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A Street Fighter Hadoken Cushion Takes Pillow Fights To The Next Level

The next time a pillow fight breaks out at a sleepover, don’t bother reaching for a heavy feather-filled cushion. No, if you truly want to dominate the battle, make sure you have this Street Fighter Ryu Hadoken Fire Ball cushion in your stuffed arsenal.

Hadouken The Halls With An Amazing Street Fighter Sweater

It’s about time the under-appreciated knitted sweater finally got some respect. Creating intricate patterns by simply zig-zagging and weaving yarn is an artform, and one that has possibly reached its peak with this truly magnificent Street Fighter design.

This Is What It's Like To Play Street Fighter Using Real Fireballs

There is a dream harboured by everyone who grew up playing Street Fighter. In that dream you put your wrists together, shove them forward, shout “Hadouken!” and a giant fireball flies through the air. Last night, that dream came true.

I Wish The Street Fighter Games Looked As Amazing As This Stop-Motion Movie

Real-life fights are painful and destructive! And video game fights are usually frustratingly difficult. So instead, watch this incredible stop-motion animated bout between Ryu and Ken. It almost feels like you’re getting kicked in the skull.

Throw Hadoukens In Your Living Room With Street Fighter On Kinect

The Kinect genie refuses to return to the bottle. Here an enterprising modder rigs up his PC to play Street Fighter IV with Kinect, including shoryukens and hadoukens (and Ken). The video features actual gameplay versus the CPU.

Let The Beast Show You How To Hold Your Stick

Daigo Umehara. AKA “The Beast”. AKA The best Street Fighter player on Earth. If there’s someone who might have advice on how to improve your game, it’s him.

Facebook Games Could Get Cooler If Capcom Offers Up Street Fighter

Japanese publication The Nikkei has reported Capcom’s going to enter the Facebook gaming arena, treading on FarmVille’s turf with titles like Street Fighter and Resident Evil. It’s not 100 per cent confirmed, but the games are expected to be free. [CrunchGear]

So Does Street Fighter IV Actually Work On The iPhone?

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Fighting games have always been awkward – and a little sad – as portable experiences, like Rottweilers stuffed in sweaters. Touchscreen controls, you’d think, would be adding a bowtie. But Street Fighter IV for iPhone is a poodle in a cardigan. It fits.

Street Fighter IV For iPhone Will Cost $US10 From Next Month

Street Fighter IV is almost here for the iPhone, and Capcom is tantalisingly drip-feeding us with details about the coolest thumb-masher to hit the App Store. It’ll cost a rather large $US9.99, and will have eight playable characters, including Ryu.

Andy Samberg Explains How (He Thinks) Animation Works

I’ve no idea what’s going on in this behind-the-scenes look at Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but I like it. The video has script-writing super computers (render farms), mo-cap suit delusions, and even a Street Fighter Hadouken attack. Fight!

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