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This Is How A Plane Will Navigate Earth Using Solar Power Alone

Last year, the team behind Solar Impulse 2 revealed the design of a plane that it hopes will be able to traverse the world without refuelling. Now, it’s revealed the route it will take when it takes off — which will hopefully be in March.

This Plane Will Circle The World Using Only The Power Of The Sun

You’ve probably heard about the ambitious, almost impossible-sounding project to fly a solar-powered plane around the world without refueling. But now, about a year before the voyage is scheduled to begin, you get your first look at the plane itself. It’s unlike any plane you’ve seen before.

How To Survive An Uninterrupted 72-Hour-Long Flight Simulation

Methods for staying awake during a long haul get pretty tired. Seriously, you can only slap yourself in the face so many times. So when Bertrand Piccard needed to figure out how to stay alert during a 72-hour-long test in a flight simulator this week, he got creative.

Solar Impulse Ends Cross-Country Flight With Tiny Little 8-Ft Wing Gash

It took two months for Solar Impulse, the little solar-powered plane that could, to make it from Washington state to New York’s JFK airport. Two months of 45mph speeds, multiple stopovers, and cursing at clouds. But after surviving all that time and distance, the flight’s triumphant finale was cut short by a torn wing.

Solar Impulse Is Going To Circle The Earth Nonstop—Eventually

Like a gigantic, solar-powered Pterodactyl, the Solar Impulse aircraft hopes to revolutionise air travel by circumnavigating the globe without landing. But first, it has to get from Switzerland to Morocco in 48 hours without refueling.

Solar-Powered Plane Flies Through The Night For The First Time

Every few months, the Solar Impulse aircraft embarks upon another test flight, working gradually toward the goal of circumnavigating the globe. Yesterday, it flew for 26 hours, powered through the night by sun it collected during the day.

Around The World, Under The Sun

The Solar Impulse, a solar-powered glider with a wingspan larger than that of a Boeing 787, completed its first true flight today, a major milestone in its aim to circumnavigate the globe in 2012.

Solar Impulse Plane Flies For First Time In Switzerland

The Solar Impulse lightcraft was flown for the first time in Switzerland yesterday, and leading the solar-powered project was Captain Bertrand Piccard, part of the first team to fly the world in a balloon in 1999.

100% Solar-Powered Aeroplane Ready To Go Around The World

Solar Impulse—the 100% solar-powered aeroplane that will go around the world—is complete and ready to circumnavigate the globe. And for the first time ever, its pilot—actually, the real Piccard—will use a symbiotic suit.

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