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This Floating Speaker Shows You Soundwaves As It Plays

It might look a little bit like someone caged HAL in a wooden frame, but this is in fact an elegant speaker, where a spherical sound source sits suspended from its own cubic frame, so you can see how sound forces it to move.

Nokia Has An Adorable New Bluetooth Speaker To Go With Its New Lumias

To match its new Lumias, Nokia has announced this cute little Bluetooth speaker too — with 15 hours of playback and an asking price of just $US55. Available in the same colourful palette as the new phones — including, obviously, this bright orange — the MD-12 (no idea either, sorry) measures about the size of a hockey puck.

The World's Simplest Speaker Is Silkscreened On A Piece Of Paper

From afar, designer Coralie Gourguechon’s work looks a little bit like macaroni art — or at least a very abstract collage. But up close each piece is an extremely simplistic but entirely functional electronic device. Even this paper-cone speaker.

UE Boom Review: Big Sound Never Looked So Good

You may not have heard of Ultimate Ears, and for that, you can be forgiven. What you should definitely hear, however, is how good their latest speaker sounds.

The BoomBass Is HTC's New Bluetooth Speaker

This dinky little cube is HTC’s answer to the slew of Bluetooth speakers saturating the market — but unlike the rest, this thing only boosts bass, leaving your phone to handle the treble.

Control This Beautiful Ceramic Radio By Touching Its Palladium Surface

Engineers and gilders might not seem like the most intuitive design partners — after all, their crafts hail from entirely different centuries — but the results of those kinds of unconventional collaborations can be magical. Behold: Hibou (meaning Owl, in French), a ceramic radio that’s controlled by touching the palladium patterns on its surface.

Become A DJ At Any Moment With This Svelt Splitter

The boyscouts pretty much nailed it when they coined the motto “Be Prepared to DJ.” And Swedish headphone manufacturer Urbanears wants to make that possible with Slussen, an audio jack splitter and app combo.

iLuv Loves The Galaxy Tab, Will It Be Loved It Back?

Android docking solutions are few and far between, but it’s somehow fitting that iLuv would launch its first Galaxy TAB dock on Valentine’s day, along with the somewhat-suspect-sounding Vibro II for iPhone and iPod.

Speakers In The Shape Of Your Face

House more Italian Renaissance than minimalist bachelor’s pad? You can’t buy any old speaker set, then. You may as well try and camouflage your home audio set-up using these resin statue speakers, which can be customised even in your own likeness. [Richard Grant via Unplggd via OhGizmo]

Eton Soulra XL: The iPod Speaker Dock For Sun-Worshipping Audiophiles

Know why I love living in California? The. Beach. However! There aren’t many plugs out there. That’s where the Eton Soulra XL iPhone/iPod speaker dock can come in.

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