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You Can Wrap SanDisk's New Flash Drives Around Your iPhone

It doesn’t matter how much storage Apple stuffs into the latest iPhone, your ever-growing music, photo, video and app collections will max it out in no time. Instead of constantly having to delete files so you have room to keep adding new media, SanDisk’s new iXpand Memory Case will simply boost your iPhone’s storage capacity.

We Messed Up Some 'Rugged' Storage Drives With A Machete

Video: The price of solid state drives has been on a steady decline for the last year, and they’re already a top pick for easily improving the performance of your laptop, desktop or even your PS4. But they also make really fantastic external drives — if more expensive than a traditional hard drive.

Who Decided To Only Put 4GB Of Storage In This Rey's Speeder Flash Drive?

There was a lot of potential when someone at Disney decided to turn Rey’s Speeder into a USB flash drive. That is, until the company decided to cheap out and put a paltry 4GB of storage in it. It won’t even be able to hold the HD digital copy of The Force Awakens you’re so desperate to download.

Heat-Assisted Storage Could Squeeze Ten Times More Data On A Drive

Whether it’s on your laptop or in a data canter, extra storage is always welcome. Now, it’s been shown that heat-assisted magnetic storage could let us squeeze over ten times more data into the same volume.

Seagate's New 10GBps SSD Will Be The World's Fastest

Seagate’s new SSD will be very, very fast indeed. In fact, able to transfer data at up to 10GBps, it’s 6GBps faster than its previous best — and it’s claimed it will be the fastest in the world.

Save More Photos On Your iPhone Using This Storage App

It’s not a great feeling when you frame a photo on your iPhone only to find out there’s not enough free storage space available to store it. IceCream is an iOS app that performs some under-the-hood trickery to give you more room for photos — thousands of them — without forcing you to delete any of your existing ones.

Samsung's 16TB SSD Is Now An Actual Thing People Can Buy

Last year, Samsung made the rest of the world feel mighy inadequate by announcing a world-record 16TB SSD. Turns out that was more than just talk — Samsung is shipping drives to (very wealthy) customers today.

Your Next Phone Might Have 256GB Of Storage Thanks To Samsung's New Chip

I love high capacity things. So when Samsung announced that it’s producing 256 GB flash storage that can be used in mobile devices, I swooned. The memory is two times faster than the previous generation of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) memory, meaning that phones will not only have greater storage capacities, but also breeze reading and writing operations.

Optical Data Storage Squeezes 360TB On To A Quartz Disc, Forever

Want to make sure you back something up indefinitely? Then you could do worse than a digital data storage technique that uses laser light to store 360 terabytes of information on nanostructured quartz for up to 14 billion years.

You Can Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage Today

Want some more space for your documents? Of course you do. Well, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive for free today. Here’s how.

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