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A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote Is Perfect For Fast-Forwarding Enterprise

The only thing more satisfying for Star Trek fans than fast-forwarding through Enterprise’s awful opening credits would be doing it with this wonderfully detailed phaser prop universal remote. Created using 3D scans of the actual hero prop used on the original Star Trek series, the phaser remote will be officially revealed at ThinkGeek’s San Diego Comic Con booth next week.

This Guy Spent $500,000 On His Star Trek Collection

Video: $US500,000. That’s how much a Star Trek fan Anthony Sforza is, a man who put three years of his life into turning his basement into a temple dedicated to Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi series — then filled it with unique memorabilia. He actually bought a piece of the set to analyse it and use the exact same materials.

Epic Battle Between Imperial Forces And The Enterprise: Who Will Win?

The Star Wars vs Star Trek nerdbate is as old as the Universe itself and it’s been way too long since the last time we had it. Here’s an old video of a classic battle between Imperial Forces and the Enterprise over the skies of San Francisco to start the fire.

Fun With Kirk And Spock: A Kid's Book And Adult Parody Of Star Trek

“Kirk refuses the advances of a woman. This is a bad universe.” This is just one punch line — of many — from “Fun with Kirk and Spock”, a soon-to-be-released, 64-page book from Cedar Mill Press. It’s a humorous take on the first series of Star Trek that portrays James T Kirk and Spock as a pair of trouble-making adolescents.

Researchers Finally Make Automatic Doors As Smart As Star Trek's

Off-screen stage hands ensured the automatic doors on shows like Star Trek and The Next Generation always opened with impeccable timing and speed. And now Japanese robotics researchers have developed an intelligent sensor that could make the automatic doors at your local grocery store far less stupid.

This NASA Mission Patch Looks 'Strange New World' Familiar

Everything and anything space-related is awesome — space patches includes. They’re the pieces of cloth you see emblazoned on astronauts — each one unique to a particular mission. The one pictured here, designed by NASA’s Steve Swanson for ISS Expedition 40, incorporates a rather striking tip-of-the-hat to one of Star Trek’s prominent antagonists.

Star Trek Is Hilariously Ridiculous When You Eliminate The Camera Shake

I’m glad video stabilisation technology is mainstream now. It’s giving us new insight into historical events, opening new perspectives in scientific research, and then there is the endless fun factor — like seeing how ridiculous the battle scenes in Star Trek: The Next Generation are. Enjoy!

Some Guy Created A Holodeck With An Oculus Rift And Three Kinects

With no shortage of ingenuity, 3D video expert Oliver Kreylos managed to transplant his entire body into a virtual reality environment using three Microsoft Kinects and an Oculus Rift. It’s a little fuzzy, but it’s easy to recognise what he’s really done. He’s created a Holodeck — or something close to it.

Here's What Flying Through The Universe Would Look Like (Warp Drive!)

If you want to feel like you’re on the USS Enterprise, watch this simulation of a fly through of our universe. It comes from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly catalogue and shows the positions of galaxies as they would look as you zipped by (they’re bigger for visual purposes). It kind of looks like snow flakes, dirty rain, bird poop and insects hitting your car windshield.

Forget The Wolf Of Wall Street: The Worf Of Starfleet Is Here

Isn’t it about time that everyone’s favourite Klingon got his own Oscar-winning film?