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Sony's Vaio Flip 11: Shrunk Down And Loaded Up With Photoshop

Last year, Sony put out one of the most practical solutions to the convertible problem with its “Flip” line of laptops. Now the backflipping, keyboard-stashing, laptop-tablet hybrid lines is getting a new member: an 11-incher, that comes loaded up with Photoshop Elements 12.

Instead Of Fixing A Man's Laptop, Sony Sends Him 7 Broken Computers For Him To Fix

Joe Litwin was waiting for a box to ship his broken Sony Vaio laptop in for repairs. Normal enough, right? One thing: the box never came. Instead, other Sony customers looking for repairs began shipping their broken computers to Litwin’s home. What the?

Sony Recalls Over 500,000 Vaio Laptops

It’s a rough day to be a major laptop manufacturer. First comes news that Dell knowingly sold busted products, and now Sony is recalling 535,000 Vaio laptops that could get hot enough to burn your skin.

Sony Outfits Vaio Z And Y Series Laptops As MiFis

It’s not just phones that can act as personal hotspots anymore. Sony’s Vaio Z and Y series laptops will soon start shipping with Share My Connection (SMC), which turns your notebook into a MiFi for up to five devices.

Sony Promises A New "Ultra Mobile" VAIO

After the VAIO P and VAIO W, it seems Sony isn’t quite done in the “ultra mobile” scene. Sony Japan’s got a teaser page on its site, complete with a worrying paperclip. Will it be pre-loaded with Microsoft Word?

PS3 Remote Play Soon To Be On Sony VAIO Laptops

PS3 firmware updates have been in the headlines recently thanks to the OtherOS uninstall, but there was also that attractive 3D gaming business too. It’s not all bad at Sony – unless you don’t own a VAIO laptop, anyway.

Sony Vaio E-Series Adds 14- And 17-Inch Blu-ray Sporting Models

A couple of extra sizes of the E-series Vaio range first announced in February have been shown off today: a more portable 14-incher and desktop-hog 17-incher. Both have Blu-ray drives, and the 17-inch model has a Core i5 chip.

Sony Launches Vaio E Series Today: Core i5 Notebooks

There may be only one build of the Sony Vaio E notebook you can buy today, but your colouring options are equal parts expansive and aggressive. Even beyond the plumage, though, you’re looking at a nice little set-up.

Sony Vaio UX Becomes A Killer Hackintosh UMPC

Not only can this 2007 model UX490 quad-boot into OS X, Windows 7, XP Pro and Vista Business, but its specs have been overhauled. A voice-capable HSPA modem has been added, plus a faster CPU and larger solid-state hard disk.

Sony Recalls 69,000 Vaio AC Adaptors Because Of Shock Hazards

Sony is recalling around 69,000 VGP-AC19V17 AC Adaptors used in Vaio all-in-one desktop computers (VGC-LT series and VGC-JS2 series) and docking stations (VGP-PRBX1 and VGP-PRFE1).

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