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A Brief History Of Scientists Hunting For Time Travellers

Time travel is possible — or at least a lot of serious physicists say so. It’s probably not possible to pull it off in a souped-up Delorean, but there are wormholes, Tipler cylinders, and other Einstein-inspired theories for how it could work. Which raises the question: Why haven’t we met any visitors from another time?

See Young Stephen Hawking In Love In New Theory Of Everything Trailer

You know Stephen Hawking as one of the smartest living people on the planet, but you may not know the story of his life before he was famous. Here’s the second trailer from the upcoming movieThe Theory of Everything, which tells his tale.

See A College-Aged Stephen Hawking In First Theory Of Everything Trailer

It is a great year for nerd icons in Hollywood. We’ve already had a look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, and now, we’re finally getting a peek at Stephen Hawking, co-ed, in the first full-length trailer for The Theory of Everything.

How To Donate Your Voice To Someone Who Can't Speak

Here’s a good deed you can do without parting with a single thing. Synthetic voices for people who have lost the ability to speak only come in generic types — think of Stephen Hawking’s voice — but one fascinating project wants to build custom voices for each person. To do that they need your help: specifically, a recording of your voice.

No, Stephen Hawking Did Not Say Black Holes Don't Exist

You’ve probably seen plenty of headlines this week proclaiming “Stephen Hawking Says Black Holes Don’t Exist” and heard people who read those headlines chattering excitedly about this seemingly huge shift in astrophysics. But as PopMech wisely points out, that’s not an accurate summary of what Hawking actually said.

This Animation Makes Stephen Hawking's Ideas Easier To Understand

Stephen Hawking. Theoretical Physicist. Cosmologist. Smart guy. Beyond genius, actually. Hell, very probably the best brain that us humans have right now. But so much of his intelligence is hard to grasp for less wrinkled brains like us.

Intel's Trying To Help Stephen Hawking Get His Speech Back Up To Speed

Stephen Hawking is a survivor. He’s been valiantly holding his own against ALS disease for 50 years now, but it’s still taking its toll. The cheek-twitching mechanism he’s been using to talk for the past 10 years isn’t quite as efficient as it used to be. He’s down to one word per minute at times, but Intel’s CTO is working hard on a fix.

Hawking Pays Up: Higgs Find Cost Him $100

There’s nothing like a wager between friends. Especially if those two friends are some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen and the bet is over whether or not their colleagues will make one of the greatest ever discoveries in particle physics.

Scientists Plan To Hack Stephen Hawking's Brain

A team of Stanford scientists has revealed that it plans to sit Stephen Hawking down in a room, place a device on his head, and literally hack his brain to work out what’s going on in there.

Stephen Hawking: Women Are A Complete Mystery

Stephen Hawking is perhaps the finest mind alive on the planet. Still, it’s nice to hear he occasionally shares the worries of the rest of us. In a recent interview with New Scientist, he was asked what he thought about most during the day. His answer? “Women. They are a complete mystery.” [New Scientist; Image: lwpkommunikacio]

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