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Watch Rocker Scott Ian Get A Full Game Of Thrones White Walker Makeover

Video: Scott Ian is best-known for being the guitarist for thrash metal titans Anthrax. But he’s also a huge genre fan, evidenced by his Nerdist video series, Bloodworks — which goes behind the scenes to explore the wonderfully gruesome special effects and make-up that make shows like Game of Thrones come alive.

10 Cool Special Effects Movie Scenes That Didn't Use CGI

Video: It’s always nice to know that not everything in movies is done with computers and CG and green screens. Almost all of it is, of course. But! There are still some directors using practical effects in some action movies, and those scenes always look awesome. Here’s ten of ’em.

Early Graphics Show How Far Special Effects Have Come

Video: John Whitney was one of the earliest pioneers of computer graphics, most memorably known for his work on the opening sequence of Hitchcock’s Vertigo. But even in this educational video for IBM in 1968, the distance that computer graphics has come is startlingly clear.

How Game Of Thrones' FX Wizards Turn This Actor Into A Towering Giant

Video: With a fantasy series like Game of Thrones, the invisible visual effects that bring the fictional world and creatures to life are just as important to the story as the show’s cast.

How The Rubik's Cube Juggler Tricked The Internet

Last week the internet watched in amazement as Leo Weston solved three Rubik’s cubes while juggling them. Now he’s back to show us how he faked the entire thing and its just as impressive.

Check Out 20 Popular Movies Before And After Visual Effects

Video: It’s absolutely no surprise that blockbuster movies rely so heavily on special effects and CG all the time now. When the effects are good, it just makes more sense for the fictional world they are building and the shots they are making. But it will forever be hilarious to see the actors act out in ridiculous suits and fake action against a green screen. It’s all so damn silly.

How CG Wizards Made Schwarzenegger Beat The Crap Out Of Himself

Terminator Genisys might not have been the most popular movie of 2015, but it did include a memorable fight scene where the old and young versions of Schwarzenegger’s T-800 have an epic street brawl. But how was Arnold able to fight himself? Cutting edge CG, obviously.

10 Of The Worst CGI Moments In Big Budget Movies

Video: Movie CG gets better every year and that’s bad news for the blockbusters of yesteryear which have a tendency to age really, really poorly.

Jurassic Park Without Any Dinosaurs Still Manages To Be Creepy

The first thing people are supposed to notice about Jurassic Park are, obviously, the dinosaurs. But what would you be left with if you took the T-Rexex out? Some sweeping vistas and people getting very emotional about trees.

10 Old Movies With Special Effects That Have Actually Aged Well And Still Look Good

Video: Movies heavy in visual effects don’t usually age well because they’re often trapped in their own time capsule. Special effects that were supposed to be impressive become cheesy and intimidating effects that were supposed to add to the plot become laughable. Nothing kills the suspension of disbelief faster than bad visuals. But some movies such as Jurassic Park, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back to the Future II have all aged really well even though they’re a bit dated in some aspects.

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