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Ford's New Cars Will Do Some Of The Steering For You

The most exhaustive part about manoeuvring your car in and out of tight spaces in a crowded parking lot is the unending back-and-forth turning of your steering wheel. To make that easier, Ford is introducing something called Adaptive Steering that does most of the turning for you — at slower speeds.

All You Need To Track Driver Fatigue Is A Smarter Steering Wheel

To prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel and potentially causing deadly accidents, researchers have developed everything from smartphone apps, to intelligent bracelets, to even facial tracking dashcams. But scientists at Washington State University have come up with a much cheaper method that simply monitors the movements of a car’s steering wheel.

Haptic Steering Wheels Could Save You From The Blinding Sun

Let’s say you’re flying down the road at high speed, listening to some tunes and having a grand old time. And then, Mr Sun just happens to peek out from behind a distant building/mountain/hill and punches you straight in the eyes. You’re blinded by the light. Whatchu gonna do?

Meet The SRW-S1 Steering Wheel

Playing a sick racing game with a joystick just doesn’t cut it. Like, at all. You need a wheel at the very least. They’re usually big and will set you back hundreds. This won’t do either.

Toyota's Magic Steering Wheel Will Take Over If You Have A Heart Attack

Cars have already come such a long way since the Model-T days, but if you think Google’s driverless cars were fancy, wait until you hear about Toyota’s heart attack-detecting sensors, that will steer a car if you lose control.

Watch This Guy's Steering Wheel Fall Off In The Middle Of A Race

In the middle of a drag race, the steering gearbox inside this funny car broke off. Like, literally. It makes for a terribly amusing few seconds as you watch the driver panic and hold on to an invisible steering wheel.

That Microsoft Xbox Wireless Steering Wheel Priced For Australia

While many people saw Microsoft’s new wireless racing wheel peripheral and questioned its design (a “double-ended dildo for cyborgs”, as one commenter put it), Microsoft has just announced Australian price and, full kudos to Redmond, Australia isn’t actually getting screwed.

Microsoft's New Official 360 Steering Wheel Cuts The Cord

There’s been a wired Xbox 360 steering wheel for years now. I should know, there’s one in my closet gathering dust. There’s now a wireless Xbox 360 steering wheel. Think Mario Kart’s plastic wheel, only a lot more expensive.

The $US50,000 Steering Wheels Of Formula 1

It wouldn’t be Formula 1 without some kind of constant friction between racers, team owners and organisers, and this year’s kerfuffle involves steering wheels that force drivers to push more buttons than a 747 pilot having a seizure.

Gran Turismo Wheel And Pedal Set Is Prettier Than The Game

After waiting so long for Gran Turismo 5, are you really going to use your dinky Dual Shock? A game with such great (insane?) attention to detail deserves an equally hardcore peripheral. Thrustmaster’s new T500 RS looks like a contender.

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