Spotify's Deep Black Redesign Makes Your Favourite Music Pop

Today, Spotify starts rolling out a new darker redesign. It’s the biggest stylistic change we’ve seen since the service launched its web-based player in late 2012. The new look ditches the old app’s overcast grays for a sleek facade that’s blacker than hell — and it’s so much more beautiful and useful for it.

Spotify Goes Dark, Adds 'Your Music' Feature For Saving Tracks And Albums

Spotify has just launched a major design update for its desktop app, iPhone and Web users, with a darker theme and a few long-awaited interface tweaks. You’ll also be able to navigate the platform’s 20 million tracks more easily, with ‘Your Music’ replacing ‘Collections’ for better storing, showing and sharing the individual tracks and albums you’ve liked and saved. An Android overhaul to bring that platform up to date is still in the works, though.

Report: Apple Is Negotiating An On-Demand Music Service Like Spotify

Billboard reports that Apple has been talking to record labels about potentially launching an on-demand music service that would compete with Spotify and Beats Music.

Spotify Just Bought Huge Music Data Company The Echo Nest

Spotify just bought “music intelligence” company, The Echo Nest. In other words, it just bought the data machine that powers rival services like Rdio, iHeartRadio, Nokia MixRadio, Twitter Music and others.

Great Gadgets For Going Back To Uni

You’ve got your tablets, laptops and your smartphones for going back to uni, but what about the gadgets? There are hundreds of them: which ones are right for you and your studies? Here’s stuff you might actually get some use out of.

Explore Spotify's Millions Of Unplayed Songs With Forgotify

Four million songs on Spotify — a whopping 20 per cent of the site’s tracks — have never been streamed. That is a lot of lonely tunes, but thanks to Forgotify they’re going to start getting some listening love; the service queues up stuff that’s never gotten a spin — the non-Biebers, the un-Mileys, the bizarro-Beys — and creates a running playlist of all-but-unknown audio.

Report: Spotify Wants To Tailor Playlists By Heart Rate And Movement

If your workouts never quite gel with your soundtrack, help may soon be at hand. The Guardian is reporting that Spotify has plans to measure heart rate and motion to help you choose the perfect playlist for any situation.

Here's The Warmest 100 In A Handy Spotify Playlist

Fancy listening to the Hottest 100 predictions wherever you go? We’ve compiled it into a handy Spotify playlist for you.

Spotify Now Provides Unlimited Free Music On Its Desktop App

Until now, Spotify’s free accounts provided unlimited ad-supported streaming via its desktop client for six months, until it then imposed a cap on your streaming. Now, that cap is being scrapped.

I Admit It: I Alphabetise My Spotify Playlists

It’s Sunday night, I haven’t eaten yet, I’ve got to get up for work in a few hours time. Heck, I haven’t even showered. Why? Because The Clash’s “London Calling” playlist is currently sitting after My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” in my Spotify collection, among other crimes to alphabetisation. And that just wont do.