The ACCC Is Suing Valve [Updated]

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has just announced that it’s taking legal action against Steam creator Valve over its refund policy.

Steam Might Be Getting TV Shows, Movies And Music

A small update to Valve’s Steam software beta a few hours ago has added in some new app categories — including music, TV series, and films. Will you soon be able to buy and watch episodes of Gabe of Thrones through Steam?

Valve's Crazy Steam Controller Is One Step Closer To Being Normal

When Valve first announced its controller for the Steambox, it was a weird little dude with strange, small buttons and a touchscreen. And, for as weird as it was, it was kind of great. Then it lost the touchscreen for standard buttons and a D-pad. And now it’s getting a thumbstick.

The World Is Your Steam Room With A Material That Turns Sunshine Into Steam

Good news for vaporised water fans everywhere: MIT researchers have developed a disc-shaped material structure that generates steam using solar power.

Steam Summer Sales: The 10 Best Last-Minute Bargains

It’s the last day of the Steam Summer Sales, and for the next few hours, Valve is bringing back all of its best deals. Get the best bang for your gaming buck with our last-minute picks!

Steam Sales: Our Recommendations

The Steam sales have begun, and we all know what that means: it means spending money on games you’ll most likely never play purely because they’re so cheap. It means that Junior won’t be getting that trust fund. It means Two Minute Noodles for lunch.

But regardless, we’re here to help fuel your descent towards bankruptcy. A group of us in the office took a look at today’s Steam Sales, and here are our recommendations…

The Steamboy Is A Steam Box For Your Pocket

A Steam machine in your pocket? You’ve got be kidding us. And yet, that’s exactly what we might get with the Steamboy.

Steam's In-Home Game Streaming Is Now Available To Everyone

If you have a powerful gaming PC hidden away in one corner of your house, but want to knock out a quick game of Crysis or Dark Souls II on your laptop or home-theatre PC, you’re officially in luck. Valve has made its In-Home Streaming service available to any Steam customer.

Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks A Little Less Bizarre

Briefly: Back at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced it was giving up on the touchpad dreams for its Steam Controller. Now, we have a render that shows exactly what the new older-school design will look like.

If You Use Steam, Valve Might Be Tracking Every Website You Visit

Here’s a fun fact: If you use Steam for your games — let’s face it, you do — there’s a chance Valve’s Anti-Cheat System been taking a look at all the websites you visit and sending a list back to home base. Why? No one knows for sure.

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