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How ILM Made You Believe This Painting Was A Real Hangar In Star Wars

When I saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theatre back in 1983 I and everyone else thought this matte painting of a Rebel hangar was a real thing — that, somehow, they managed to build a full size set with giant models. It was all a magic trick that used distraction to fool your brain. This BBC documentary explains how.

Star Wars At Madame Tussauds Is Beyond Impressive

When Madame Tussauds nails a wax sculpture, they really nail it. And for Star Wars at Madame Tussauds in London, they perfectly recreated pretty much every character in the saga in such lifelike detail that it looks like the sculptors and artists are just applying makeup to the real actors in this behind-the-scenes footage.

An Inflatable Death Star Beach Ball That Lights Up Because Why Not?

Who of us hasn’t lamented the fact that a late night trip to the beach for an evening swim can never include a beach ball for fear of it going missing in the dark? The folks at Swim Ways obviously have, because they stuck a motion-activated LED inside this inflatable Death Star beach ball so it’s visible all night long.

A New Book Looks At The Packaging Design Of The Original Star Wars Toys

George Lucas isn’t rich beyond a Hutt’s dreams because he was a great director or writer. His vast fortune is a result of his shrewd decision to hold onto the merchandising rights to his space opera many years ago. A new book called A New Proof takes a look at what was involved in bringing the first official Star Wars toys to the film’s rabid fans back in the late 1970s, and how it helped change movie marketing forever.

Video: The Sound Effects Of Star Wars

If you see a lightsaber, you can hear the glowing sound it makes. If you see C-3P0 or R2-D2 or Chewie, you can automatically hear them even if they’re not talking. Vader? Yeah, you hear the breathing. And that goes for X-Wings and Tie Fighters and everything else, the sounds of Star Wars are so iconic you don’t even have to hear them again to hear them.

Here's Your Chance To Own This Legendarily Weird Star Wars Poster Art

All serious Star Wars fans know the work of Tibor Helényi. The Hungarian painter, who sadly passed away last year, created some of the most-hated and beloved posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. And now, more than one year after his death, the original oil paintings are going to be auctioned off on May 31 by Budapest Poster Gallery.

Scenes From Star Wars Recreated With Nothing But Paper And A Scalpel

Marc Hagan-Guirey — or the “Paper Dandy” — is an artist from the UK that is rather good at “kirigami”. It’s a bit like origami, except you cut the paper in such a way that it sits up, much like a pop-up book. Hagan-Guirey decided to put his talents towards crafting unbelievably awesome-looking pieces influenced by Star Wars, including the Millennium Falcon.

These Star Wars Drone Builders Need To Start Selling Their Creations

It’s a safe assumption, given the ever-increasing popularity of quadcopters, that once The Force Awakens marketing blitz gets underway later this year, we’ll be seeing lots of Star Wars-related flying toys. But until then we have to settle for drooling over custom creations like this detailed light-up Millennium Falcon from YouTuber Olivier C.

Did Rebels Blow Up The Death Star, Or Was It Planned By The Empire?

There has been heated debate within the galaxy on this issue. Sadly, this is yet another example of conspiracy theorists showcasing their inability to accept logic as well as the presence in the Star Wars universe of chance, anomalies, negligence, humanoid and alien error.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer In 16-Bit Video Game Style Is Fun

I don’t know what I want to do more, watch the new Star Wars movie or play this awesome 16-bit retro video game version of the new Star Wars movie. Actually, that’s a lie. I still want to watch the movie more. But there’s a kid in me that would love this video game so much if it ever existed.