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Patrick Stewart Is Totally Up For Playing Captain Picard Again

With Star Trek well and truly rebooted back in the Kirk days, even if we did get a new TV series, it’s unlikely it’d resemble anything like The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or even the mixed bag of Enterprise. That doesn’t mean Jean-Luc Picard actor Patrick Stewart isn’t down for reprising his role, though it’d take more than the mere opportunity to lure him back to the captain’s chair.

The Trouble With Star Trek Transporters

Being a Trekkie for many years, I’m used to the cyclical fictional debates of whether a Klingon Bird-of-Prey would handedly defeat a Romulan Warbird. Don’t even get me started on Kirk versus Picard. But The Nerdist’s “Because Science” YouTube segment asks an interesting question: if you teleport somewhere, are you technically the same person on the other side?

Boldly Organise Your Files Where No One Has Organised Before

It doesn’t take much to convince a Star Trek fan to buy some Trek-related merchandise, but even non-Trekkies are going to find these fun paper clips hard to pass by. For $US20 (available sometime in July) this Trek-themed tin includes 20 paper clips shaped like the Starfleet delta insignia, and 20 paper clips shaped like the USS Enterprise.

How The Smithsonian Is Restoring The Original USS Enterprise ModelĀ 

The USS Enterprise is, in popular imagination, a futuristic spaceship. The actual USS Enterprise model used on the Star Trek show is, in reality, a 50-year-old creaker that has endured at least one misguided new paint job. The Smithsonian is hard at work restoring the model, though, and they have even got the National Zoo’s vet techs involved.

Who Would Win In An All-Out Battle: Star Wars Or Star Trek?

A classic debate! Good or Evil? Chocolate or Strawberry? Star Trek or Star Wars (excluding the Death Star)? But unlike those timeless questions this one really does seem to have a compelling answer. And its not what the majority seem to think.

Star Trek 3 Jettisons Director And (Terrible-Sounding) Script

It’s a strange universe we live in where the folks behind the new Star Wars film are the same group that brought us the rebooted (and lens-flare-happy) Star Trek. Though the world of epic sci-fi movies isn’t always blissful — it appears the next Star Trek is on the hunt for a new director after the disposal of Robert Orci and his less-than-inspiring script.

Your Collection Deserves This Screen-Accurate USS Reliant Replica

It’s not as well known as the Enterprise, but the USS Reliant played a pretty major role in what’s considered to be the best Star Trek movie of all time: The Wrath of Khan. And while the ship might have been destroyed in that film, it lives on in this 27-inch long replica that’s as close to owning the actual ship model used in the movie as most Star Trek fans will get.

This Star Trek: TNG Blooper Reel Is Totally Perfect

Video: To promote the upcoming Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 7, Uproxx have got their hands on the gag reel. All I can say is, it’s not long enough. Highlights include Captain Jean-Luc Picard showing his foul-mouthed side, Johnathan Frakes chasing people down the hallway, and oh just go watch it already. It’s worth the minute of your life.

10 Cool Sci-Fi Technologies Invading Our Reality

Cool technologies that were once reserved for science fiction are invading our reality at an accelerating pace. In some cases, our Earth-bound scientists have proven that seemingly impossible technologies can be developed, but they still have some obstacles to overcome first. In other cases, those technologies are already here.

How Skype Translator Learns Language From Social Media

When Microsoft and Skype revealed Skype Translator in May, everyone displayed awe and wonder at a service that could finally traverse the language barrier. The premise was that the Skype Translator app would convert speech in real time allowing fluid conversation between speaking partners with different lingual tongues.

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