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Watch Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference Right Here

After the glitz and glamour of Samsung and LG announcing shiny new TVs, soundbars and other gadgets on the opening day of CES 2016 in Las Vegas, it’s Sony’s turn.

Sony's Building A Battery With 40% Higher Energy Density, Due 2020

Battery life remains the bane of the technology world. But Sony has announced that it’s working on a new kind of lithium and sulphur energy storage that will provide 40 per cent more life for a given battery volume, and should be ready as soon as 2020.

Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium Is Out Now In Australia

If you want a new phone, you’re in luck. The latter half of 2015 has seen some awesome new phones come out, and Sony’s capping off the year with what may be the best phone of them all. You can buy Sony’s $1199, 5.5-inch, 4K-screened Xperia Z5 Premium right now in Australia.

This Week's Tech Rumours, From Brilliant To Bullshit

Technology is full of rumours on what might be — ranging from the highly probable to the likely impossible. Covering technology means slogging through dumb press releases, scam-y Kickstarters, horribly photographed leaks, and hazy speculation that often needs another level of scrutiny to figure out if its even worth my (and your) time.

Lunch Time Deals: $200 Off A Sony 4K Action Camera

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. This week, JB Hi-Fi has $200 off a Sony 4K FDRX100V action camera.

Night Shooting With The A7s Mark II: Damn, Technology Is Cool

No photographer likes shooting where there isn’t enough light. Dim scenes make us aware of how feeble photography is compared to the sensitivity of our own eyeballs. Technology is amazing, though. Shooting photos at night with Sony’s A7s Mark II made me pause and think about just how far digital photography has taken us.

Sony Only Just Got Round To Killing Betamax

You’ve got to give Sony full marks for effort: despite the fact that Betamax has been a running joke for about two decades, the company is only officially killing the dead format just now.

JB Hi-Fi Is Selling A 55-Inch 4K Sony TV For Under $1500

Mark turned around and asked me, “Is this a good deal?”

I responded by staring and pointing at the monitor. It’s $1000 off. Of course it’s a good deal. Here’s your Christmas TV upgrade.

Sony PlayStation VR: Australian Hands On

Video: Playstation is charging ahead into the bold future of Virtual Reality. PlayStation VR is totally awesome, and we managed to get an early look at how the hardware works, as well as a hands on test of all the fun, bewildering and terrifying games Sony has planned.

The Latest In TV Technology: 4K, OLED, Netflix And Beyond

Gizmodo Video Guide: LCD TVs. OLED flat screens. Big screen Netflix. Ultra High Definition! This video will help you understand the latest entertainment tech for your lounge room.

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