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New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clip Prompts Unsurprising Influx Of Memes

You’ve watched the latest trailer for the new Star Wars film, right? Better do that now if you haven’t. Oh, and be sure to capture your reaction. The internet wants to see every raised eyebrow, unrestrained smile and joyful tear. If you’re feeling shy and just want to see how everyone else responded, no problem.

You Can Now Fix Pretty Much Anything Using Star Wars-Branded Duct Tape

Briefly: Star Wars Celebration has officially opened the flood gates for a tidal wave of new Star Wars merchandise. And if you thought for one second that Lucasfilm had lost its marketing magic after being bought by Disney, you can now buy officially-branded Star Wars duct tape — perfect for fixing the power converters you weren’t able to pick up at Tosche Station, or finally sealing off that thermal exhaust port on your moon-sized space station. [Duck Brand]

The Top 10 VHS Tapes People Still Buy

Believe it or not, people still buy VHS tapes. The ageing format has been in decline for years, but between the collectors and the luddites, there’s a big enough market for Amazon to maintain a massive library of tapes for sale. You’d never guess what tops the “New and Popular” list.

There's A Boeing 787 Dreamliner That Looks Like R2-D2

Video: God bless the good folks at ANA. To celebrate the new Star Wars film, it decided re-design the livery on one of its Dreamliners to make it look like the world’s most adorable robot, R2-D2. Get in here and look at how good it is.

#C3PO Is Trending: Now Star Wars Emoji Are Just A Hashtag Away

Hey guess what, there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out! And as the latest ploy to dominate the online conversation, the film has partnered with Twitter to create emoji-generating hashtags for three members of the Episode VII universe, just as a new teaser trailer hits at Star Wars Celebration.

Watch The Brand New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer And Freak Out

Drop everything you’re doing for the next 20 minutes and watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 10 times. The rest of the world is doing exactly that right now and smiling giddily at that last scene in the trailer. Enjoy.

Here's What An Imperial Invasion Of LA Would Look Like 

Call me a blaster-bolt-happy unoriginal action-sequence heathen, but my favourite 20 minutes of Star Wars remains the Imperial invasion of Hoth. Now, imagine if you took the AT-ATs and TIE fighters, and dropped them over Los Angeles instead.

This Death Star Soccer Ball Is Now The Ultimate Power On The Playground

Briefly: Who cares about playing with a regulation or FIFA-approved ball when you can now play soccer with a tiny version of the Death Star? It can’t destroy planets (a minor trade-off) but this Star Wars Celebration-exclusive collectible could be yours if you’re heading to the festivities in California next week. Just remember that it’s as vulnerable to proton torpedo attacks as the real Death Star was, and also oncoming traffic if you accidentally kick it into the street.

A Sock Monkey Wookiee Will Scare Away Bedtime Monsters Across The Galaxy

Briefly: The official Star Wars site has posted another collection of the exclusive merchandise that will be available at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, next week, including a sock monkey that instead looks like a cuddly version of everyone’s favourite Wookiee: Chewbacca.

How Vader's 'I Am Your Father' Sounds In 20 Different Languages

Video: YouTube user DBZGTBGM1991 compiled this neat video showing how Darth Vader’s “I am your father” line — probably the most famous line in movie history — sounds in 20 different languages. My favourites are Japanese and German — because they sound pretty scary.