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Are Any Of These Fictional Space Habitats Actually Possible?

Humanity’s future in space is one of endless theories, plans, and concepts. Will we float among the stars in crazy spaceships? Will we set up small camps that sprawl into townships that grow into cities, or is an orbital mothership more human friendly?

Paramount Invites Fan To Pitch New Star Trek TV Series

We could all go for a new TV series of Star Trek, but it’s hard to imagine it being in a form Gene Roddenberry — or serious Trekkies — would approve of. There have been rumblings Paramount is considering a revival and if recent news is anything to go by, the entertainment giant might be more keen than we previously thought.

The Ultimate Guide To Analogue Control Panels In Sci-Fi Movies

Production design is one of the most underrated aspects of filmmaking and fictional consoles and interfaces can have an actual impact on those we’re sitting in front of in the real world.

Watch 600 Years Of The USS Enterprise In 40 Seconds

The Star Trek franchise lives on in movie form, but before it got its shiny, lens-flare filled reboot, the USS Enterprise was portrayed in many shapes and sizes via various TV series. This short video shows the different variations of the vessel, from ocean-faring ship to interstellar cruiser.

Watch Adam Savage Build The Ultimate Captain's Chair

Admit it: you’ve looked longingly at Captain Kirk’s bulky but oddly attractive leather chair and thought “yes, I need that in my life.” It’s ok. We all have. Even Adam Savage. Especially Adam Savage.

A New Type Of Dyson Sphere May Be Nearly Impossible To Detect

Over fifty years ago, physicist Freeman Dyson proposed an awesome, if slightly insane, idea: That an advanced alien civilisation might construct a massive, energy-harvesting sphere around its star, and bunk up inside.

Watch ISS Astronauts Geek Out About Star Trek

The crew aboard the ISS conducted a long interview with radio station WTOP recently, covering everything from daily life aboard the ISS, to their Star Trek childhoods.

The ISS Has The Only Leonard Nimoy Tribute That Matters

Since Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday, tributes have been pouring in from around the web. But this one, posted without comment from NASA astronaut Terry Virts aboard the ISS, is probably the most touching. LLAP.

Star Trek Captain's Chair Pool Float: Set Your Phasers To Fun In The Sun

Styled on the iconic captain’s chair that Kirk occupied during his time in command of the USS Enterprise, this inflatable pool float will undoubtedly make you feel more important than everyone else at the pool. So while you’re lounging around soaking up the sun, you can order others to get you drinks, fetch your towel, or fire on that Klingon D7-class battlecruiser.

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