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Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Choose: Millennium Falcon Or USS Enterprise?

Video: If you could only choose one between the Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise, which would it be? Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked just that — and he has a very, very clear answer.

Captain Picard Will Do Anything For A Cup Of Earl Grey

The Star Trek TV shows have proven themselves healthy mash-up fodder for years, though locating quality edits that are worth watching is a tricky proposition. Well, you can now add these videos from YouTube user “gazorra” to your list of watchable cuts, with his latest creation focusing on Captain Picard’s obsession with Earl Grey tea.

Watch A Sonic Tractor Beam Levitate A Helpless Ball

The tractor beam, a beloved staple of science fiction, has been inching closer and closer to reality. We’ve got physicists building optical beams that can pull micro-scale balls through water. NASA and Arx Pax (of “hoverboard” fame) are building a magnetic tractor beam that can control satellites. The latest incarnation of this Star Trek-inspired technology? A sonic hologram.

Mega Bloks' New Star Trek Construction Sets Are All About The Original Series

When Star Trek got rebooted for the big screen, Hasbro put out a line of construction sets to go with it. But now Mega Bloks have taken the reigns on Star Trek construction toys, and they’re boldly going where no brick has gone before: all the way back to the original series.

Check Out This Amazing Virtual Enterprise-D Built For The Oculus Rift

The sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D were torn down long ago (in addition to the ship itself being expertly stacked by Commander Deanna Troi). The closest any of us will come to walking its brightly lit, hallowed halls is via virtual reality. Fortunately for us, an artist by the name of Jason B. has set himself the task of crafting a 3D replica, one ready for exploring via the Oculus Rift.

This Neural Network Is Hilariously Bad At Describing Outer Space

Lion fish. Petri dish. Dough. According to one very befuddled artificial neural network, all of these things can be found in the short intro to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

How Close Are We To Creating A Star Trek-Like 'Holodeck'?

Hundreds of years, if it’s possible at all. There are several main technologies that are on display in a holodeck, some of which we are closer to and some of which we are further away from.

This Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator Is Bad News For My Friends

I grew up watching Star Trek. In many cases, I speak in starship captain quotes and other Final Frontier sayings: “Make it so,””he’s dead, Jim,” “Khan!” You name it. But this $US150, bluetooth-equipped Star Trek communicator is going to enable my bad habits even further — and my friends will hate me for it.

Are Any Of These Fictional Space Habitats Actually Possible?

Humanity’s future in space is one of endless theories, plans, and concepts. Will we float among the stars in crazy spaceships? Will we set up small camps that sprawl into townships that grow into cities, or is an orbital mothership more human friendly?

Paramount Invites Fan To Pitch New Star Trek TV Series

We could all go for a new TV series of Star Trek, but it’s hard to imagine it being in a form Gene Roddenberry — or serious Trekkies — would approve of. There have been rumblings Paramount is considering a revival and if recent news is anything to go by, the entertainment giant might be more keen than we previously thought.

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