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Just Hearing The Sounds From Mad Max: Fury Road Makes My Eyes Happy

Video: What a special movie. One that not only could I watch over and over again but also just listen to. Here is Zackery Ramos-Taylor splicing scenes that highlight the sound of Mad Max: Fury Road. They all combine to do such a good job in making you feel as if you’re inside the desolate wasteland.

This Beautiful Mess Is What Happens When Sound Hits A Bubble

Bubbles are delicate little things, which are incredibly sensitive to what goes on around them. And when you hit one with a sound wave, it expands and contacts, creating beautiful patterns in the fluid that surrounds it.

Set Different Volume Levels For Each App On Your Android Smartphone

Android’s volume controls are slowly getting better and more intuitive, but third-party tools are still required for some settings — like individual app volume levels. If you want to shut up Snapchat while keeping Spotify blaring out at a normal level, App Volume Control can help.

These Images Of Sound Waves In Water Are Hypnotic

Image Cache: It’s natural to think of sound as an exclusively auditory experience. But if you were to see a sound wave, what would it look like? Science photographer Linden Gledhill decided to find out using water and neon lights. And the result is some psychedelic synaesthesia.

Samsung's New Soundbar Doesn't Need Speakers In Your Ceiling For 3-D Audio

Soundbars aren’t normally the go-to option for crazy immersive surround sound, but a Samsung-Dolby partnership is hoping to change that. Using a pair of rear speakers, a soundbar and the ceiling of your den, Samsung’s trying to recreate the 3-D feeling of a Dolby Atmos cinema.

A Beginner's Guide To The Synth

You know the sound. Listen to Devo’s “Whip It” or Parliament’s “Flash Light.” Like countless modern pop songs, they’re full of sounds that aren’t made by acoustic instruments; the sound is pure synthetic. You’re listening to electricity manipulated by a machine.

The World's Best Microphones May Soon Be Made Of Graphene

Graphene, everybody’s favourite wonder material, has yet another trick up its sleeve. The ultra-strong, highly conductive carbon lattice is extraordinarily good at detecting faint and high frequency sound waves.

First-Ever Working Vocal Cords Grown In A Lab

The first-ever working vocal cords able to produce realistic sound have been grown from scratch in a lab, promising hope to people who have lost their voice due to illness, injury or invasive surgery.

Sound Waves Could Power The Hard Drives Of The Future

Our need to store data is growing at an astonishing rate. An estimated 2.7 zettabytes (2.721) of data are currently held worldwide, equivalent to several trillion bytes for every one of the 7 billion people on Earth. Accessing this data quickly and reliably is essential for us to do useful things with it — the problem is, all our current methods of doing so are far too slow.

This Is Why You Sometimes Get Chatter In Your Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are known for their soothing harmonic tones, ideal for meditation. But they can also produce “chatter,” a kind of knocking sound. A group of Florida undergraduates think they have figured out why this happens.

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