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Pornhub Wants Us To Pay For Porn Now?

Finding porn on the internet is not hard. Literally type “porn” into the search engine of your choice and bada bing, bada boobs — you’ll get yourself some T&A&whatever other genitalia your freaky heart desires. Which is why Pornhub’s latest service — paid porn — is a bold move.

Why Isn't Telstra Unmetering Our Favourite Streaming Services?

At the launch of Netflix in Australia, a handful of ISPs made the decision to go unmetered on streaming. A few months later and Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, still counts all your streaming data towards your cap. Why is that?

New Aussie ISP Yournet To Bypass Geoblocking On Media Streaming

Watching latest TV shows and movies via the internet is oh so much better than free to air or even cable TV. But here in Australia we often still get the shaft, thanks to licensing dictating what we can view downunder. There are legally grey ways around it of course, but now there is also an entire new ISP getting in on the action.

Netflix, Stan and Presto Bundled Together Thanks To Telstra TV

Media streaming is amazing — but with multiple competing services in Australia, getting all your favourite shows in one spot can be tricky. Teaming up with Roku, Telstra TV could make streaming a whole lot simpler.

Streaming No More: Project Free TV Shuts Down

Streaming video index site Project Free TV appears to have fallen off the internet. As of yesterday, visiting the domain now presents you with a single, lonely word: “Goodbye.”

You Can Now Stream From Xbox One Using A Windows 10 PC Or Tablet

With the launch of Windows 10 upon us, Microsoft is making good on its promise from earlier this year: Windows 10 users can now stream gameplay footage from Xbox One. Which is awesome, and it might finally convince me to buy a new Xbox.

Presto Is Finally Testing High-Definition Streaming

Presto has a library full of quality content, but the image quality isn’t as good as it should be. At last the service says it will bring HD streaming into its catalogue.

The Latest High Tech Gadgets For Your Living Room

Sure, you could watch Netflix, Stan or Presto on your tablet, but don’t you want it on the big shiny TV in your living room? That’s where these hot new streaming gadgets come in. Here’s the latest and greatest in home streaming gadgets.

Tech Exists To Provide Over-The-Air 4K TV (But You Can't Have It Yet)

A new set of proof-of-concept tests reveals that it’s perfectly possible to beam 4K TV through the air, without the need for streaming video services. Imagine: 4K through your TV aerial. But, perhaps predictably, it’s going to be a little while before you can have it.

How To Get Apple Music For Windows PC

If you went looking for Apple Music yesterday on your Windows machine, you probably got a bit confused. Where was the download? Why couldn’t you find it in your iTunes? The answer is that you needed iTunes 12.2, which wasn’t available right away. Now, it is — for OS X and for Windows PC.

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