The Largest Yellow Star Ever Could Almost Devour The Whole Solar System

A team of astronomers peering through Chile’s Very Large Telescope just realised that HR 5171 A, a massive star in the Centaurus constellation, is actually twice as big as previously thought. They already thought it was pretty big — but it’s actually the biggest yellow star they have ever seen.

New Hubble Trick Will Change Our Perception Of The Observable Universe

Scientists have found a way to use the Hubble Space Telescope as an extremely precise galactic tape measure, multiplying our previous capabilities by 10. This increase will result in a more accurate understanding of the size of the observable Universe. plus new insight into the mysterious force known as dark energy.

Every City Deserves Space Murals This Gorgeous

Space, the final frontier… for street art. No, we’re not quite ready to tag the International Space Station, but a pair of artists in San Francisco is working on bring space down to Earth with a series of murals depicting everything from constellations to nebulae. And, boy, are they pretty.

I Wish Stars Really Left These Mesmerising Star Trails In The Night Sky

It’s not fair. Time lapses and fancy cameras get these fantastic images of star trails that paint a starry night onto the sky and yet when we look up, we see nothing. Even when the stars are glistening, we don’t get to see the mesmerising hook of its trail spinning around us. Wouldn’t it be awesome if night looked like this?

Australian Astronomers Discover Oldest Star In Known Universe

Well, here’s a superlative for you. With the help of Australia’s SkyMapper telescope, astronomers have discovered the oldest star in the known universe, some 6000 light-years away from Earth — and the star’s chemistry could change the way we understand the Big Bang.

Here Is What Earth Looks Like From Mars

Yeah, I can totally see it! How can you miss that? It’s right there. Clear eyes, full Earth, can’t miss. Wait, really? No of course not. Anyone who tells you that is either a liar or a hawk. Earth looks incredibly tiny up in that Martian sky. Sure, if you squint hard enough and fake it long enough, you’ll spot it the dot but it’s not unlike looking for dust on a wall.

Zoom Into The Orion Nebula With This New Awesome Timelapse Technique

In an amazing twist on timelapse videos of the night sky, physicist and photographer Isidro Villo outfitted his camera with an automated mega-zoom lens, and captured the journey from the ground to the great Orion Nebula in this video found on DIY Photography and Petapixel.

Scientists Discover Water In Stardust And It Suggests We're Not Alone

Stardust sounds magical enough as it is. But now scientists have observed for the first time that it contains water — which, in turn, could suggest that life is universal.

The Sky Looks Incredible From The Darkest And Clearest Place On Earth

The San Pedro de Atacama region of Northern Chile is one of the prettiest and most desolated places in the planet. It also has the clearest and darkest sky on Earth. Nicholas Buer went there to take one of the most beautiful time lapses I’ve seen.

Scientists To Create A Dying Star's Atmosphere Here On Earth

A team of astronomers and engineers want to reproduce the atmosphere of a red giant like the one you are seeing in this Hubble image — right here on Earth. To make this happen, project Nanocosmos will build three 5m-long machines working with hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, titanium, iron and other metals at 1500C.