Even The 19th Century Had Needy Nigerian Prince Scams

We’ve all received that email at least once before. A kind prince/princess/spambot in Nigeria has millions of dollars, and better yet, they want to split it with you. Just hand over your social security code and wait for them to arrive on American soil. As the above newspaper clipping shows, these types of scams were going on even before email came around — in this case, as early as 1876.

Watch Out For The Identity-Stealing Spambots Of Instagram

The latest crop of spambots on Instagram are employing a trick even slimier than just buying fake followers: They’re stealing profiles. As The Verge reported today, some Instagram users are getting followed by their bot doppelgängers, profiles made up entirely from their ripped-off images.

Gmail Just Made Unsubscribing From Bulk Emails Easier Than Ever

You probably still get a bunch of bulk emails, simply because it’s a pain scrolling around to find the elusive “Unsubscribe” link. Gmail just solved that: now, an unsubscribe option pops up right next to the sender’s address in certain types of mail. Scroll no more.

Beware Of This iMessage Spam Campaign Peddling Fake Oakleys

The security research firm Cloudmark issued a sweeping warning about iMessage spam this week. Apparently, the cost of straight up sending regular text messages is encouraging spammers to use Apple’s free service. And they’re going after affluent people in major US cities hard right now.

Google Removes Spamming Chrome Extensions

Google has removed two Chrome browser extensions over the weekend, because the software appears to serve spam ads — in turn violating company’s terms of service. Both the “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” extensions were quietly updated recently, but in the process began feeding users undesirable ads, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Great, Even Refrigerators Are Hackers Now

Ever have that nightmare where your refrigerator comes alive and attacks you? Probably not, but in the era of smart fridges, this is actually a thing that can happen — that is, if we’re talking about cyberattacks.

The 10 Most Unsubscribed Email Lists Of 2013

Whether you willingly signed up in the naive hope that maybe this one would prove useful, or your email address just magically appeared on the list, chances are your email inbox is plagued by an onslaught of undesirable newsletters on the daily. So it takes a lot to make it into the most-hated list.

More Than Half Of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks.

Beware: Those Instagrams Of Fruit Want To Hijack Your Account

Heads up: Instagram is weathering a bit of a spam attack right now and as you may have noticed, it’s drowning in fruit. This rather large wave of juicy spam seems to be pushing some sort of “miracle fruit diet” and it could mess up your account if you fall for it.

Why Your Facebook Feed Is So Full Of Junk

Man, I love “I Fucking Love Science”, the Facebook page with 5.4 million likes that clutters my News Feed with hundreds of clever images, many of which are stolen without attribution to their authors. It’s entertaining and amazingly sharable. It’s also changing the character of the social network — and some argue it’s doing so for the worse. We’re compliantly spamming our friends right out of our Facebook feeds.

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