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Woodworker Crafts Astonishing Replica Model Of The Original USS Enterprise

The acting on Star Trek may have been a wooden at times, but the USS Enterprise itself wasn’t. Until now, that is. One, uh, enterprising woodworker decided to create a rendition of the starship and boy, is it something special.

What Happened To Sulu's Face On Mezco's New Star Trek Toy?

When Mezco announced they were bringing the original Star Trek to their detailed One:12 line, they did so with a jaw-droppingly brilliant figure of Spock. The next in the line, Mr. Sulu, continues so many of the amazing details that wowed us with that figure…. and then totally whiffs on the face sculpt itself.

Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry's Lost Disks Recovered After 25 Years

These days we do a better job of storing data so it’ll be readable 10, 20 and even 50 years down the line. Back in the 90’s however, we weren’t so diligent. As such, the task of recovering the 25-year old “lost” disks of Gene Roddenberry proved difficult, requiring months of painstaking work to not only retrieve the data, but translate it.

Paramount Brings Down The Hammer On Million Dollar Star Trek Project

Star Trek: Axanar is a crowd-funded prequel. It’s a big deal — raising over $1 million in crowdfunding. But despite a history of leniency on fan projects, Paramount and CBS have launched a bid to shut down production, claiming it infringes on their intellectual property.

Obviously There Are A Bunch Of Trekkies Designing USA Today

What’s that sound? Like millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced? You had one job, USA Today!

Coming Soon: Star Trek, X-Men, Harry Potter

Welcome to the trailer park! This week: it’s sequel mania! Star Trek, X-Men, Harry Potter, Independence Day — which will be good and which will be a terrible disappointment? Watch and see!

Watch The First Trailer For Star Trek Beyond

Video: There’s a third next generation new generation Star Wars Star Trek movie in production, and it looks kinda cool. Star Trek Beyond, directed by the guy behind a bunch of Fast and Furious movies, follows on from Star Trek Into Darkness, and it looks a lot more mainstream than the previous flicks.

Beam Your Booze With Glowing Star Trek Transporter Pad Coasters

Have the folks at ThinkGeek finally figured out the technology needed to transport matter? Sadly, no. If they did, they probably wouldn’t have used that technology to make a set of Star Trek-themed coasters that look like the transporter pads used on the USS Enterprise.

Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Choose: Millennium Falcon Or USS Enterprise?

Video: If you could only choose one between the Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise, which would it be? Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked just that — and he has a very, very clear answer.

Captain Picard Will Do Anything For A Cup Of Earl Grey

The Star Trek TV shows have proven themselves healthy mash-up fodder for years, though locating quality edits that are worth watching is a tricky proposition. Well, you can now add these videos from YouTube user “gazorra” to your list of watchable cuts, with his latest creation focusing on Captain Picard’s obsession with Earl Grey tea.

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