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New Star Wars Documentary Invites You To Unlearn What You Have Learned About The Prequels

The hate for the Star Wars prequels is vociferous and seemingly unending, but a new documentary wants to go back to the movies and re-examine if they were ever worth the anger… and maybe get you to reconsider your opinion on them.

What If Rogue One Starred Everyone's Favourite Gungan Instead?

Video: No, I’m not talking about Captain Tarpals, although… I would probably watch that movie.

This Fast & Furious-Star Wars Mash-Up Proves Every Movie Is Better With Lightsabers

Video: Seemingly every Fast & Furious movie builds up to one moment: Vin Diesel fighting the big bad guy. Usually, that big bad guy is also, well, big — someone like the Rock or Jason Statham. And as cool as that moment usually is, a new video proves that one thing can make it so much better: Lightsabers.

Does Director Gareth Edwards Know Why His Star Wars Movie Is Titled Rogue One? 

We’re not entirely sure. We’re not even sure if we know why Rogue One is called Rogue One. Does anyone? Speaking to Empire Magazine for their Rogue One cover story, Gareth Edwards was asked how the Rogue One name came about. His answer was… not exactly clear one way or the other.

12 Aliens That Were Supposed To Be Cute But Are Actually Terrifying

Making aliens look cute is a tricky thing to get right in kids’ entertainment. Make them too weird-looking, and you could freak out your audience. Make them too adorable, and you run the risk of them looking more like plush toys than creatures from another planet. And then sometimes you make them look cute… but forget to prevent them from acting like hideous, depraved monsters.

Mark Hamill Boosts Campaign For Terminally Ill Man To See Rogue One Early

The Star Wars community is rallying around a man with cancer who wants nothing but to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story before he passes.

Watch How Star Wars Pod Race Shamelessly Rips Off Ben Hur

It’s a race to the finish, with chariots on one side and pods on the other. In the end, though, Charlton Heston always wins.

If Stanley Kubrick Directed Rogue One, The Posters Might Look Like This

Director Stanley Kubrick left us way too soon back in 1999. Still, his 13 feature films continue to factor heavily into popular culture, from visual effects and dialogue, all the way down to the powerful marketing — like the iconic poster for 1987’s Full Metal Jacket, adopted by artist Orlando Arocena with a sci-fi spin for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Turns Out Beastie Boys Goes Much Better With Rogue One Than With Star Trek

Video: Remember when the internet was aghast at the first Star Trek Beyond trailer, soundtracked with the Beastie Boys hit “Sabotage”? It might not have fit well with many people’s idea of boldly going (and thankfully the film was much more traditionally Trekky than that trailer), but it turns out it really works for Star Wars.

I Only Love Han Solo When He's Cold

Han Solo is my favourite character ever. In anything. I’m guessing I’m not the only person who feels that way. He’s simply a badarse with a swagger that’s second to none. For some reason, though, I personally have a weird fetish when it comes to Solo. I only love him when he’s cold.

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