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Getting Started With Solar Power At Home

There are numerous benefits to making your home solar powered — and more than a few pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know about solar powering your home in Australia.

Solar Impulse Sets Off On Gruelling 5-Day Flight From Japan To Hawaii

The Solar Impulse solar-powered aeroplane has set off from Nagoya in Japan on its 120-hour flight to Hawaii — one the most perilous legs of its round-the-world flight.

The US Could Run Exclusively On Renewable Energy By 2050

There are many things holding up the US’s move towards renewable energy, but that one thing is not science: We already have all the technology we need to make this happen. A new study claims that a completely clean energy future is possible by 2050, and it plots roadmaps for all 50 states to achieve this goal.

Amazon's Building A Solar Farm To Green Its Data Centres

If it’s good enough for Apple, it’s clearly good enough for Amazon. Bezos & Co. has announced that it’s channelling money into the construction and running of an 80 megawatt solar farm in Virginia.

Panasonic Tests Solar Battery Storage System In Australia

It may not be as pretty as the Powerwall, but it does the same job. It’s currently undergoing trials, so the full details are not yet available, but we crunched the numbers based on what we know so far.

Solar Impulse Is Currently On An Epic 6 Day Pacific Ocean Crossing

Having taken off over the weekend from Nanjing, China, Solar Impulse is on the longest leg of its journey. With a cruise speed under 100 km/h, the 8500 km journey will take up to 6 days and nights.

Sunlight And Graphene Could One Day Power A Spaceship

Graphene, already a plenty weird wondermaterial, has an unexpected new property that could one day play a role in space exploration: When hit with light, it propels forward. Huh!

Tomorrow's Battery Technologies That Could Power Your Home

The recent announcement by Tesla of Powerwall, its new lithium-ion (Li-ion) based residential battery storage system, has caused quite a stir. It even raises the possibility of going off-the-grid, relying upon solar panels to generate electricity, and storing it with their own battery and using it on demand.

Yet the lithium-ion technology used by Tesla isn’t the only one on offer.

This Is The World's Most Efficient Black Silicon Solar Cell

Solar power is getting much, much better. Now, a team of scientists has created the world’s most efficient nanostructured black silicon solar cell — which converts an impressive 22.1 per cent of incident light into electricity.

This Could Be The World's Most Efficient Solar System

A Swedish company claims that this small-scale concentrated solar energy system — which leans on ideas from a 19th-century Scottish clergyman — converts 34 per cent of sunlight into electricity. That could make it the most efficient solar system in the world.

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