star trek

Here's What Flying Through The Universe Would Look Like (Warp Drive!)

If you want to feel like you’re on the USS Enterprise, watch this simulation of a fly through of our universe. It comes from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly catalogue and shows the positions of galaxies as they would look as you zipped by (they’re bigger for visual purposes). It kind of looks like snow flakes, dirty rain, bird poop and insects hitting your car windshield.

Forget The Wolf Of Wall Street: The Worf Of Starfleet Is Here

Isn’t it about time that everyone’s favourite Klingon got his own Oscar-winning film?

Mars Dunes So Perfect They Look Like Starfleet Logos

NASA says a combo of wind and sand were responsible for forming these V-shaped drifts on Mars. Sure. Or… the crew of the USS Enterprise felt like stamping the Starfleet insignia all over the planet.

NASA Is Working On Star Trek Healing Devices -- 'It's Not Sci-fi Anymore'

NASA and Houston-based company GRoK Technologies will work on the development of new “breakthrough products”, noninvasive medical technologies designed to “regenerate bone and muscle tissues”. It really sounds like something out of Star Trek, but “it’s not just sci-fi anymore”.

These Nerdy 8-Bit Watercolors Would Look Just Dashing In Your House

Art is hard. It’s hard to make decisions about what will look good where. It’s hard to save up enough money to buy really good art. And it’s really hard to find the time to actually hang it on your wall once you do make a purchase.

Every Real-Life Technology Star Trek Predicted

Most hardcore science fiction fans will brush Star Trek off as being just another ‘space opera’, but all of that drama takes place alongside some wonderful technology.

Voyager Used 123 Of Its 38 Torpedoes Over The Course Of The Series

Voyager certainly wasn’t the strongest of the Star Trek spin-offs, but it did have its moments. One of those moments however did not involve keeping track of exactly how many apparently non-replaceable photon torpedoes the stranded ship had. The question, then, is just how many of these powerful weapons did Voyager loose on the denizens of the Delta Quadrant?

The Eye-Popping Science Fiction Of Freight Yards At Night

The CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal is not a film set from the next Star Trek, but a logistics hub through which nearly 50 million tonnes of freight passes every year. GE’s Evolution Series locomotives control the overall flow of the containers, which are then moved, stacked, rotated, tracked and taken out again in a semi-automated nightly ballet as everyone else remains asleep.

In 1988, Two Star Trek: TNG Fans Broke Into The Enterprise And Filmed A 'Documentary'

Star Trek: The Next Generation ended almost 20 years ago, but given the series lasted a healthy seven seasons, it’s guaranteed we’ll be hearing stories about the sci-fi TV show for some time to come. Though those stories won’t always be from the cast and crew, as this, uh, “documentary” by two interlopers proves.

How Star Trek's Architects Built The San Francisco Of The Future

For architecture nerds, the best part about Star Trek: Into Darkness is undeniably the phantasmagoric depiction of a 23rd-century San Francisco. Towering skyscrapers lined the horizon and flying vehicles weaved between them. It was all so beautiful — until a starship crashed into Earth and wiped out half the city.