Short Film: Robert F. Kennedy On Why Violence Is Always Meaningless

Without further commentary, here’s a new short film set to Robert F. Kennedy speech at the Cleveland City Club, on April 5, 1968: The Mindless Menace of Violence. After today’s events in France, it seems appropriate. Senator Kennedy was assassinated on June 6, 1968, only two months after these words.

This Surreal Ad Recreates The Stress Of Writing A Speech

It doesn’t matter if you have to write a speech for a conference or your best friend’s wedding. Writing for an audience is a mad, surreal and schizophrenic process. This ad recreates that process accurately.

Can You Ignore Your Own Voice?

We listen to our own voice when we talk — it helps us monitor what we’re saying. But simultaneous interpreters have to translate one language into another in real time, so they learn to ignore themselves.

Babies Start Acquiring Language In The Womb

If you and your partner are expecting a new addition to the family, now might be a good time to clean up your language. New research suggests that babies begin to pick up language from within the womb.

Australian Study: Tone-Deaf People Can’t Hear Emotion In Speech Either

A study by researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney has found that people with congenital amusia — tone deafness — also have a harder time deciphering emotional cues in speech. That’s right; if you don’t get Bach, you probably don’t get your barista.

Read The Chilling Apollo 11 Failure Speech Richard Nixon Had Prepared

Apollo 11 was a resounding success from start to finish. From the minute the rocket left the pad through to landing on the moon and right back down to Earth, it was a day etched in human history forever. Safety wasn’t always guaranteed, though, as evidenced by this condolence speech then-President Richard Nixon had prepared in case everything went sideways.

Your Dating Success Depends On How You Use Pronouns

While there’s no denying that your ability to get the partner of your dreams might require some smooth talking, it’s always seemed somewhat of an imprecise science. Now, research suggests that the secret to success lies in the way you use your pronouns.

Microsoft Can Make Your Voice Speak Foreign Languages

Ever wonder what you’d sound like speaking German? Or maybe Mandarin? Microsoft Research has a new technology they’re cooking up which will take the sound of your voice and synthesise it as part a spoken language translator.

Eavesdropping By Reading Brainwaves Is Feasible

Scientists don’t get their due. After all, they can do almost anything. Except, you know, eavesdrop on our conversations by reading our brainwaves. Oh… wait. Apparently, now, they can.

This Gross Robotic Mouth Is Like A Singing Fleshlight

This is horrifying. Professor Hideyuki Sawada of Kagawa University demonstrated this rubbery nightmare today that can imitate human speech. It’s only a matter of time before someone tries to have sex with it.