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Motorola RAZR M: Australian Hands-On

I’m getting worried about Motorola, you guys. First we saw the new RAZR and were impressed, then we pined for the battery beast that was the RAZR Maxx and instead got the RAZR V — which was essentially the new RAZR but with a lower price. Now we’re getting the RAZR M: a Kevlar-boasting, 4G-laden, bezel-less smartphone looks pretty much the same as the last few RAZRs. Something’s going on here.

This Next-Gen Xbox Leak Almost Looks Legit

As a general rule I had decided to completely ignore all “next-gen” console rumours — basically because there were so many of them and they couldn’t all be accurate! But Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has put together a pretty compelling case that one of the earlier leaks may actually have been a real thing. Interesting stuff.

Dell Inspiron Zino's Spec List Leaked

There weren’t a lot of details around the actual power behind the recently showcased Dell Inspiron Zino HD mini PC. Fortunately tipster Oddo has been gracious enough to share them with us.

Prada II Full Specs Leak Online

The last we heard of the upgrade to LG’s Prada phone, the Prada II, was a grainy photo and some speculative specifications. Now over at Boy Genius Report they’ve been given a run-down on the full specs of the phone from a source they trust. The rumoured 5-megapixel camera is indeed there, with flash and VGA video capability. 850MHz/2100MHz HSDPA’s there too, as is the 3-inch screen. Read on for more.

Wireless Roaming Wi-Fi 802.11r Standard Beats 11n to Completion

The 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi may still be technically a draft specification, but the IEEE has now completed the 802.11r specs, making a new standard for Wi-Fi roaming. Why should you care about this? It’s designed for those moments when a Wi-Fi-connected device moves between hotspots, something the original 802.11 specs didn’t have in mind. Typically a transition between spots involves a drop and re-associate delay of around 0.1 seconds, which is enough to drop a VoIP call: 802.11r allows re-association with the new Wi-Fi source in less than 0.05 seconds, which should keep your call connected. The specs and also cover security associations and reservation of QoS resources for roaming Wi-Fi connections and have been under development for four years. [DailyWireless]

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