Dropbox Pro Now Has 1TB Of Storage, New Sharing And Security Options

Dropbox is an awesome cloud storage service which integrates well with everything, but if you need more than the 2GB on the Free (plus whatever free extras you can scrounge) it can become expensive. So we’re happy to learn that Dropbox Pro has simplified its plans and expanded its storage: 1TB now costs $10.99 a month.

These Folding Shelves Pop Right Out Of The Wall

Reminiscent of those wall-mounted foldaway beds, these shelves hinge out from their main, framing structure to create impromptu, versatile storage.

How Many Gigabytes Does It Take To Make A Human?

How much information is stored inside a human? Not as much as you think. All you need is a mere 1.5 gigabytes to fit your entire genetic code. Veritasium did the maths in his latest brain tapping video and cooked up that number using bits to understand the molecules that make up a person’s genetic code.

These Shelves Are Like A Shape-Sorter Toy For Grown-Ups

Storage can be so boring sometimes — but not if you’re friends with Stockholm designers Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho, because they have decided to create a shelving system that resembles the shape-sorter toys we all used to play with as kids.

The Perfect Family Work Surface: Three Desks, One Shelving Unit

A busy home can place high demand on desk space, so why not make something that provides more than one surface to work at? That’s exactly what design graduate Matej Chabera’s shelving unit it designed to achieve.

A Software Update Could Make Existing SSDs 300% Faster

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are already fast, in fact, a little too fast. That doesn’t mean we’re going to say no to even more performance, even if data transport protocols need to catch up. While flash memory itself continues to improve in durability, speed and density, there’s also work ongoing on the software side, with a team of researchers in Japan reportedly boosting existing drive speeds with a simple middleware change.

These Brackets Come With Shelves Included

We’ve all been there: you have your hands on some lovely timber or such to fasten to your wall and put stuff on, only to find that all the brackets you can buy are dog ugly. So, designer Sylvain Willenz decided to make brackets that come with shelves included instead.

This Discreet 3D-Printed Bike Rack Appears To Defy Physics

There’s no shortage of showy bicycle storage, but if you want something neat and discreet, Hurdler Studios’ Clug seems to be the little bicycle rack that could. Currently a Kickstarter, the Clug — named after the noise it makes — is a small, wall-mounted clip. The bracket conceals two screws, which hold the things to the wall, and then a push-fit inner clips straight into hide them.

Sony Crams 3700 Blu-Rays' Worth Of Storage In A Single Cassette Tape

Stupid hipster 80s fetishism notwithstanding, cassette tapes don’t get much love. That’s a shame, because magnetic tape is still a surprisingly robust way to back up data. Especially now: Sony just unveiled tape that holds a whopping 148 GB per square inch, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. Prepare for the mixtape to end all mixtapes.

This Is The World's Fastest MicroSD Card (For Now)

It’s easy enough to find ultra-fast SD cards — if you have the cash — but super speedy microSD cards are harder to come by. No longer: Toshiba has just launched the world’s fastest, and it should breathe life into your compact mirrorless camera.

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