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Wow, Spotify's New Privacy Policy Is Atrocious

There’s a new privacy policy going into effect with the latest Spotify update, and the TL;DR version is that if you’re at all concerned about data privacy you might want to jump ship now.

Aussie Streaming Site EzyFlix Is Dead

There will be casualties in the streaming wars. Australia’s EzyFlix is one of the first.

Hulu Doesn't Want To Feed Binge-Watching Habits

Hulu sees the crumbs on your rumpled t-shirt, your bloodshot eyes, and your diminishing will to live — and it does not approve. Unlike Netflix, which drops whole seasons of new original shows at once, Hulu won’t be letting you binge watch its new original programming.

The Only Thing I'll Miss About Cable Is My DVR

As far as watching TV goes, the experience provided by a traditional cable provider is crap. Slow hardware, clunky interfaces, unwanted bundled channels. Streaming services are slowly replacing all of this and thanks goodness for them. But there’s an aspect of the old way that I will sorely miss — the DVR and its magical commercial skipping powers.

Stan Knows You Want Apps On Your Console And Smart TV

App support is crucial for Aussie streaming service Stan. It already has Android, iOS, Apple TV and Web browser support, but that’s not enough. At an event in Sydney today, CEO Mike Sneesby forecast when you’ll be able to install Stan apps on more of your home entertainment devices.

How Everyone's Favourite Shady Mail-Order Music Scam Taught Me To Steal

It’s hard to say exactly when I learned how to steal music. At first, I think it happened when I learned how to torrent. Then I recall my late nights with Napster. But if I really think hard about it, I remember middle school and Columbia House and that incredible eight CDs for a penny deal. That’s when I started stealing.

Stan To Stream Every Episode Of Friends, The OC, The West Wing And More

Get ready for Stan to get a whole lot more watchable: your formative years are coming to the streaming service thanks to a new deal with Warner Bros.

I'm Playing Xbox On Windows 10, And You Can Too

Yesterday, my wife wanted to play some Kingdom Hearts. I was in the mood for Titanfall. We only have one TV. So I pulled out a Surface 3 tablet, plugged in an Xbox One controller, and started streaming the game from my Xbox to my portable PC. It’s a new Windows 10 feature.

Pornhub Wants Us To Pay For Porn Now?

Finding porn on the internet is not hard. Literally type “porn” into the search engine of your choice and bada bing, bada boobs — you’ll get yourself some T&A&whatever other genitalia your freaky heart desires. Which is why Pornhub’s latest service — paid porn — is a bold move.

Why Isn't Telstra Unmetering Our Favourite Streaming Services?

At the launch of Netflix in Australia, a handful of ISPs made the decision to go unmetered on streaming. A few months later and Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, still counts all your streaming data towards your cap. Why is that?

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