Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks A Little Less Bizarre

Briefly: Back at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced it was giving up on the touchpad dreams for its Steam Controller. Now, we have a render that shows exactly what the new older-school design will look like.

If You Use Steam, Valve Might Be Tracking Every Website You Visit

Here’s a fun fact: If you use Steam for your games — let’s face it, you do — there’s a chance Valve’s Anti-Cheat System been taking a look at all the websites you visit and sending a list back to home base. Why? No one knows for sure.

13 Steam Boxes, Ranked

Last night, Valve announced and showed off a collection of 13 different third-party Steam Boxes at its CES event. What Valve didn’t do was rank them for you. We’ve taken the liberty of handling that, based on criteria that’s almost entirely arbitrary.

Steam Controller Australian Hands-On: I Feel The Earth Move Under My Fingers

Amidst all the lights and perceived glamour, Las Vegas is less pleasant than it lets on. It often smells weird, there are douchebags at every turn (usually the source of the smell) and the noises emanating from various machines are cheesy and oft unbearable. I’ve been on my feet all day for press conferences and I’m happy to be off them sitting here at this Valve event. I take the light Steam Controller into my hands, and begin to spin the wheels. And time stops. I just felt the Earth move, and Vegas is the awesome epicentre. Everything is suddenly right with the world, despite my surrounds, thanks to this little gadget.

Here's Your First Look At Valve's Prototype Steam Box

Details have been dribbling out bout the Valve’s new push into living room gaming. First we got the announcement, then the specs, and now the first prototype boxes are showing up in the wild.

Here's The First Footage Of Valve's Wacky Steam Controller In Use

When we first saw Valve’s thumbstick-free controller specially made for use with Steam, we had some questions about how it would really work in action. Now, we at least know what it looks like.

Report: Valve's Steam Machines Will Be Powered By AMD Too

Earlier this month, Valve released specs of its prototype Steam Box units and holy hell they were impressive. The eagle-eyed would have noticed that it was a purely Intel party — turns out it won’t be that way for long.

Valve Steam Controller Hands-On: Unusually Promising

Game creators who have tried Valve’s unusual new game controller are saying that the new device holds a lot of promise, but make no mistake, they also say it feels pretty different from what we’re used to.

Steam Is Getting Its Own Crazy Joystick-Less Controller

Valve has been announcing up a storm this week, first with its own operating system, and then with its own hardware. Now we’ve got the third and final piece of the puzzle: a controller. And man is it crazy.

The Steam Box Is Real, But It's Not Just From Valve

Valve made a big splash on Monday when it announced SteamOS, its own gaming-flavoured Linux operating system, but SteamOS was just one announcement in a trio. The second one’s here and, yes, it’s a Steam Box.