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Super Smart Ping Pong Table Teaches You How To Play Like A Pro

Video: Table tennis is a hard game that requires quick instincts and even quicker reflexes. But what if you had some help? Like, what if the table could tell you what to do? This ‘smart’ ping pong table shows you where to serve, tracks each shot you take and gives you oodles of data on your game. It’s a clever projection mapping system that smartens up your game.

This Guy's Middle Fingers Are Deadly Weapons

Video: If you’re like me, pull-ups are an impossible dream. That is the not the case for Jamshid Turaev. Last month, the Uzbek fitness enthusiast set a world record for pull-ups using just two index fingers.

Making Traditional Wooden Lacrosse Sticks 

Video: Here’s how a traditional wooden lacrosse stick gets made. You get to see how it’s done from the search for the right type of hickory tree; to the splitting of the wood into halves, quarters and eighths; to the steaming, bending, knitting and everything in between. It’s actually a humble process to make a stick for such a hoity-toity sport.

Watch Daredevils Land Skate Tricks In Slow Motion, While Their Boards Are On Fire

These guys may have melted the soles of their shoes a bit, but it was worth it to capture these jaw-dropping tricks in stunning slow motion.

Drone Racing Is Coming To ESPN, Which Is A Big Deal

Drones are most associated with clandestine missions, Amazon deliveries and mutilated babies — in other words, not the makings of an exciting sport. But first-person-view drone racing is a fast-developing and immensely thrilling contest, and thanks to ESPN, a whole bunch of people are about to discover it.

Rio's Slums Might Be Left In Even Worse Shape After The Olympics

Rio’s Summer Olympics are just a few months away, and it’s not looking good for the city. The water is still polluted, stadium budgets have been slashed and a scary virus is frightening athletes and spectators. Now, there’s also growing concern that the Games will be a financial disaster — and the poorest areas of Rio will bear the brunt of this failure.

Playing Soccer With A Ball That's On Fire

Video: I get it now! That’s why soccer doesn’t let players use their hands. Just in case they decide to start playing with a fireball. Watch Joltter, Andrew Henderson and Melody Donchet do tricks with a ball that’s on fire and also hit a free kick too.

Watch These Spinning Top Masters Pull Off Awe-Inspiring Trickshots 

How is it even possible to have this much control over an ordinary piece of string?

Sick Swordfighting Skills Keep This Drone From Crashing

Obstacle detection and avoidance is one area in which drones fail utterly, which is too bad because human pilots just aren’t that good at flying them. The obvious solution? Teach a drone to think like a fencer.

The Reason Baseball Bats Break Is More Complicated Than You Think

Shattering bats might look cool, but they’re really dangerous for both the players and the fans. Why does that happen, and how come bats always seem to snap in the same way?

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