Lots Of People Can't Tweet Because Twitter Thinks We're All Robots

Something at Twitter has gone horribly, hilariously wrong: The social media site has unceremoniously declared us all to be robots. Well, maybe not all of us, but more than a few folks on Gizmodo staff as well as dozens of users across the web. Affected users trying to Tweet from Twitter’s web client are being told their messages “look automated”, and have been blocked to protect other users from “spam and malicious activity”.

The Bank Of England Will Monitor Social Networks To Set Interest Rates

The world’s eighth oldest bank is joining the modern age. From 2015, it will monitor social networks and mine them for information and early signs of economic ups and downs.

Twitter Is Finally Making It Easier To Deal With Harrassment

Being the primary stream of consciousness for the internet, Twitter faces the herculean task of trying to remain open but also protect people from vicious trolls and online abusers. In the wake of Gamergate and other random instances of violent verbal abuse and sexism, Twitter has often been criticised for how it handles online safety. But starting today the company is implementing an improved safety strategy.

Twitter Takes Another Teeny Tiny Step Toward Becoming Facebook

Twitter tweaked its website design today to move the status bar where you compose a tweet a couple short inches from the right-hand corner to the center of the page. And guess what, it looks just like Facebook now.

$US9000 Gets You Access To Facebook For Oligarchs

Back when apps were new and cool and edgy, someone made an iPhone app that did quite literally nothing but prove that you’re a baller. Now that social networks are new and cool and edgy (or they used to be), someone’s made the same concept: a Facebook country club, if you will.

Dear Facebook, Please Stop Trying To Be Twitter

Today, Facebook introduced its brand new, real-time gift to newshounds everywhere. Feast your eyes on FB Newswire, an aggregated feed of only the latest and greatest breaking news stories out there. In other words, Facebook just made its own Twitter — and then gave it a lobotomy.

Facebook Is Getting Into The News Business With Its Own Newswire

People are constantly posting photos, videos and accounts of what’s going on around them on Facebook. Sometimes, it’s more than just a birthday party people are posting about, and the information is actually newsworthy. Facebook just launched FB Newswire to help journalists and regular people alike find the good stuff.

Your Facebook Network Can Predict Whether You'll Get Dumped Within The Next 60 Days

This is either useful or terrifying, depending on how the data affect you: Researchers at Facebook and Cornell University have figured out a formula that predicts whether a couple is likely to break up within the next 60 days.

WSJ: Instagram Will Get Ads Next Year

While Instagram has just announced that it has reached 150 million active users, it’s also revealed that it has plans to leverage that reach too. Speaking to to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram has declared it will feature ads within a year.

Facebook's New Timehop-Like Feature Shows You What You Did A Year Ago

You may have thought Facebook couldn’t become any more of an artificial orgy of nostalgia than it already is, but if today’s new test feature takes hold, get ready to wallow like you’ve never wallowed before. Very much in the vein of Twitter’s Timehop, Facebook now wants to remind you of everything you and your thousand acquaintances were doing exactly one year on any given day. We were so young.