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BMW's Ugliest Concept Car Inspired Puma's Ugliest Sneakers

Way back in 2008 BMW revealed an especially outlandish concept car called the GINA Light Visionary Model that traded metal body panels for a flexible lycra-like fabric wrapped around the vehicle. It wasn’t exactly pretty, which makes it harder to understand why Puma would use it as inspiration for a new shoe.

This $1200 Wetsuit Promises To Make You The Fastest Swimmer

When you’re designing a shirt, it makes sense to cut the fabrics so that the wearer is most comfortable with their arms down at their sides in a resting position. But for a swimmer, whose arms are constantly in motion, Roka Sports believes it’s advantageous to instead design a wetsuit with an athlete’s arms raised and reaching for the next stroke.

Deadpool, The X-Men And ID4's Jeff Goldblum Join A British Soccer Team For Some Truly Bizarre Video Promos

Look, for this job I watch a lot of promotional videos. Trailers and TV spots and ads and featurettes — everything studios do in the neverending pole-dance that is trying to get people to see their movies. Sometimes, movies are paid a lot of money to let other companies sell shit using their characters, and I have to watch those ads, too.

Badminton-Playing Robot Will Destroy You On The Court

Table tennis-playing robots that can keep up with the likes of Forrest Gump are impressive, sure. But students and professors at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China took on a greater challenge when they built a badminton-playing robot that can quickly cover an entire court and return almost any shot.

Here's The Physics Behind The 'Broomgate' Controversy Rocking The Sport Of Curling

Football has been rocked by the “Deflategate” scandal, swimming banned full-body “super suits” and now the sport of curling — yes, curling — has its own raging controversy. Dubbed “Broomgate”, much of the fuss centres on a new kind of curling broom called the icePad, manufactured by Hardline Curling.

Chill DJ Will Blow Your Mind With Turntable Wizardry

Video: This is DJ Brace, and this is the video he made to compete in the 2016 DMC Online DJ Championships. He’s made it to the final round where on September 24 he’ll battle 11 other talented DJs live at The Forum in London. And if you give him a listen you’ll know why he’s gotten this far.

Journalists Are Backing Out Of The Olympics Over Zika

Athletes have already expressed concern about travelling to the heart of the Zika outbreak to compete in this summer’s Olympics. Now journalists are opting out entirely. Several NBC employees will not travel to Brazil to cover the games, including Today anchor Savannah Guthrie, who announced today that she’s pregnant.

A Drill-Powered Electric Skateboard Is The Silliest Way To Get Around Town

Video: Boosted boards — those snazzy electric longboards — are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $US1600 ($2228). And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution.

Kelly Slater's Incredible Plan To Make Lakes Surfable

Maybe you saw the Tony Hawk of surfing upload a video of a perfect man-made wave back in December. According to Bloomberg, Kelly Slater is trying to sell flawless artificial barrels to the world for somewhere between $US2 and $US20 million ($2.7 and $27.8 million) a pop, which is a bargain considering the R&D that went into making something like this work.

12-Year-Old's Skateboarding Skills Defy Reason

Video: Riding three skateboards is hard. Riding a skateboard sideways on top of another skateboard is really hard. You might think this is building towards something but nope, I’m just pointing out that Isamu Yamamoto is a goddamn wizard on a skateboard. And he’s only 12 years old.

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