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Yet Another Study Finds The US Could Quit All Fossil Fuels By 2050

Earlier this year, the Clean Power Plan pledged to cut US power plant carbon emissions by 32 per cent by 2050. A new study says the US can do way better than that: reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent and running the country entirely on renewable energy by 2050.

Apple's First Store In Singapore Will Be Powered By The Sun

Despite Singapore having a long and profitable relationship with the iPhone, Apple has never got around to opening a retail store there. All that’s changing with the announcement of a new store, and a network of solar panels to power it.

Going Solar? Meet The Smart Services That Will Make The Most Of Your Power

Reposit Power is pioneering a new take on the traditional power station. It doesn’t have a generator running on dirty coal — but neither does it have huge fields of wind turbines or solar panels. Instead, Reposit’s ‘power station’ consists of a network of homes across Australia that have solar panels and battery storage, and want to sell their power back into the grid in a smarter way.

If A Solar Plant Uses Natural Gas, Is It Still Green?

The giant Ivanpah solar power plant in the California Mojave Desert recently detailed how much natural gas it burned to generate power when the sun wasn’t sufficient — the equivalent to 46,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in its first year, according to reports.

Tips And Tech To Make Your Home Energy Smart

Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room, unplug devices on standby and run appliances at off-peak power times — we’ve heard all these tips for lowering your power bill before. With all the power-saving apps, services and gadgets that are now on the market, there are so many more options for making your home energy smart.

Enphase's Energy System Hits Australia: Tesla Rival For Home Electricity Storage

Over in South Australia, the power networks are working with Enphase Energy to trial another new distributed energy storage system. Compared to Tesla’s Powerwall (and some other existing battery storage), the system promises to be more flexible and has a smart management system — but at what cost?

New Coating Radiates Heat To Keep Solar Cells Cool -- And More Efficient

Solar cells suffer a strange problem: the hotter they get as the sun pours down on them, the less efficient they become at converting light into electricity. But now a team of Stanford researchers have developed a new transparent coating that can help them keep a little cooler — and more efficient.

Some Simple Slices Could Help Solar Cells Track The Sun

The vast majority of solar cells sit fixed in place on top of buildings — but that means they miss out on absorbing some energy, as the sun moves through the sky. Now, researchers suggest that a few simple cuts could help create simple solar cells that track the sunlight throughout the day.

New Hybrid Solar Cell Produces 5 Times Higher Voltage Than Competitors

Solar cells are becoming increasingly efficient, but many still fail to make full use of the radiation that falls upon them. A new hybrid cell, however, converts unused light into heat to boost its efficiency by 20 percent.

Google Sunroof Will Map Our Houses' Solar Potential

At least on paper, installing solar panels on your house makes sense; after the initial slug of the upfront cost, they’ll save you money on your power bills and can even eliminate your reliance on the grid entirely with a battery backup. Getting a trained surveyor to check your roof is expensive though, especially if it’s not suitable and you’ve wasted cash. A new Google project will work out how much money you might save from a solar panel installation, and it’ll eventually roll out to Australia.

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