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How Many Geeks Does It Take To Build A 2.7m Tall LEGO Masterpiece?

Last weekend, something magical was coming together at the Glebe Island Exhibition Centre, thanks to LEGO artist Bricktascale. It didn’t really look like much at first — a big, grey LEGO backboard with a smattering of red squares across it — but over the course of the weekend it started blossoming into something beautiful.

A 6-Feet Tall Inflatable Jabba Is The Perfect Lawn Decor For Any Holiday

You might look at this six-feet tall inflatable Jabba the Hutt and see the perfect way to decorate your front yard for Halloween. But look harder and you’ll see it’s actually perfect for any holiday or celebration — be it Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, a wedding, or the arrival of a new baby.

This Short Film Is Arguably The Cutest Prequel To Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you were a kid between the release of the first Star Wars movie — in 1977 — and today, you’ve probably played with as many awesome Star Wars toys, action figures, vehicles, aircraft, LEGO sets, plush toys, anything as possible. This great short film about being a kid will instantly bring you back all those childhood memories and take you to your happy place.

Twitter's Hashflags Are An Abomination, And They Must Be Stopped

Did you tweet a photo of the supermoon last night? Perhaps you used the #supermoon hashtag, only to discover that a round red welt had affixed itself to your tweet, as ugly and unwanted as a social media zit. These are called hashflags.

The Secrery Surrounding New Star Wars Toys Is Even More Intense Than You Imagine

The mega-merchandisers behind the Star Wars tie-in empire have not yet begun to toy, according to a fine behind-the-scenes feature by Michael Grothaus in Fast Company.

A Millennium Falcon Speaker Is The Best Way To Blast John Williams

It’s quite possibly the most recognisable film score of all time, and without a doubt, the best way to enjoy John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack is on iHome’s new Millennium Falcon-shaped Bluetooth Speaker.

Nap On This Wonderful Landspeeder Bed All The Way To Tosche Station

Yesterday Redditor Ghostfaceace posted this photo of an awesome Landspeeder bed he built for his son, complete with glowing lights underneath, and Star Wars-themed bedding on top.

A Life-Size Plush BB-8 Is The Next Best Thing To A Real Droid

Sphero’s version of BB-8 rolls and moves just like the movie version does, but at around half-a-foot tall it’s a little disappointing in terms of scale. That’s why we’re tempted to drop $US50 on this life-size plush version from ThinkGeek that feels more like a true companion droid.

This Millennium Falcon Nightlight Makes A Kessel Run Right Through Your Wall

The latest addition to 3DlightFX’s line of three-dimensional night lights is this wonderful model of the Millennium Falcon that appears to be tearing a fiery hole in your wall as it makes the jump to light speed.

Hanging Stormtrooper Skeletons Are The Perfect Halloween Decor

Nothing ruins the Halloween holidays like the stress of trying to decide how to properly decorate your home. ThinkGeek has made it easy this year, though, with these cheap, festive, and well-timed Stormtrooper hanging skeletons.

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