Spotify Wants To Be Your Endless Source For Video And Podcasts, Too

Spotify just revealed a huge service overhaul that adds video, podcasts and improved discovery to its massive streaming music service.

You Can Now Use 'Netflix For Torrents' App, Popcorn Time In Your Browser

It’s over a year since Popcorn Time burst on to the scene, allowing you to stream torrents rather than download them. It’s had its ups and downs — but now you can use it in your browser.

Rdio Launches $5.99 Service For Budget Streaming

Jay-Z’s TIDAL made big, messy waves the other month when it launched a $23.99-a-month streaming service. The accepted monthly rate for this kind of streaming service has normalised around $10 — which is why Rdio’s is hoping to undercut the competition with a new US$4 tier.

You Can Now Access Stan Through Apple TV (Update: Nope)

Stan is a decent streaming alternative to the likes of Netflix and Foxtel’s Presto, but it loses out when it comes to apps. That’s all changing today, however, with the news that Stan has its first native streaming app on a device that isn’t a phone or tablet: it’s now available on the Apple TV.

Stan Says That Stan Has 200,000 Sign-Ups And 'The Largest Content Library' In Australia (According To Stan)

After several ISPs recently said that Stan’s customer traffic could be considered as a “rounding error”, the streaming service has hit back saying that it’s heading for 200,000 customers and a massive content catalogue.

Stan Is Producing Its Own Comedy Series

Stan is producing a new standalone comedy series for the internet!

Stan and Netflix Are Owning The Australian Video Streaming Market

The battle for users in the Australian online streaming market was taken up a notch last month when US juggernaut Netflix arrived Down Under. Releasing its April Benchmark Report analysing the local subscription video on demand market, Australian app Gyde – which helps users figure out which streaming TV providers host the content they enjoy watching – has found Stan is in the lead for total streamable hours.

HBO Now Is Killing Australian Accounts

Bad news, VPN-ers: HBO doesn’t want your money. The service has started emailing people who are using the new HBO Now streaming service outside of the US to tell them they’re about to be booted.

Netflix Sets Its Prices According To Local Piracy Rates

If you live in a country with a lot of piracy, you probably enjoy lower monthly Netflix subscription fees. That’s according to Netflix CFO David Wells, who says that a country’s piracy rate is the primary factor determining the service’s local price.

Netflix Has A Show About Diseased Dicks Called Scrotal Recall

This week, Netflix has apparently quietly launched the Classic Balls Puns Based on the Collected Works of Arnold Schwarzenegger segment of its Original Programming*. This is my way of telling you that you can now watch a show called Scrotal Recall.