All-New HTC One Specs Leak Out

It’s unclear whether the all-new HTC One will score phone of the year like the last one did, but we do know it’s about to win the award for “worst kept secret in history”. The specs of the new device have reportedly leaked, and it looks like we’re going to be enjoying a super-fast, 5-inch beast.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Everything Australians Need To Know

Right on schedule: the Galaxy S5 is here, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the new waterproof, dustproof, fingerprint sensor-packing, HD screen flashing and rad software-toting flagship. In short? It’s awesome, and we have details for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

Valve Unveils 13 Steam Machines, With Specs And Prices

During Valve’s CES 2014 event this evening, the company released a brochure featuring images, prices, and specificiations for 13 third-party Steam Machines. Let’s take a look-see!

Behold, The Majestic Sound Of The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Sweet. Jesus. Just listen to this thing.

How The Retina iPad Mini Measures Up To The Competition

Retina has finally hit the iPad Mini, meaning this little guy’s packing a punch at least resolution-wise. Vven though the 7-inch tablet market is not necessarily a crowded field, the competition that is there is running a tight race. Let’s take a look at how the iPad Mini’s specs measure up to the rest.

How The iPad Air Stacks Up To The Tablet Market's Top Dogs

The newer, shinier and freshly named iPad Air is finally here — and goddamn is it thin. While super-skinny is nice and all, it doesn’t necessarily make for a better device. So let’s take a look at how the iPad Air compares to its toughest competition.

How The iPhone 5s Stacks Up Against Its Biggest Competitors

As always happens, people were already lining up for Apple’s newest iteration of its flagship phone even before we had any real idea what they were even in line for. But now that the iPhone 5s is here, speculation is over and we can actually see whether or not all that camping out was worth it. Here’s how the 5s stacks up to the smartphone market’s top dogs.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Australian Hands-On: Best In Show

When we saw the Xperia Z last year, we were concerned. Not because it was a bad device; quite the opposite. No, we worried because it was going to be impossible to follow it up with something as impressive. Turns out our fears couldn’t have been more unfounded. Meet the Sony Xperia Z Ultra: the best Sony product this side of 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Everything You Need To Know

Meet the new member of the Samsung Galaxy Note family. Forget phablets: this is the new Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Australian Hands-On: Not Your Average Note

Ready to meet the most powerful Android smartphone Samsung has ever made? We’ve gone hands-on, and it’s as amazing as it reads on paper.