NASA Reveals The Mystery Of How Stars Explode

NASA has created the first ever map of radioactive material in a supernova remnant, revealing one of the biggest mysteries in the universe: How stars blow up in these explosions, sowing the universe with heavy elements like iron, titanium or gold.

Hubble Captures Spectacular Star Birth

Hubble has captured “a striking new image [of a] star in the process of forming within the Chamaeleon cloud [...] throwing off narrow streams of gas from its poles.” Looks like the wings of an angel or a scene from Star Trek, with the Enterprise about to enter the frame.

A Star 'Just' Went Supernova In A Nearby Galaxy

And with “just” I mean 11.4 million years ago, even while Steve Fossey just detected this bright and rare Type Ia supernova using a ‘modest telescope in an unlikely spot: foggy north London.’ Scientists say that it will be visible in the sky soon, as it brightens up. Here you can see the supernova appearing in the sky, in a before an after image of M82, the Cigar Galaxy.

This Star Is About To Explode

The Hubble space telescope has captured “a lidless purple eye, staring back at us through space” — a star 20,000 light-years away from us that is ready to explode at any time now, according to NASA.

Hubble Captures Christmas Tree Topper 200 Times Larger Than The Sun

I wish I could put the southern hemisphere superstar RS Puppis on top of my tree — if it weren’t 10 times more massive, 200 times larger, and 15,000 times brighter than the Sun. This “holiday wreath made of sparkling lights” captured by the Hubble Space Telescope is amazingly beautiful.

Is This The Last Thing The Human Race Will Ever See?

Astronomers at the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observatory have found something really strange for the very first time: a strange tridimensional spiral structure inside of a dying star, one that is just like our very own Sun. Is this the last thing that the human race will ever see?

Lego Star Wars Sandwalker Took Nine Months To Build

This Lego replica of a Star Wars Sandwalker ranks right up there with some of the best Lego creations we have seen.

A Hilarious Two-Seat Underwater Scooter

Okay, so maybe the AS-2 scooter looks like an elaborate Japanese Bubblebee costume, but it could be great for underwater moped rides for two.

LG's Star Has HDMI Port, Tegra 2 Chip, Froyo (For Now)

Some more photos of LG’s Tegra 2-powered Star phone have surfaced, showing an HDMI-out port, and Froyo Android. The leaker, over at AndroidForums, claims it’s got a 480×800 resolution screen and forward-facing camera. [AndroidForums via Phandroid]

Most Massive Galaxy Cluster Ever Discovered Seven Billion Light-Years Away

A monstrously huge cluster of galaxies lurks 7 billion light-years away. The cluster weighs in around 800 trillion suns and holds hundreds of galaxies, making it the most massive galaxy cluster ever found at such a great distance.