Australia Misses Out On Chromecast Again, As 11 Other Countries Get A Release Date

When stuff comes out in the US, we sort of just assume that we’ll get it eventually. We got all excited last week, though, when Google’s head of Android said that Chromecast — Google’s HDMI streaming dongle — would drop in loads more markets this week. Turns that Australia isn’t one of those markets.

Torrent Site Popcorn Time, Shut Down Yesterday, Is Alive Again

That was quick. After closing up shop yesterday among the usual copyright questions , and just a week after its first launch, Popcorn Time is back. TorrentFreak has the story of how the project, abandoned by its founders, will live on at the hands of YTS developers.

Popcorn Time, The Netflix Of Piracy, Has Already Shut Down

Well, that didn’t last long. Just a little over a week ago, Popcorn Time descended upon the masses as a way to easily (if perhaps not entirely legally) stream torrents straight to your computer. Now, though, amidst pressure regarding piracy, Popcorn Time has officially closed its doors.

Watching Planes Land From Space Is Like A Video Game Brought To Life

Ever wanted to watch the world — in real-time HD — from space? Well prepare to experience what it’d be life if the world was your very own video game and check out a few planes landing at Beijing airport. It will be the coolest planespotting you’ve ever done.

Popcorn Time Lets You Stream Torrent Movies

Too impatient to wait for a torrent to download? Then maybe you should check out Popcorn Time — an app that lets you stream torrents to your computer.

Watch: Batman Versus The Terminator In This Brilliant Animated Short

New Zealand-based animator Mitchell Hammond has imagined a bleak future. In Hammond’s new animated short film, Skynet successfully launched its nuclear arsenal in 1997 — the Judgement Day in the Terminator franchise film of the same name — and has ruled the ruined planet ever since. In this instance, however, there’s another factor that Skynet hasn’t taken into account. Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman depending on the time of day and his social schedule, has been hiding in his Batcave since the war broke out.

Pharrell's New Daft Punk Collab Is Super Smooth: Listen To The Full Track

Pharrell’s second solo album G I R L is out in a few days, after only being announced in the middle of this month. The album’s lead single is, of course, “Happy”, but to be honest we’re enjoying the smooth grooves of another track a lot more.

QPlay: A Spotify For Video That Streams To Your TV

While Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku have shifted streaming content from our mobile devices to our televisions, they’re often incomplete solutions. There’s a whole Internet worth of video content — from news feeds to public broadcasting productions — that the Chromecast just won’t play. But the Qplay will.

Foxtel's New Presto Movie Service Launching On March 13

After a couple of months of delays, Foxtel’s Presto movie service finally has a launch date: March 13. In just over a fortnight, you’ll be able to sign up for a $19.99 monthly deal that gives you unlimited access to an archive from Foxtel Movies — both the existing live channels and on demand.

Rumour: Amazon Is Readying A Web TV Box (Again)

Re/code is reporting that Amazon is getting ready to launch an Android-powered web TV box to compete with Roku and and Apple. Sources tell Peter Kafka that Amazon “is aiming for a March rollout” of the set-top box, which was rumoured to arrive last year in time for the Christmas holidays.