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Double-Sided Strap Lets You Hide Your Apple Watch Shame Under A Nicer Timepiece

Like a horological version of a mullet, watchmaker Sinn has created something it calls the Dual Strap System allowing someone to wear both a traditional watch, and the Apple Watch, at the same time. It’s business up front with the analogue timepiece, and a party in the back with all of the added smartwatch functionality.

A Lego Neck Strap Sets This Bricked Camera Apart From The Rest

Flickr user RGB900’s Lego DSLR is far from the first bricked camera we’ve brought you. But damned if it isn’t one of the most detailed.

Stow Your Buds On Your Wrist, No Not Those Buds

Finally, a Live Strong-style bracelet that does more than serve as a smug fashion accessory!

Photojojo's Leather Strap Makes Your DSLR Look Like Indiana Jones's

Dropping your expensive camera is terrible. Looking like a giant tool while you’re snapping photos is also awful. Photojojo’s “Handy Dandy Hand Strap” will take care of both, snuggly securing your cam to your hand, all while looking ruggedly beautiful.

Luma Loop V2

There are lots of alternatives to the strap that comes with your camera, like straps with thicker padding. But I’m pretty into sling-style straps, especially for torturous events like CES. Luma’s 2.0 Loop is a radically simple, elegant implementation of a sling strap.

Camera Sling Inspired By Marine Corps Rifles: Luma Loop, LoopIt

The original Lumaloop was an excellent, simple camera sling. The new Loop and LoopIt (for point-and-shoots) use a new sling connector – from the company who invented the one used on US Marine Corps rifles – to instantly attach and disconnect cameras.

The Return Of The Mobile Phone Strap

One thing I noticed – sadly! – with the original iPhone was the lack of a place to hang a keitai strap. For awhile, I’d collect fun ones from Japan. Good thing I saved all them because the bumper fixes this.

Lumaloop Camera Strap Review: Sling Shooting

The strap that comes in the box with your camera sucks. It’s thin, so it digs into shoulder if you’re lugging heavy gear, and fails to be super versatile. The Lumaloop’s a sling-style camera strap that’s designed to be better.

The Ecohime Mobile Phone Strap Applauds Your Bowel Movements

You went potty all by yourself! Feel the same sense of achievement you did as a child with the Ecohime mobile phone strap while simultaneously concealing any unpleasant noises.

Street Fighter IV Joystick Phone Strap Makes You Really Annoying

Granted, this Street Fighter IV joystick mobile phone strap is awesome, but it might have an adverse effect on your social life. You see, different joystick/button combinations produce voice clips from the game.

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