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The 10 Best Times TV Shows Completely Swapped Genres

Every so often, a TV show likes to go outside its usual comfort zone and do something different… something weird. It abandons its usual format to try something else, suddenly becoming a musical, a comedy, a documentary, a Western, anything. If an episode manages to pull it off, it usually ends up becoming a classic — and here are 10 of those episodes.

12 'Futuristic' Worlds Where Everybody Uses Obsolete Technology

Imagining the future is a huge challenge — few people saw smartphones and DNA-based medicine coming. But if you want proof that “futuristic” science fiction is always about the present, just look at the obsolete devices people think will still be around. Here are 12 future visions that include tech we’ve already abandoned.

William Shatner Is Sorry Paramount Didn't Stop Him From Ruining Star Trek V

Last week, Entertainment Weekly published a feature where Henry Winkler and William Shatner promoted a new project while apologising for an old, bad one. Shatner offers his regrets for the infamous Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, while passive-aggressively blaming Paramount anyway. Fun!

12 Aliens That Were Supposed To Be Cute But Are Actually Terrifying

Making aliens look cute is a tricky thing to get right in kids’ entertainment. Make them too weird-looking, and you could freak out your audience. Make them too adorable, and you run the risk of them looking more like plush toys than creatures from another planet. And then sometimes you make them look cute… but forget to prevent them from acting like hideous, depraved monsters.

'Swear Trek' Provides The Cursing Star Trek Crew We All Deserve

I think we all know that the crap the crews of Federation starships go through would provoke some pretty hardcore cursing from even the most stoic of people. Who isn’t going to let out a giant F-bomb when their best friend is eaten by a salt vampire? Thankfully, a Twitter account has stepped up to fix the problem TV censors caused.

8 Science Fiction Tales Where Heatwaves Nearly Killed Us All

Congratulations! The world’s northern hemisphere just survived one record-breaking heatwave, but it was only the first volley in a campaign cooked up by the sun to kill us all. Forecasts anticipate another one soon, so get ready to sweat — and after you turn up the A/C you might as well learn about sci-fi’s worst heatwaves. Remember: Forewarned is forearmed!

The 16 Most Horrible Alternate Realities

It’s 2016, and things are looking pretty grim. As prognosticators of the future, we’re here to assess the present, and remind everyone that as bad things are, they can always get much, much worse — and they are much, much worse in mirror universes and parallel worlds. Here are 16 alternate realities that make the original look like home sweet home.

Someone Made A Life-Size Bust Of Star Trek's Scotty That You Can Eat

They can erect giant metal statues in your likeness, paint elaborate portraits and maybe even make a movie about your life. But when they make a life-size chocolate bust of you, that’s when you know you really did something important with your time on Earth. Or off of it, in the case of Star Trek‘s Scotty.

The Star Trek TV Shows That Never Happened

We’re finally on the cusp of Star Trek‘s grand return to TV with the impending arrival of Star Trek: Discovery, but there have been many attempts over the year to get Trek on TV that weren’t nearly as successful. Here are four times the franchise tried to launch a new show, but failed to make it off the ground.

The Perth Mint Has 5000 Gold-Pressed Latinum Strips For Sale

Someone over at the Perth Mint really likes Star Trek. Commemorative coins featuring captains from the various shows is one thing, but an actual strip of gold-pressed latinum? Now that’s hardcore.

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