Australian Study: Our Hot, Bright Cities Are Spawning Gigantic Spiders

File this one under: Oh HELL no. While we know that our ever-industrialising lifestyles make survival tough for animals like birds and mountain lions, in at least one case urbanisation is helping a species to thrive. Thanks to the artificial conditions we create, our cities are growing ultrafertile megaspiders.

Scientists Discover That Spiders Kill And Eat Fish Too

A new research paper just published in the scientific journal Plos One brings us new fuel for nightmares: Spiders not only eat other insects but also kill and eat fish often much larger than them. And it’s not only one or two species but many species at a global scale.

How Spiders Tune And Play Their Webs Like Strings On A Guitar

This short animation explains how spiders detect and distinguish between the vibrations and pitches travelling up and down their webs. This helps them find prey and identify potential mates.

City-Dwelling Spiders Build Webs That Don't Work

In welcome news for urban arachnophobes everywhere, it turns out that certain types of spiders just aren’t cut out for city life. Apparently, spinning webs on concrete and steel kills the vibrations spiders need to sense prey — meaning dinner ain’t coming easy.

Alien Monsters Or Awesome Spiders, I Just Love These Little Guys

I can’t stop looking at the extraordinary photos by Thomas Shahan, an Oregon-based artist and microphotographer who creates amazing portraits of arthropods, including these awesome jumping spiders. His beautiful monsters don’t make me run in fear, but make me smile (knowing they are tiny, that is.) In fact, some of their faces are hilarious.

Badass Spider Uses Insect Corpses To Make A Giant Spider Design Decoy

Like in Game of Thrones, where the Iron Throne was forged from the swords of all the enemies Aegon the Conqueror defeated, this Cyclosa spider uses its dead enemies’ bodies to build a big fake spider decoy design to sit on. Seriously, the spider uses its victim’s insect corpses to construct a larger spider-shaped design on its web to scare off potential predators. That’s so badarse.

Staring At These Spiders Straight In The Eyes Is Sucking My Soul Away

I can’t do it. These photographs by photographer Jimmy Kong are absolutely fantastic in capturing the venomous detail of spiders in their habitat. They look positively alien and almost peaceful. But don’t you dare think that. Not for a second. Because once you think these fur ball mini aliens come in peace, the spiders are going to leap off the screen and rip your freaking head off.

Nobody Knows What Built These Weird Little Web Structures

For some baffling reason, a bunch of tiny, fence-like web structures keep showing up in the Peruvian jungle. Measuring about two centimetres across and delicately constructed, they’re beautiful in a way. And since scientists have no idea how they got there, they’re also totally mysterious.

Arachnophobics Beware: This Creepy Spiderbot Is Incredibly Lifelike

If you’ve got $1350 burning a hole in your pocket and an arachnophobic friend you love to terrorise, the folks at Robugtix will happily trade your heard-earned money for this incredibly lifelike robotic spider called the T8.

Silk: Nature's Homespun Supermaterial

Most of your exposure to silk probably comes in the form of uncomfortably sensual linens or cobwebs in a dusty old closet. In reality, silk is an incredible and overlooked material. While it may have roots in the ancient past, it could also form the building blocks of the future.

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