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Life Of Pi's VFX Team Explains What's Wrong With The Film Industry

In 2013, Rhythm & Hues Studios won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi just 11 days after declaring bankruptcy. This is the story of where they — and nearly two dozen other studios that have closed in the last decade — went wrong.

The Jim Henson Creature Shop Highlight Reel Reinforces Our Muppet Love

The work done by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop doesn’t only just show up on Sesame Street and in the latest batch of Muppet movies. Any time you see a convincing looking creature in a commercial that wasn’t brought to life through CG, odds are the Creature Shop had a hand in its creation.

Inside The Special Effects That Made Gravity Look So Great

Gravity was a stunning piece of cinema, brought to life by some beautiful special effects. In this video show-and-tell, VFX company Framestore reveals how it achieved some of the most breathtaking scenes.

How Jurassic Park Made Tiny Flesh-Eating Dino Puppets So Scary

There’s a lot of CGI deployed in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that most of the dino-action was cooked up by a computer. Not so the tiny little compsognathus, a carnivorous chicken-like beast that was cooked up with plastic moulds and fishing line.

Watch How Much Visual Effects Have Improved In Oscar Winning Movies

Starting in 1977 with Star Wars and moving all the way until last year with Gravity, this video covers all the Academy Awards winners for best visual effects. It’s a wonderful walk through movie history and revealing to see how much more realistic movies have gotten through fake computer generated effects.

Iron Man 3's Visual Effects Team Are Great At Blowing Things Up

Remember how Tony Stark’s house was completely destroyed in Iron Man 3? Don’t despair for the waste of beautiful Malibu real estate: it didn’t even exist in the first place. It was a magic fake house blown up by very real-looking fake special effects. Here’s how they did it.

Use A Bare Convex Lens Element To Give Your Photos Some Flare

If your digital photos seem a bit dull lately, try this simple technique to introduce some wild light effects into your routine. All you need is a $4 piece of glass you can order online.

How ILM Created Hong Kong With Special Effects Just To Destroy It

Probably the most insane fight sequence of Pacific Rim was when a Jaeger fought a Kaiju in the streets of Hong Kong. The entire city was destroyed, glass shards flew everywhere, neon lights were exploding, streets were being crushed, shipping containers somehow were involved and the whole battle was just beyond epic.

It's Crazy How Much Of The Wolf Of Wall Street Is Actually CGI

Thor? CGI all over the place. Pacific Rim? Ditto. The Wolf of Wall Street? Surprisingly, also yes. You might not have thunk it, but there’s CGI slathered all over that thing.

How Pacific Rim Made Us Think Giant Robots Were Fighting Sea Monsters

Last year’s box office hit Pacific Rim pitted humanity’s last hope — gargantuan co-piloted mechas, known as J├Ągers — against a seemingly unstoppable race of city-sized sea monsters bent on destroying our world in two hours of special-effects laden mayhem.