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Watching Stephen Colbert Completely Nerd Out Over Lord Of The Rings Is Still A Delight

Video: I suppose for most normal people, seeing this collection of Stephen Colbert answering Lord of the Rings questions at the Late Show pre-taping is funny just because, ha ha, what a nerd, how did he ever function in society long enough to get a national late night talk show and so on. But we know better.

Stephen Colbert Explains Why The Rio Olympics Could Be A 'Massive Catastrophe'

Video: It’s no secret that the Rio Olympic games, kicking off this August, are in serious trouble. There’s crime. There’s disease. There’s Jaguar slaughter, and lots of other problems. Stephen Colbert recently summed up all the reasons that the Olympics will likely be a disaster in just five minutes.

How The Costume Scared Jude Law Away From Playing Superman

We ended up with Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill, but the other names who almost played the role of Superman in the last 15 years is kind of incredible. From Nicolas Cage in one film to Brendan Frasier in another, dozens of actors were considered to be the Man of Steel. Among them? Jude Law.

Stephen Colbert Imagines How We Could Remake All Movies With Emoji

Video: Sony plans to make a single movie out of emoji — but what if studios just remade every movie using the icons?

Stephen Colbert And Sesame Street's Grover Star In Spike Jonze' Bizarre Late Show Intro

Video: If it didn’t mean we’d miss amazing films like Being John Malkovich, Adaptation and Her, Spike Jonze could have a great career in late night. Earlier this week, the director helmed directed a surreal new opening to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which you should watch here.

A Brilliant Physicist Explains Gravitational Waves To Colbert

We all understand that the discovery of gravitational waves was a really big deal, but do you really understand what they are, why they’re important, or how LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory, found them? After watching this brilliant bit from the latest The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you will.

Stephen Colbert Geeks Out Talking To Scott Kelly On The ISS

Colbert has always been a great proponent of space exploration and sciences, and it’s fantastic to see him geek out talking to Scott Kelly in orbit on The Late Show.

This Is What A Candy Crush Movie Might Look Like

Video: What if Candy Crush was turned into a movie? One that starred Liam Neeson, too? Well, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert imagined just that. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Stephen Colbert On Hillary Clinton's Social Media Campaign

Many of America’s presidential candidates are doing the best they can to interact with millennials, especially on Twitter — but none of them seems to be working as hard on it as Hilary Clinton.

Tim Cook Explains How He Decided To Come Out On The Late Show 

Tim Cook appeared on Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show last night, and Colbert roasted Apple’s CEO with his usual charm.

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