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Basically No One Went To See The New 'Steve Jobs' Movie

The movie Steve Jobs bombed at the box office, making a mere $US7.3 million. Have we officially reached Jobs overload?

Steve Jobs Is A Very Entertaining Movie About How It's OK To Be An Arsehole

Five minutes into Steve Jobs, I didn’t think I was gonna make it.

Woz Says Steve Jobs Will Be Known For His ' Negative Personality'

The day is almost here: When America gets to witness Seth Rogen as Woz. In preparation for the Steve Jobs theatrical release on October 23, Woz himself has been doing a lot of publicity for the film, including making this featurette that juxtaposes his real-life commentary with snippets from the movie.

Remember When HP's Carly Fiorina Made That Terrible Deal With Steve Jobs?

In American politics, there’s a formula for anecdotes that win over voters. Poor grandpas and religious awakenings always play well, and so does invoking the name of capitalist saint Steve Jobs.

Coming Soon: This Week In Movie Trailers

Welcome to the trailer park! Catch up on all this week’s new movie trailers with Coming Soon!

Latest Steve Jobs Trailer Tackles The Origin Of Technology's Bad Boy Genius

Steve Jobs is shaking up to be one hell of a biopic! Here’s the latest look at Micahel Fassbender doing his very best megalomaniacal technologist.

The Steve Jobs Documentary Apple Doesn't Want You To See

Remember when Steve Jobs abandoned his daughter and refused to pay child support despite being worth millions of dollars? Alex Gibney’s new documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, which hits cinemas, iTunes and VOD on Friday, September 4, is at once a study of the late visionary’s unrelenting optimism about the power of computers to change the world and a portrait of a ruthless businessman who trampled others’ lives on the way to his goals.

The New Steve Jobs Trailer Is All About Seth Rogen's Woz

Today there’s a new trailer for the other other other Steve Jobs movie, the one starring Michael Fassbender. But this trailer gives us the first real look at Seth Rogen as Woz… and damned if I’m not going to see this movie just to watch him.

A Few Choice Excerpts From Tim Cook's Commencement Speech

Apple’s CEOs are fascinating: Where Steve Jobs cultivated a shrewd genius persona, Tim Cook’s journey to Apple’s upper echelon is equally inspiring. In his George Washington commencement speech on the weekend, Cook shared some details about that journey — and threw in an iPhone joke or two.

The Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs Movie Surprisingly Doesn't Look Terrible

We’re still on the merry-go-round of Steve Jobs biopics, and we’re coming around to the (hopefully) good bit where Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle have their turn. Here’s the first trailer.

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