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Death Star Timer Counts Down To Dinner Instead Of A Planet's Destruction

Opening your oven to find a tray of burnt brownies isn’t quite as devastating as learning that your home planet was destroyed — but it’s pretty close. So instead of wiping out worlds, this Death Star kitchen timer counts down to when it’s time to yank something out of the oven.

This Hololens Tech Brings Us One Step Closer To Star Wars Holograms

When I watched Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time as a five-year-old, my face looked like O_O for two straight hours. Spaceships! Lightsabers! Robots! But one piece of future that wormed its way even deeper into my brain was the Millennium Falcon’s holographic monster mash chess game, aka Dejarik. It was the coolest.

Fake A Birthday Every Day Just To Get These New Star Wars Balloons

The older you get, the less excited you are to celebrate another birthday. But that all just changed with these new Star Wars helium balloons from Amscan. If you thought Stormtroopers were easy to kill before, now they can be taken out with just safety pins.

Carry Your Keys, Wallet, And Death Star Plans In This R2-D2 Handbag

Centuries of gender role reinforcement have ingrained the idea that women carry purses, while men stuff everything they need into every last pocket on their person. But with this R2-D2 dome purse that ThinkGeek is now selling, there’s finally no reason for anyone to feel embarrassed about carrying a handbag.

This Is What A Monstrous 5.5m Long Millennium Falcon Toy Looks Like

A few days ago it was revealed that Hot Toys was building a sixth-scale toy version of the Millennium Falcon that would match the size of the company’s incredibly detailed 12-inch figures. And today we already have our first peek at the monstrous creation on display at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong.

This Mashup Between Star Wars And Mad Max: Fury Road Is Actually Great

Video: Look, normally I’m not one for movie mashups. They’re often really terrible, but this mashup between Star Wars and Mad Max: Fury Road is actually pretty great.

Awesome GoPro Video Shows The First-Person View Of A Jedi

Video: This is so much fun. Bill Parker imagined what it would look like if a Jedi wore a GoPro and came up with this kickass first-person footage of the Jedi swinging his lightsaber around to fight Stormtroopers and blow up AT-ATs. Like those other GoPro videos that feature crazy stunts, seeing another point of view lets me pretend that I’m the person in the video. And I feel pretty badass as a Jedi.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Behinds The Scenes Reel, Direct From SDCC

The Star Wars hype is real. It’s only going to get more real as December approaches and we once again explore a time long ago in a galaxy far away. Only fitting then we’d get a taste of behind the scenes deliciousness, straight from San Diego Comic-Con and boy, I think I might need to change, well, all of my clothes.

With A Drone Inside, R2-D2 Can Finally Fly Like A Bird

Master drone builder Otto Dieffenbach is back with what is probably his most amazing flying creation to date. Unlike the flying R2-D2 we saw in the Star Wars prequels, this version of Artoo is able to take to the skies without a pair of pop-out rocket boosters — just a quadcopter cleverly hidden inside.

Watch This: The Heartwarming Tale Of Australia's Biggest Star Wars Fan And His Family

This is the story of Adam Harris: arguably Australia’s biggest Star Wars fan. The Feed produced an amazing look at Adam’s life and family. He discovered he had an inoperable brain tumour, which saw him want to spend more time with his kids and introduce them to Star Wars. It’s a heartwarming tale that saw Adam’s bond with his son grow as he crowdfunded a documentary about the bond between father and son through Star Wars. It’s also the tale of how his fandom is helping him be a better man, and recover from a difficult upbringing. It’s a must-watch.

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