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These Goofy Dudes Just So Happen To Be Incredible Ping Pong Players

Video: What have we learned from this compilation of Takkyuugeinin’s “table tennis entertainment” vines?

Holding A Slam Dunk Competition On A Moving Train Requires Basketballs

The Dunking Devils, last seen pulling off incredible trick shots while swinging from a bridge, are back with an even wilder collection of dunks and stunts that all take place on board a moving train.

Robot Sumo Wrestling Is Super Intense

Video: The robotic versions of competitive sports are usually disappointing at best — but not when it comes to sumo wrestling. The human titans who try to slowly push each other out of a circular ring are actually far less exciting than these tiny zippy robots whose matches are usually over almost as quickly as they begin.

Watch A Professional Knight Get His Metal-Plated Arse Handed To Him

Video: Call me a coward, but getting bashed in the face by a scary Russian dude with a massive shield is not my idea of a good sporting time.

Playing Ping Pong With Random Objects Is Totally Goofy

Video: Sure, some random objects like a frying pan and a shovel make some sort of sense to use as a ping pong paddle replacement. But an iron? A kitchen knife? A wooden spoon? A rolling pin?

Cyclist Goes Full Superman, Beats Everyone

Video: Pro tip to cyclists: Sailing through the air horizontally while gripping your handlebars for dear life is the most efficient way downhill.

Synchronised Wind Tunnel Dancing Should Be The Next Olympic Sport

Video: A lot of questionable sports have become official Olympic events over the years. Golf? Trampoline? That one where people just run in a straight line for 100m? Ridiculous. But synchronised dancing inside one of those indoor skydiving wind tunnels? That should headline the 2020 games in Tokyo, assuming anyone makes it out of Rio alive.

A Bellyflop Competition Is Even More Brutal Than It Sounds

Video: When swimming most people try to avoid bellyflopping into the water since it feels like 1000 people slapping you in the chest at once. But in Oslo, at the official Dødsing competition, competitors attempt to bellyflop on purpose to impress the judges.

Bossaball Is The Coolest Sport You've Never Heard Of

Video: If volleyball had a child with a jumping castle, it would be bossaball. The relatively young sport was created in Spain but has already started taking off in South America and Europe — and damn does it look like fun.

Champion Rope Skippers' Speed And Stamina Is Terrifying 

Video: Want to make it in the double dutch big leagues? Better not skip leg day. Or arm day. Or anything day. Because everything about this sport looks immensely difficult.

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