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The Beautiful Birth Of A New Star

Image Cache: Welcome to the Universe, IRAS 14568-6304. There’s no catchy name for this particular stellar object, because it’s too new to have been given one.

Look At This Gorgeous Ghost Of A Dying Star

This giant cosmic bubble may seem an unusual sight, but in fact it’s pretty common across the Universe — because its the remnants of a dying star, otherwise known as a planetary nebula.

How To Build The Only Five Campfires You'll Ever Need

The most fundamental outdoor skill is also often one of the most misunderstood. Learn these five campfires and you’ll be able to cook food, scare off wild animals, stay warm or just have a bonfire on the beach. They’re simple, but everyone can probably learn something here.

New Spectacular Photo Of A Very Special Star

The universe is a truly incredible place. This spectacular new photo by the Hubble space telescope — showing a young star known as V1331 Cyg, 1800 light-years away from Earth — is proof #251,603,995,874. It’s a special star.

This Is What A Dead Star Looks Like

Ever wondered what a dead star looks like? Then have a gander at the image above — you’re looking at “Kepler’s Supernova”. First spotted 410 years ago today, it’s the most recent supernova to have been observed without sky-gazing equipment within our own galaxy.

No, This Isn't Another Golf Ball From Outer Space

No, this isn’t another golf ball from outer space. In fact, it’s a simulated image of the interior of a supermassive star weighing 55,500 times more than our sun.

The Fieriest Star Explosion I've Ever Seen Is Not Even A Supernova

Image Cache: The star Wolf-Rayet WR124 disintegrates in the constellation Sagitta, 10,900 light years from Earth. The fiery explosive halo is made of “glowing gas globs each typically over 30 times more massive than the Earth being expelled by violent stellar winds.” And the incredible thing is that this is not even a supernova.

New Beautiful Photo Reveals The Violent Birth Of A Star

This photo of the birth of a star — newly captured by the Hubble Space Telescope — is so beautiful that it seems unreal, like a picture-perfect matte painting for a science-fiction movie. But there’s no fiction in here — it’s all science.

I Can't Believe This Hubble's Star Explosion Timelapse Video Is Real

I never imagined I was going to see something like this: A video of a star bursting in space, illuminating the interstellar dust around it at the speed of light. This is not a computer simulation. It’s an actual timelapse video taken over four years by the Hubble — and scientists don’t know its origin yet.

This Is The Starstuff You And Everything Else Are Made Of

This is a grain of interstellar dust. To get one of these, your best bet is to get into a spaceship for a couple of hundred years and get close enough to a red giant star, near its atmosphere. That’s where they’re formed and ejected into space. Or, like NASA, you can create a machine to make one from scratch — for the first time ever.

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