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Worrying About Money Is Tough On Wallets And Wrinkles

As someone who often struggles to make ends meet, I often feel like I want to just curl up in a ball and never leave my house. During the worst months, I often found that it took a toll on my appearance. The dark circles under my eyes started to sag, my face would break out in pimples, and I’d gain weight. Of course, that only added to the stress.

Link Found Between Stressed Dads And High Blood Sugar In Kids

A new study shows mouse fathers under psychological stress were more likely to have offspring with high blood sugar compared to their unstressed counterparts.

Seeing These People Do Yoga On A Cliff's Edge Didn't Relax Me At All

Yoga is supposed to bring peace and spiritual balance and relaxation so obviously it makes complete sense to do it on top of cliffs and on the edge of cliffs and on really thin but really tall rocks, right? The people doing this extreme yoga look completely at ease throughout this stunt but I totally got nervous and unbalanced the whole time.

This Stress-Sensing Fitness Tracker Wins Top Design Award

The National Design Awards were last night in New York, where 20 products were vying to be named the country’s best. The winner, chosen by public voting, was a fitness tracker called Spire, which claims to keep tabs on your overall well-being by measuring heart rate and breathing patterns to monitor stress.

This Camera Will Flag You As A Suicide Bomber If You Seem Stressed Out

You might want to practise some breath-control before you go to China. Chinese scientists have reportedly developed a mini-camera to scan crowds for highly stressed individuals, who, it turns out, have a greater chance of turning out to be suicide bombers.

I Stop Breathing When I Type, And You Probably Do Too

I noticed a pretty unnerving problem recently. It was a normal day at work. I spend a lot of time pounding on a little keyboard and staring at a big screen. While working on an especially stressful post and a particularly challenging paragraph, I started getting lightheaded. I’d stopped breathing.

Why Your Palms Get Sweaty When You're Excited, Scared Or Nervous

Today I found out why your palms get sweaty when you’re nervous. Ever been on the edge of a cliff or looking out the window at the top of a skyscraper and your hands start to sweat? Or maybe it’s when you’re about to speak in front of an audience? The individual who introduced you might shake your hand and hope you didn’t just come from the bathroom because your palms are more saturated than a sponge in water. So what’s going on here?

HeartMath Inner Balance Review: Like Meditation Training Wheels

The benefits of consistant meditation are too well told. Lower stress, better focus, easier sleep. But despite its inherent simplicity, it can be really tough to learn and practice, especially if relaxation doesn’t come naturally.

Portable Shipping Container Sauna Is The Ultimate Stress Toy

Sometimes squeezing a foam ball just isn’t an effective way to deal with stress. So if you’re the head of a giant corporation, or even the president of a large country, consider having this self-contained portable sauna at your disposal.

How Much Does Your Computer Stress You Out?

A recent survey commissioned by computer hardware company Crucial has turned up a few interesting statistics on computer stress: 94 per cent of respondents said they have had computer problems drive them up the wall, and a little over half aren’t happy with how their little internet box behaves in general. 18 per cent even said computer problems are more stressful than taxes.

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