layer that would prevent said person from turning into human barbecue. Physicist Andreas Wahl tests out this idea… on himself.

Brave Falling Man On A Loose Rope Stunt Shows How Physics Works 

Here’s the idea: A man is going to be attached to a rope dangling from a pole and then fall. The rope is totally loose and not attached to anything but there will be a weight rigged to the opposite end of the rope that holds the man. What happens? Does the man fall straight down? Nope! The rope swings around and tightens itself around the pole saving the man from plummeting to the ground. Duh.

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