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Facebook Is Testing Six New Reaction Emoji Instead Of A Single 'Dislike' Button

It was exciting when Mark Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook was building a “Dislike” button. So many things not to like! However, the social network just started testing a new emoji reactions feature that is probably the real future of disliking stuff on Facebook.

Twitter's Newest Feature Rounds Up The Top News Tweets In One Place

Today, Twitter rolls out a new feature called “Moments.” It’s a tab that will collect the most buzzworthy news stories in one place. It’s a last-ditch effort to make the app easier to use at a time of changing leadership, plummeting stock prices, and stagnant user growth.

My New Favourite Instagram Is Full Of The Saddest Places On Earth

Nothing soothes an aching soul like a little ennui with a dash of dark humour. That’s exactly what @sadtopographies, my new favourite Instagram account, does best. It’s literally just screenshots of the saddest places on Earth.

Why You Should Care That Jack Dorsey Is The New CEO Of Twitter

In a move that should surprise exactly no one, Twitter’s board has named company co-founder Jack Dorsey the permanent CEO of Twitter. He has served as interim CEO after Dick Costello got the boot back in June.

Stop Facebook-Stalking Your Former Squeeze 

Breaking up is hard enough on its own, but when both you and your ex hang out on social media you can watch exactly how your (former) best beloved is moving on. A study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking suggests that it’s probably healthier to click on something like a cat video instead.

Please Don't Overcomplicate Twitter Any More

Everybody’s buzzing about Twitter’s reported plan to ditch the 140-character limit. Then there are the other details that involve omitting mentions and links from the character count. These are dreadful ideas that will perplex Twitter users more than Twitter already does.

VicHealth: One In Two Aussie Youths Think Spying On Their Partner Is OK

Last week our friends at Kotaku covered Australia’s new Minister for Women’s thoughts on video games and domestic violence, referencing a report released by VicHealth. While the report only tentatively linked video games to the perpetuation of this culture, much of the data did in fact look at the influence of modern technology — such as social media and mobile phones — and its potential role in domestic violence.

Stephen Colbert On Hillary Clinton's Social Media Campaign

Many of America’s presidential candidates are doing the best they can to interact with millennials, especially on Twitter — but none of them seems to be working as hard on it as Hilary Clinton.

Snapchat's New Lenses Feature Is Utterly Horrifying

In tandem with a novel way to waste money, Snapchat now offers a new way to scare the shit out of your friends. It’s called “Lenses” and I never want to use it again.

Facebook Is Finally Building A 'Dislike' Button...Sort Of

The world has waited nearly a decade to show their disdain on Facebook with a single click. Now, Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is finally building a button.

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