This Video Replaces The Sounds In Game Of Thrones With Old Video Game Sounds

If you think there’s too much violence and sex and awful human behaviour in Game of Thrones, you’ll enjoy this light hearted remix where all the sounds of the show are replaced with old school video game noises. If you like Game of Thrones already, you’ll like the video because it’s more Game of Thrones.

Hilarious Video Replaces All The Sounds In The Matrix With 8-bit Sounds

Like most people with eyeballs, I’ve scrubbed the memory of The Matrix sequels from the creases of my brain. That’s why I had so much fun when I watched this scene from The Matrix Reloaded. Oh and hearing 8-bit sounds instead of real noises makes it way more enjoyable. It’s an action comedy movie now!

MIT Scientists Figured Out How To Eavesdrop Using A Potato Chip Bag

In a scenario straight out of “Enhance, enhance!“, MIT scientists have figured out that the tiny vibrations on ordinary objects like a potato chip bag or a glass of water or even a plant can be reconstructed into intelligible speech. All it takes is a camera and a snappy algorithm. Take a listen.

Science Experiment Produces Highly Satisfying Sound

A classic high school science experiment — putting a bit of isopropyl alcohol in a bottle and setting it on fire — is super-sized to produce one very enjoyable and satisfying sound. Enjoy!

This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

The first thing you notice is how loud it is — a shrill, almost metallic buzz that fills your head. Given unprecedented access to one of the world’s largest and most secure data centres, Timo Arnall shows us that the “cloud” is not ethereal, but big, hulking and incredibly loud.

This Floating Speaker Shows You Soundwaves As It Plays

It might look a little bit like someone caged HAL in a wooden frame, but this is in fact an elegant speaker, where a spherical sound source sits suspended from its own cubic frame, so you can see how sound forces it to move.

This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

It’s not sobbing YouTube commenters or whoops of World of Warcraft winners: the internet does in fact have a distinct, and real, sound, and it’s the noise of the servers keeping your favourite websites running.

Is There Such A Thing As A Sonic QR Code?

There are at least two things that Sony Pictures marketing executives did not consider when preparing a cross-promotion between its new Spider-Man film and the song-identification app Shazam. I first read about this promotion this morning.

You'll Want To Play Forever In This Swirling Sea Of Packing Peanuts

You might think it a nuisance when a few packing peanuts spill from a box out onto your living room floor. But when an entire hallway is filled with millions of the white nuggets and blown around in a cyclone of styrofoam, you’ll probably react a bit differently.

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