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You Can Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage Today

Want some more space for your documents? Of course you do. Well, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive for free today. Here’s how.

Here's The Tiny USB-C Card Reader Your 12-Inch MacBook Desperately Needs

One of the less publicized themes of CES 2016 appears to be ‘ways to fix the 12″ MacBook’. Not only does it come with just a single USB-C port, there’s also no memory card slot. So if you’re a photographer constantly transferring shots, you’ll want Satechi’s tiny new USB-C card reader always close at hand.

Seagate's Made One Of The Best Portable Drives Even Thinner

Seagate’s Backup Plus Slim is one of the best portable drives you can buy because it perfectly balances size, capacity, and price. And now there’s even more reason to opt for Seagate’s portable storage offerings because its new Backup Plus Ultra Slim is now 2.5mm thinner.

Porsche Design's New Desktop Drive Shares Power With Your 12-Inch MacBook

Apple is so massive that even a design flaw on one of its products — like the single USB-C port on the 12″ MacBook — can spawn hundreds of devices dedicated to solving the problem. Even LaCie’s new Porsche Design Desktop Drive promises to keep your port-challenged MacBook charging while it’s connected.

You Can Throw This Tonka-Tough SSD Drive Around And Your Data Will Still Be Safe

A portable SSD is already a better way to carry gigs of valuable data. The lack of moving parts means there’s less chance of the drive dying if it gets jostled, banged or accidentally dropped. But your data’s even safer with SanDisk’s updated, rugged SSD that’s now wrapped in a shock, dust and water-resistant bumper.

Samsung's Adorably Tiny SSD Now Wraps 2TB In A Tougher Metal Housing

When first revealed at CES last year, Samsung boasted that its Portable SSD T1, which put a full terabyte of speedy flash-based storage inside a credit card-sized housing, could eventually see capacities of up to 16GB in a few years. That’s not too hard to believe, because exactly one year later it’s already grown to 2TB.

Good-Bye Hard Drives, SSDs Are Getting Cheaper

Solid-state drives are superior to hard drives in every way but one: they’re faster, lighter, and less fragile, but they’re also more expensive. The last one has been the only thing keeping HDDs alive, and that thread appears to be getting thinner by the day.

Sound Waves Could Power The Hard Drives Of The Future

Our need to store data is growing at an astonishing rate. An estimated 2.7 zettabytes (2.721) of data are currently held worldwide, equivalent to several trillion bytes for every one of the 7 billion people on Earth. Accessing this data quickly and reliably is essential for us to do useful things with it — the problem is, all our current methods of doing so are far too slow.

Microsoft Scraps Unlimited OneDrive Storage And Cuts Its Free Offering

Microsoft has announced that it’s scrapping its unlimited OneDrive cloud storage plan which it launched last year, as well as introducing a lower cap on its free offering, too.

Apple Quietly Made The Fusion Drive Much Smaller

For the last few years, Apple’s iMacs have tried to combine the best of both storage worlds in the Fusion Drive, a SSD/hard-drive combo that’s meant to blend performance and storage capacity into one. The newly refreshed iMacs are sporting Fusion Drives, but they’re much smaller than their predecessors.

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