Disney Researchers Can 3D-Print Speakers Into Any Object

Last year, researchers at Cornell University figured out a way to 3D print a functional speaker cone. But now researchers at Disney have one-upped them with a new printing technique that lets any 3D-printed object work like a speaker — no matter its shape.

The Most Elegant iPhone Speaker Is Just A Single Piece Of Blown Glass

Here is a sleek way to showcase your iPhone’s looks and sounds. There are no wires or buttons or even plastic in this passive amp — just a single piece of glass, handcrafted to exacting proportions, that can wrap a room in sound.

The Gizmodo Outdoor Gear Guide

There’s never a better time to head outside and enjoy the outdoors before it becomes too damn cold. Some of the below products will require some international ordering, whereas some are available locally. Who else is amped to camp?

Waterproof Gear For Your Wet Adventures

If you close your eyes, you can probably feel the rush of jumping into a pool for the first time this spring. We are so, so close. Your gadgets, however, will not enjoy this jump in the pool. Unless they are waterproof gadgets.

A Collapsible Speaker That Might Double As An Emergency Cup

Even your most basic outdoor store will sell you a collapsible silicone drinking cup that helps keep your backpack as light as possible when hiking. And it turns out that same strategy can apply to portable speakers too, like the making them even easier to stash in a bag when not in use.

Cone: A Speaker That Knows What You Want To Hear Before You Do

Music is personal. It’s tied to our identities, our emotions, even our friends. So the idea that a complex algorithm could make us smarter about music is counterintuitive. The creators of Cone, a wireless speaker that learns what you like and builds on it, think they’ve cracked the code.

Great Gadgets For Going Back To Uni

You’ve got your tablets, laptops and your smartphones for going back to uni, but what about the gadgets? There are hundreds of them: which ones are right for you and your studies? Here’s stuff you might actually get some use out of.

Muji's Stealthy Bluetooth Speaker Hides Amongst Your Boxes Of Files

Muji might no longer be that minimalist Japanese brand none of your friends know about, but that doesn’t make its products any less cool. If you’ve been holding off on buying a Bluetooth speaker until you found one that was less on the garish side, your hunt is over.

These Speakers Look Like Daft Punk Helmets

It’s not necessarily sound from Edifier’s e25 Luna Eclipse speakers that grabs your attention on the show floor here at CES. It’s that they look distinctly like a row of Daft Punk helmets.

You Can Now 3D Print A Fully Functional Speaker

There’s no doubt that 3D printing is going to play a huge part in the future of manufacturing, especially now that researchers at Cornell University have managed to print every component of a fully functional speaker — including the cone, the wiring, and even the magnet.