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South Africa's Soundproof Stadium For The World Cup

When the World Cup kicks off in South Africa, 69,070 soccer fans inside Cape Town Stadium will scream at the top of their lungs. But thanks to some clever engineering, the people living nearby will hear hardly a peep.

Sound Booth To Lie To Your Significant Other

If you go out to party with your friends and leave your significant other at home, chances are that he or she wouldn’t be very happy. Fortunately, here’s the perfect solution.

Finally, The World's First THX-Certified Door

Home theatre junkies are now one step closer to a fully THX-certified home thanks to Serious Materials’ QuietHome soundproof doors, which joins the company’s QuietRock THX-certified drywall. The Serious folks claim an 85% improvement in sound blockage over a standard solid-core door with the 2 1/4-inch thick THX-certified edition, which will set you back US$2,500 when it clears the certification board (and once the first shipment clears to George Lucas’s Presidio compount). If you’re in the target market for a THX-certified door, US$2,500 probably won’t sting too badly. Now, where is my THX-certified easy chair and acoustically neutral Pringles can? Read on for full details.

Sonic Crystals to Make Homes, Cars Completely Soundproof

A new technology presented in the New Journal of Physics may lead to completely soundproof homes, cars, or any other space using a meta-material called sonic crystals. One of the developers, who is not Reed Richards but Dr José Sánchez-Dehesa of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, says that this “acoustic cloaking will deviate sound waves around the object that has to be cloaked.”

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