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Wow, Spotify's New Privacy Policy Is Atrocious

There’s a new privacy policy going into effect with the latest Spotify update, and the TL;DR version is that if you’re at all concerned about data privacy you might want to jump ship now.

The White House Interns Have Pretty Good Taste In Music

Yo, President Obama, you have great taste in music. I know this because you have posted a few playlists on a newly-created White House Spotify account. You see? Barry Obama is just a regular guy who isn’t afraid to put Coldplay on a public playlist.

Taylor Swift And Spotify Have More Bad Blood Than Ever

Briefly: Despite pulling all of her music off of Spotify, musical megastar Taylor Swift isn’t done skewering the service. Taylor takes aim at the streaming service this time from a Vanity Fair feature, calling it “a start-up with no cash flow”. Ouch.

David Byrne Implores Record Labels To Stop Being Shitty About Streaming 

David Byrne, well-known recording artist and performer, has written a stirring op-ed about streaming music and the plight of musicians in today’s recording industry. He’s right about the problems, but his solution seems a little… far-fetched.

Spotify's New 'Discover Weekly' Playlist Knows You So Well It's Creepy

Spotify’s got a new feature called “Discover Weekly”, an automatically generated playlist of music that’s tailored specifically for you. For something made by a computer this playlist is pretty damn good!

Spotify Will Now Tell You What Songs Define Your City

Like every popular online service out there — from OkCupid to PornHub — Spotify keeps tabs on its users, and especially their listening trends. The popular streaming site’s already demonstrated its anthropological power to learn about people through music, and now it’s expanding that power to a global scale.

How To Get Free Music For The Next Three Months

Apple Music is finally here! You know what that means? That means it’s time to cancel your other premium streaming services and listen to tunes on Apple’s dime. Here’s how.

One Pissed-Off Artist Made An App To Scam Spotify's Royalty Payments

For as much love as Spotify gets from customers, it draws equal hatred from musicians, who are consistently unhappy with the tiny amount of revenue generated by streaming music. But as the Silicon Valley proverb goes: if you don’t like it, just code an automated app to optimise the problem away (and get paid in the process).

Google's Gunning For Apple Music With Free Streaming Option

Ahead of the long-awaited and controversial launch of Apple Music next week, Google is making a last-ditch effort to pull users onto its own platform with a free option.

Jay Z's Troubled Music Service Tidal Loses Another CEO

The latest boss of Jay Z’s floundering music streaming service Tidal has already washed out.

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