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'Extremely Dangerous' Tornado Flattens Starbucks In Terrifying Bystander Video

On Wednesday, a tornado described by the US National Weather Service as “large and extremely dangerous” tore through central Indiana, overturning cars and levelling a Starbucks store, reports. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported.

What A Day's Worth Of Kilojoules Looks Like In US Fast Food

If you find yourself eating at fast food restaurants every day, you’re not doing your body any favours. The recommended caloric intake for the average adult is around 2000 calories (8368kj), while the average fast food combo often delivers more than that — in a single meal.

Happy Hour: On Getting Drunk At Starbucks

This week, Starbucks started testing alcohol service at two New York City locations. “Wouldn’t it be funny to get drunk at Starbucks?” I thought. It didn’t take long to figure out that I should stick to drinking at bars.

Full Bank Accounts, Empty Storefronts: The Economics Of High-Rent Blight

Urban blight is nothing new. The signature image of plummeting real estate is block after block of properties vacated as businesses move out. Now the high price of real estate in American cities is creating a new phenomenon: In otherwise healthy economic areas, the rents are climbing so high they’re driving businesses away — and no other businesses can afford to move in.

Hackers Are Using The Starbucks App To Skim Bank Accounts

Good passwords are obviously important for banking apps and sensitive email accounts, but a new scam highlights why you should never, ever use a crappy password, even if you’re just signing up for a mediocre franchise coffee house rewards card. Starbucks app users are getting their bank accounts drained by password-guessing thieves.

Starbucks No Longer Sucking California Dry To Make Its Bottled Water

It’s refreshing when justice is served. About as refreshing as the water that Starbucks will now have to source elsewhere to fill the plastic bottles of its “humanitarian” brand. Yesterday, they announced they will no longer bottle water from California’s cracked soil.

Starbucks Sells California's Scarce Water To 'Help' People Without Water

When you buy a bottle of water at Starbucks, five cents goes towards “improving the lives of people who lack vital resources,” according to the in-house brand named Ethos Water. That may be true, but there’s a catch: The water’s bottled in a part of California where people’s wells are running dry.

This Is Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

Video: Baristas at Starbucks are widely known for being unable to spell names correctly. Why? Who knows. But New York City-based comedian Paul Gale has a funny theory about it.

What Finally Makes Train Travel Bearable Might Be… Starbucks?

Trains are awesome. Their serpentine strings of steel cars travel hundreds of kilometres an hour, yet give passengers enough stability to sip a tasty drink. On the other hand, trains are awful. Have you ever seen the sickly cafe cars that serve those drinks?

Starbucks Typewriter Guy Answers Our Burning Questions

As you may remember, yesterday, we put up a post poking fun at this then-stranger who had been photographed using a typewriter in Starbucks by one of his fellow students. Cries of rage soon followed from both sympathisers and opponents alike. This man’s typewriter and our mocking tone struck a chord. For some of you, a very deep, perhaps-could-be-helped-with-therapy chord.

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