Dolby Atmos In Your Living Room Is Only Months Away

5.1-channel surround sound is so 2013. Dolby Atmos is coming to Australian cinemas, but soon enough you’ll be able to get it in your living room as well. Later this month, Onkyo will be the first company with home theatre equipment that works with new Dolby Atmos surround speakers.

A Candle-Powered Speaker Keeps Playing Even When The Power's Out

Using a scientific phenomenon known as the Peltier-Seebeck or thermoelectric effect, where a voltage is produced via a device with contrasting temperatures, this Bluetooth speaker called the Pelty can run on nothing but burning candles. So the next time you lose power during a brownout, you’ll have both light and entertainment to pass the time.

A Speaker That Camouflages Itself As A Paper Palm

Like it or not, most sound systems don’t exactly blend into your home’s decor. You can try buying a pair of speakers in a matching tint, or mount it near the ceiling so it’s less obvious, but they rarely are. Phonon’s Kamone could be your safest bet. It looks like a houseplant, but it actually produces sound — and not just the rustling of leaves.

Sony's New Muteki Wireless Speakers Bring The House Down, Literally

Sony’s Muteki speakers have been around since 2009, and if you’ve ever seen them in person, you’d remember it — the original Muteki was a 7.2-channel surround sound system; that’s a lot of speakers. This year, the overpowered speaker line-up has diversified; there are new Micro, Mini and massive Muteki setups, all of which can knock your socks off.

A Giant Fake Wall Of Amps And Speakers That Will Never Blow A Fuse

If your tastefully decorated apartment doesn’t quite reflect the rock star lifestyle you’ve always fantasised about, here’s an easy way to add a little bit of rock and roll to your abode. What looks like a wall covered in stacks of loudspeakers and amplifiers is actually just a clever wallpaper design that brings no risk of annoying your next-door neighbours.

Aether Cone Review: A Little Speaker With Some Big Ambitions

Is a piece of code capable of mimicking the way humans listen to music? That’s the promise of Cone, a “thinking” speaker that watches what you listen to and learns from it. It doesn’t perfectly replicate your tastes — but it’s pretty damn fun to watch it try.

Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker: Australian Review

There are some pretty great Bluetooth speakers on the market today — the Ultimate Ears Boom and Jawbone’s Big Jambox are my default choices, but even Creative’s new Roar is impressive. They’re all quite expensive, though, so how do cheaper speakers like the Logitech X100 stack up?

Creative Sound Blaster Roar Wireless Speaker: Australian Review

Wireless speakers can be basic and cheap, or they can be fancy and expensive. Features and design flair usually scale with price, usually. The Sound Blaster Roar is solidly built, is chock-full of fancy (and superfluous?) features, and sounds pretty impressive — and it costs a lot less than I thought it would.

Disney Researchers Can 3D-Print Speakers Into Any Object

Last year, researchers at Cornell University figured out a way to 3D print a functional speaker cone. But now researchers at Disney have one-upped them with a new printing technique that lets any 3D-printed object work like a speaker — no matter its shape.

The Most Elegant iPhone Speaker Is Just A Single Piece Of Blown Glass

Here is a sleek way to showcase your iPhone’s looks and sounds. There are no wires or buttons or even plastic in this passive amp — just a single piece of glass, handcrafted to exacting proportions, that can wrap a room in sound.

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