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If your love of Star Wars goes deeper than just being a fan of the movies — significantly deeper — the thought of lathering up with Admiral Ackbar's head might just be appealing enough to you to risk family or roommates catching you using this unusual soap during your morning shower routine.


Video: The Mannequin Challenge might be getting a little bit played out by now, but combine it with Star Wars and we're instantly sold. This morning, fans and members of the 501st Legion teamed up to create a fight scene between Rebels and Empire forces frozen in time at Sydney's George Street Event Cinemas.


If by some force of The Force you've avoided spoilers for what Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is about, well you might want to avoid this latest peek. The extended version of the teaser released last week basically lays out the entire plot. It's definitely a change of pace from The Force Awakens, which kept us largely in the dark until opening day.


StarWars.com is celebrating its 20th anniversary this weekend and an oral history on the origins of the official Star Wars news and fan site basically shows how George Lucas was one of the first purveyors of official movie fan communities.


Kathleen Kennedy talks about finding a female director for Star Wars, and about the tone of the Han Solo spinoff. There are a few more details about the Tomb Raider reboot's plot. A surprising Gordon family member is coming to Gotham. Plus, new pictures from Agents of SHIELD, and a snifter of new Moana footage. Spoilers now!


Being Luke Skywalker, the Joker and the Trickster would probably suck if you didn't love pop culture. Thankfully for Mark Hamill, pop culture has been a lifelong obsession for him, and one that he's getting to explore on a brand new web series called Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest. We talked to Hamill about the show, collectibles and the joys of getting free Star Wars merchandise.