I Can't Get Enough Of These Futuristic Spaceships And City Scenes

I can’t have enough futuristic spaceships and cities — and Dmitry Vishnevsky is pretty good at creating these postcards from places that never were or haven’t been yet.

The Biggest Comparison Of Sci-Fi Spaceships Ever Is Complete At Last

At last, it’s done. The biggest spaceship size chart ever created is now complete and fully operational. 4268×5690 pixels of technological terror that includes everything from the smaller Star War ships to EVE. According to its author, this is the last update. It’s epic.

Dad Builds Kids A NASA Simulator That Would Make Chris Hadfield Jealous

Remember that fridge box you turned into a rocket ship as a kid, complete with crayon-drawn control panels and a fancy sparkle glue paint job? Yeah, that was an embarrassment to our nation compared to this NASA simulator that Jeff Highsmith designed and built for his sons.

The Cool Spaceships Of Star Citizen

If everything goes well, Star Citizen is going to be one of the games of the decade — an immersive space opera in which players would be able to have a parallel life. There are 200 teams designing spaceships for this persistent universe in a worldwide contest. Here are a few of them.

The Awesome Spaceship And Vehicle Concepts Of Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson is one of my favourite concept designers of all time, a true master (both figuratively and literally). Anyone who loves science fiction and space and cars and mechs and any kind of awesome vehicle should own at least Blast and Drive. Here’s a tiny sample of his extraordinary work.

Oh Man, I Want This DIY Mission Control Desk So Badly

Jeff Highsmith is probably the best dad in the world. It’s OK, other dads, you can take a shot at the king if you too build an incredibly awesome mission control desk. What are you waiting for?

You Need To Hit Two Million Kilometres Per Hour To Exit The Milky Way

If this entire planet, solar system and galaxy just doesn’t hold enough excitement for you, be prepared to pick up some speed — because scientists have worked out that you need to be travelling at a staggering two million kilometres per hour to exit the Milky Way.

Massive Lego Mass Effect 2 Spaceship Is Massively Cool

A high school student built this sexy 1.2m-long Mass Effect 2 replica of the Normandy SR2, and it’s simply gorgeous. Ben Caulkins completed this build while preparing for university entrance exams. So, it’s no wonder that it took him seven months.

These Awesome Dudes In Denmark Are Building Their Own Spaceship

So you want to go to space. You could wait indefinitely for Virgin to finish its project that will ferry people to the moon. You could save up your pennies to colonise Elon Musk’s future mars settlement. Or you could just say screw it and build your own damn spacecraft — like the guys behind Copenhagen Suborbitals, an open-source space flight project in Denmark.

Is This The Spaceship That Will Take Us To Mars?

Somewhere deep at NASA’s Marshall Space Center, in an unmarked beige hangar, there is a spaceship. A spaceship built with spare parts, scrap hardware from the International Space Stations, a left-over aluminium-lithium cylinder and even museum mockups. One day, it may become the vessel that takes humans to Mars.

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