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Sony Extra Bass Takes Aim At Dance Music Fans

Did you know that Australia has the highest number of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival goers in the region? That’s not a “per capita” number. With 45,000 people heading to Sterosonic alone every year, we beat India and Korea for the most active EDM fans.

Sony’s Extra Bass range is aimed squarely at this market, taking into consideration the specific requirements of music with a bit of rumble in the lower end.

Sony's a7R Mark II Is The Best High-Res Camera You Can Buy

If you’ve been using a digital SLR for the last couple of years, you might not have realised just how advanced new cameras have become. And Sony’s a7R Mark II is just about the most advanced of them all — apart from one small but surprisingly annoying issue, it’s just about the best camera you can get for capturing super-detailed high-res photos.

The Best Smart TVs For Watching Netflix, According To Netflix

Netflix has partnered with TV manufacturers to recommend smart TVs based on their movie streaming performance and other features. If you’re in the market this year for a Netflix-friendly television, check out Netflix’s recommended TVs.

A Ultra HD 4K 'PlayStation 4.5' With VR-Focus Is Apparently Being Developed

Sony is reportedly working on a version of its PS4 games console– but it isn’t the PS5. According to our mates over at Kotaku UK, an in-development console currently known as the PlayStation 4.5 could be set to follow the PS4 — or potentially even augment it in the form of an upgradeable component. It’s said to offer 4K gaming capabilities, increased graphical power, and plenty more.

The PlayStation VR Will Be Out In Australia In October, Will Cost $549

If you own a PlayStation 4, your entry into the world of virtual reality just got a lot more accessible. The PlayStation VR will be out in Australia in October, and it’ll be barely half the price of an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive — and that’s before the necessary gaming PC.

Lunch Time Deals: Up To 70% Off Sony Home Theatre Gear

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. Today, Today, Sony is clearing out some incredibly high quality home theatre gear again for an amazingly good price.

Photographer Profile: Ta-Ku

The Sony Alpha Art House exhibition is currently touring Australia, showcasing the winning entries from the Alpha Art House competition — along with with portraits of Australian personalities shot by professional photographers using Sony’s line-up of mirrorless cameras.

Musician, producer, portrait photographer and Alpha Ambassador Ta-Ku spoke with Gizmodo about his career, and what drew him to photography in the first place.

He has photographed Jaden Smith, Questlove from The Roots and — as part of the Alpha Art House project — musicians including Wafia, Joyride, Nina Las Vegas, as well as Dan Hong, Executive Chef of Ms.G’s, El Loco and Mr Wong.

The Animated Ghostbusters Movie Has A Director And Is, Apparently, Happening

Sony is banking hard on new Ghostbusters content putting it back in the black. In that vein, it has gotten a move on with its long-rumoured animated Ghostbusters movie, hiring Fletcher Moules to direct it.

Marvel And Sony's Spider-Man Movie Just Cast Zendaya In A Major, Mysterious New Role

Of course we have Tom Holland, and Marissa Tomei’s Aunt May already, but the cast of Sony’s new Spider-Man reboot is largely unknown at this point. We’ve just got confirmation of one more though: Singer/actress Zendaya Coleman has joined the film as what is purportedly the female lead.

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