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This High-Speed Simulator Suspended From Cables Looks Like So Much Fun

The most immersive virtual reality experience is still going to feel fake with your body plopped motionless in a chair. Adding motion into the mix, through the use of a simulator, greatly increases the realism of the experience — particularly if it can fly around a room like this amazing cable-controlled contraption.

No One Wants To Spend Time With Kirk In A Deleted Scene From Star Trek Beyond

Video: At the start of Star Trek Beyond, it’s clear that Kirk is tired of being on the Enterprise. In this deleted scene, the crew of the Enterprise seems to be tired of him, too.

A Fascinating Look At Life Behind The Scenes Of Star Trek's Second Season

Image Cache: The first To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage book covered season one of Star Trek: The Original Series. Now author Gerald Gurian has released To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage – Season Two, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin — and its collection of photos are just as captivating. See for yourself!

What's Your Favourite Thing About Star Trek?

Or your least favourite thing? Or your best memory tangentially related to Star Trek? Really, just treat this as a place to talk about anything Star Trek-related. For example, who dressed up as a salt vampire to honour the episode that started it all 50 years ago?

Star Trek: Discovery Has Been Delayed Until May 2017

Which is bad and upsetting news, but shouldn’t be particularly surprising news, since it’s September — four months before its original January premiere date — and we still haven’t heard of anyone being cast for this show yet.

CBS And Paramount Royally Screwed Up Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

Fifty years is an enormous milestone, especially when you’re talking about the relatively short history of television shows. So why on Earth and Vulcan did CBS and Paramount fail to capitalise on Star Trek’s 50th anniversary?

Spock Taught Me What It Meant To Be Horny (NSFW)

Teenage Evan knew he was supposed to want sex. Sometimes when I’d watch soap operas with my mum and people would kiss onscreen, I’d feel… tingling. This was probably significant, I thought, and warranted further investigation. I couldn’t ask my mum or teachers at school. Thankfully, I had Star Trek. And it was First Officer Spock who hipped me to the first big clue: “It has to do with biology…”

Deep Space Nine Is Star Trek's Best World, Because It's The Real World

When Star Trek fans fight about the best Trek show, nine times out of 10 they’re arguing about the original series versus The Next Generation. Obviously, both shows are excellent and fundamental to the franchise, but they aren’t the best Trek ever put on television. I believe that honour belongs to Deep Space Nine and praise the prophets, do I love it.

Build Your Own Starfleet With These Customised 3D-Printed Star Trek Ships

In Star Trek Online, aspiring captains can take the helm of one of more than 400 different ships that can be further personalised with custom colour schemes, materials, shields, and capabilities. And now thanks to Eucl3D, a 3D printing company, those ships can be brought into the real world.

Someone Figured Out How Every Single Star Trek Novel Fits Together

As with so many franchises that have managed to last decades, there’s a wealth of Star Trek material out there for old fans and new fans to devote their time to. Two amazing, possible insane fans have looked at the massive number of Star Trek books and charted out how they all interact with each other and when they take place in canon.

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