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Solar Impulse Becomes First Plane To Go Around The World Using Solar Power

The question on everyone’s mind: What’s going on with Solar Impulse?

Aww, Solar Impulse 2 Is So Damaged It's Grounded Until Next Year

We knew that the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 — currently on an almost literally Icarusian flight around the world — was badly damaged on its record-breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii last week. But today we learned that the extent of the damage is so severe it will ground the craft until next year.

Solar Impulse Fried Its Batteries On Historic Five Day Flight

The Solar Impulse 2 trucked so hard on its record breaking, non-stop flight from Japan to Hawaii, it seems to have overheated its lithium ion batteries. The plane is now grounded for the next two-three weeks while engineers work to fix the damage and determine whether new parts will be needed to get the Impulse airborne once more.

Flying A Solar Plane Around The World Takes One Hell Of A Ground Crew

The Solar Impulse solar-powered plane touched down today in Hawaii, at the end of a record-setting flight across the Pacific. Attention and praise are quite rightly going to be heaped on pilot André Borschberg, who will have been peeing into a funnel for 120 hours straight. But behind the scenes, Solar Impulse is also the work of a giant logistical operation that would put a space mission to shame.

Solar Impulse Is Abandoning Its Current Flight Leg Due To Bad Weather

In its bid to fly round the world using just solar power, the Solar Impulse team yesterday took off on an 8000km journey across the Pacific, from China to Hawaii. Now, it’s abandoning the current flight due to bad weather.

Solar Plane's Pacific Marathon Puts Pilot To The Ultimate Endurance Test

Google’s solar powered Internet drone may have just tanked in a desert, but other sun-powered fliers are still going strong, including the Solar Impulse plane, which has just taken off on a nearly 5000 mile journey across the Pacific, from Nanjing, China, to Hawaii.

Solar Impulse Is Currently On An Epic 6 Day Pacific Ocean Crossing

Having taken off over the weekend from Nanjing, China, Solar Impulse is on the longest leg of its journey. With a cruise speed under 100 km/h, the 8500 km journey will take up to 6 days and nights.

The Cockpit Of Solar Impulse Is Not For The Faint-Hearted 

The solar-powered aeroplane Solar Impulse is heading toward one of the most difficult phases of its around-the-globe flight: crossing the Pacific Ocean. That means the pilot will have to sit for five days and nights in the confined cockpit of the plane. As you can see, it’s not particularly luxurious.

Solar Impulse Safely Lands In East China -- But The Hardest Leg Is Still To Come

Yesterday, the solar-powered aeroplane Solar Impulse successfully touched down in Nanjing, China, completing the Asian leg of its global trip. Next, though, comes one of the toughest parts of the journey: crossing the Pacific Ocean.

This Is How A Plane Will Navigate Earth Using Solar Power Alone

Last year, the team behind Solar Impulse 2 revealed the design of a plane that it hopes will be able to traverse the world without refuelling. Now, it’s revealed the route it will take when it takes off — which will hopefully be in March.

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