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Woman Arrested For Plot To Kill Stephen Hawking

An American woman was arrested this week for flooding Stephen Hawking’s email with death threats, then stalking him at an astronomy festival in the Canary Islands.

Noted Genius Stephen Hawking Literally Can't With Donald Trump

Stephen Hawking is almost universally revered for his intelligence. Donald Trump is revered for certain other attributes. Hawking, however, appears to be impressed neither with Trump’s hands nor his hair. In fact, the scientist thinks Trump is pretty terrible.

Gravitational Wave Scientists Win $3.9 Million For Being Awesome

Earlier this year, scientists confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, a cosmological feature first predicted by Albert Einstein. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the scientists involved in the study have won the $US3 million ($3.9 million) Special Breakthrough Prize.

Hawking's Interstellar Starship Would Revolutionise The Search For Alien Life

Yesterday, Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner made the mind-blowing announcement that they want to build a fleet of interstellar spacecraft that can travel at relativistic speeds — up to 20 per cent the speed of light. But it’s not just about reaching our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, although that is the new Breakthrough project’s moonshot. The technology Hawking and Milner are proposing could revolutionise the search for alien life within our solar system.

Stephen Hawking Was Dropping Zingers Left And Right Today

Today Stephen Hawking was making a big announcement about aliens or something. And in the middle of it, Hawking dropped a zinger that made me LOL.

Hawking: An Interstellar Space Mission Will Bring Benefits To People's Lives On Earth

Earlier today, Stephen Hawking and Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner announced a thrilling plan to deploy tiny “nanocrafts” to the second-closest star in search of intelligent life. And in the first post-announcement interview with ABC News, Hawking talks about how the development of interstellar spacecraft will improve life for humans.

The Space Tech Of Today That Could Power Stephen Hawking's Interstellar Craft Of Tomorrow

Stephen Hawking’s plan to create a starcraft that can traverse the inky blackness separating us and our cosmic neighbour is fantastically ambitious and filled with lots of “the tech will come” assumptions. But at its core, the technology that Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner want to use to create the ship is already here. It’s just not quite at the level of development that it needs to be.

Stephen Hawking And A Russian Billionaire Want To Build An Interstellar Starship

Last year, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence got a major boost when Russian billionaire Yuri Milner unveiled a $US100 million effort to scan the skies for radio and light signals emitted by aliens. Not content to simply sit tight and wait for ET to hail us, Milner now plans to build interstellar spacecraft. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Watch Stephen Hawking's BBC Lectures On Black Holes With Chalkboard Illustrations

Now you can watch as well as listen as world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking expounds upon his latest ideas about the knotty black hole information paradox, playfully illustrated by chalkboard artist Andrew Park.

Paul Rudd And Stephen Hawking Face Off In A High-Stakes Game Of Quantum Chess

Video: What do you do if you’re Paul Rudd and itching to speak at a Caltech event about quantum mechanics? Challenge your arch-rival, Stephen Hawking, to a game of quantum chess, of course. The very future of the universe might be at stake.

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