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Who Won The Sphero BB-8 Droids For Star Wars Day?

May the Fourth be with you! We’ve been reading your interesting and unique ways to put your very own Sphero BB-8 droid to use as part of our latest competition — and the four winners have been chosen!

In 25 words or less, what was the most inventive, oddball or out-of-the-ordinary thing you’d do with a Sphero BB-8? The four Gizmodo readers who will be sent their very own droid, valued at $249 are:

Interview: Star Wars' Sound Designer On Lucas, Abrams And The Role Of Audio In Storytelling

Matt Wood has been quietly creating the audio for the movies you’ve loved for 25 years — Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission: Impossible and Super 8 are among his impressive list of credits. But he is perhaps most well known for his work on Star Wars.

Since 1999 Wood has worked on creating the emotional highs and lows, iconic vehicle sounds and creature cries every Star Wars fan has come to know and love. We sat down with this industry legend to talk about the role of audio as a storytelling tool, the differences between working with “passionate” JJ Abrams and “linear, methodical” George Lucas, and what the future of sound might hold.

J.J. Abrams Nixed A Very Weird Prequel Reference In The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t completely shy away from prequel talk; one of the film’s oddest lines is Kylo Ren joking with General Hux about a clone army. Now fans have begun to piece together another strange reference that was originally in the film, but removed before its theatrical release.

The Force Is Strong With These Star Wars World Records

For many a science fiction fan within this galaxy, May 4th marks Star Wars Day — an event which sees aficionados of the hugely successful movie series celebrate Star Wars culture.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the date relates to a pun on one of the space saga’s most quoted lines — “May the force be with you”.

To mark the occasion, we’ve delved deep into the Sarlacc pit-like depths of the Guinness World Records archive to bring you our pick of Star Wars world records.

Eight Things We Want From Rian Johnson's Star Wars Episode VIII

It’s really not that far off. Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Star Wars: Episode VIII will be going into production very soon, and as that date approaches, we’ve already started thinking about what we’d really love to see in the movie come December 2017.

Win! One Of 4 Sphero BB-8 Droids For Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you! To celebrate Star Wars Day today, we’ve teamed up with Sphero to give away four app-enabled BB-8 droids. To win, all you need to do is think of an interesting or unique way that you’d put your brand new rolling companion to good use!

It's A Lonely Day On Jakku In This Majestic Star Wars Art

Today is May 4, AKA May the Fourth Be With You Day, and the onslaught of celebratory Star Wars material has already begun. As usual, some of it will be crap, but these posters by Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich are not, and we’re excited to exclusively debut them.

The Force Awakens Told By Emojis Is Both Adorable And Awesome

Video: Tomorrow is May 4, which has more or less become an official Star Wars holiday. And what better way to kick it off than this cute and clever video? It’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens retold by emojis. We know, that sounds terrible, but trust us. It’s pretty great.

8 Things People Say In Interviews That Usually Mean A Movie Will Suck

We constantly get our hopes up for upcoming movies… and then they let us down. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype cycle, as people talk up their projects — but sometimes, you can tell just from the way people talk about a film that it’s probably not going to work. Here are eight key phrases that usually indicate danger.

GLAAD Calls On Disney To Add LGBT Characters To Star Wars

Every year, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) releases a “Studio Responsibility Index” that analyses the visibility of LGBT characters in the last year of movies. It was not a great year for Disney — but GLAAD has pointed to a galaxy far, far away where they could easily make some improvements.

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