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The Force Awakens' Soundtrack On Vinyl Has 3D Spinning Holograms Etched Onto The Records

Given the resurgence in the popularity of records, Disney didn’t really have to do much to sell copies of The Force Awakens soundtrack now that it’s finally available on vinyl, months after the film’s release. But if you still need a reason to drop $US50 ($69) on another copy, the records feature 3D holograms etched right onto them.

Rogue One Reveals More Of The Empire's Brand New Forces

One of the most jaw-dropping shots of the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a group of Imperial walkers storming a beach. They obviously weren’t the same as the AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back, but what were they? Now we know.

This Massive Scrollable Re-Telling Of Star Wars Might Be The Greatest Fan Art Ever

You probably can’t get away with watching movies at your desk all day at work. But since most websites are still totally acceptable, warm up your scrolling finger and go to town on this incredible fan tribute that sees the entire original Star Wars: A New Hope turned into one long scrollable schematic.

This Supercut Of Sounds In The Force Awakens Is Simply Excellent

Video: The amount of things that go into making a movie work is almost unfathomable. One that very often gets overlooked, though, is sound — not music, sound. Every snap, crackle and pop in a movie has been expertly crafted and this new supercut of sound in Star Wars: The Force Awakens provides just a taste.

Amazing Fan Film Uses Camera Drones To Capture An Intense Star Wars Dogfight

Video: Camera-mounted drones can be used for all sorts of wonderful videos. But I’m pretty sure the most wonderful use is to create own X-Wing vs TIE Fighter dogfight videos — because man, this is one brilliant idea.

Netflix Scores Exclusive Rights To Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar

As of September Netflix will become the exclusive US pay TV home of Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar.

So what does this mean? Films for the production giants, which includes the upcoming Star Wars installments, won’t be appearing on any other US pay TV network, and this spells a precedent for what might be to come in the streaming service’s global plan.

The 10 Dumbest Artificial Intelligences Ever Created

The Singularity is coming soon! Artificial intelligences will reinvent everything, and there will be unlimited rice pudding. Except, of course, that when we imagine artificial intelligences in fiction, they’re often not that smart. Case in point? These 10 ridiculously dumb artificial intelligences.

Wonderfully Weird Short Film Mixes Together Alfred Hitchcock And Star Wars

Video: Fabrice Mathieu turned Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest into a film that includes Star Wars characters and it’s totally bizarre and so weird that … I kind of like it? I mean, it’s just stupid fun to see Cary Grant run away from a TIE fighter, and stare at R2-D2, and wonder where in the hell he is with all this technology from a galaxy far, far away.

Our First Look At Ciena Ree, One Of The Star Wars Novels' Most Intriguing New Stars

While Disney’s Star Wars canon has been spreading itself across all sorts of mediums, it’s mainly focused on books, so we don’t really know what a lot of these fascinating new characters look like. That makes it all the more interesting when we finally get “official” looks at some of these book-based heroes.

The Team Behind Roxy The Rancor Reveals Their Latest Amazing Star Wars Creation

Image: Erik Hollander If you’ve been to a major convention around the United States, there’s a good chance that you’ve bumped into Roxy the Rancor, a 1:1 scale prop replica of Jabba’s pet beast from Return of the Jedi. Now, its creators have built a new major prop that you’ll see on the convention floor soon!

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