Recycle Your Old MicroSD Cards Into An SSD Drive

Instead of giving your unwanted memory cards away to your parents, or putting them someplace safe where they’ll inevitably get lost, this easy-to-build kit lets you turn a bunch of unused microSD cards into a far more useful SSD drive.

Insane Blasts Of Heat Could Make Flash Memory Live Longer Than Ever

Flash memory is fast, it’s stable, but it’s not without its flaws. It has a tendency to wear out after too many write-erase cycles, for example. Now there’s a way to deal with that problem, and it could lead to self-healing NAND flash memory that could last for much, much longer than the stuff we have now.

Hot Flash The Secret To SSDs That Will Outlast The Universe

Heat is never a desired quality in consumer electronics. Running your chips at high temperatures reduces their life and when it gets to extremes, kills performance thanks to throttling. Not so when it comes to flash memory, where a lot of heat, applied for milliseconds at a time, can allow a NAND cell to survive 100 million write cycles without breaking a sweat.

How To Buy A Hard Drive: An Essential Guide

Do you need gigabytes or performance? Laptop upgrades or a screaming new gaming PC? We walk you through what you need to know to pick the right storage solution for your PC.

Samsung New Double-Speed SSDs

Sammy just took the lid off of a set of new solid state drives that promise a significant speed boost from their already peppy previous line of SSDs. They look good enough to eat.

SSDs About To Get 7x Faster If Phase-Change Memory Catches On

Hard drives are all about how much you can store and how quickly you can store it. And this soon-to-be-unveiled phase-change memory drive is expected to up the ante quite a bit.

SSD + Hard Drive = OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid

Oh, to have the lightness and speed of an SSD, but with the capacity of a hard drive! OCZ, the mind-reader it is, has made a component that will offer up to 1TB in HDD space, and up to 120GB in SSD.

How To Enable TRIM On Your Mac's Solid-State Drive

Enabling TRIM is one of the best ways to maximize the life of your solid-state drive, but OS X doesn’t support it out-of-the-box. Here’s an easy way to get better performance and longevity out of your Mac’s SSD.

Intel SSDs Will, In Fact, Get Smaller And Faster This Year

The roadmap for this year’s Intel SSDs has been exposed, and some will use a manufacturing technology as small as 25nm, meaning more efficient drives in bigger capacities or smaller form factors for you. [Engadget]

Crucial's New SSDs For Laptops

I let most component news hit the floor but I can’t seem to get enough of new SSD news because of how much I want my laptop to stop ticking and clicking and whirring. Crucial’s new M4 line of 2.5-inch SSDs just came out. Cult of Mac says: