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Black Mirror's Newest Season Explores The Horrors Of Social Media

The finale to this season of Black Mirror, “Hated in the Nation”, is a tight police procedural that opens on Jo Powers, a controversial journalist, being murdered after people mob and harass her on Twitter. While each twist and turn is telegraphed, the episode is best at showing how viciously efficient social media is at bringing its users pain, even if no one using it thinks they’re throwing a punch.

The US Military's Training Facility For Fighting Online Terrorism Sounds Bonkers 

The internet has changed the way most things in life work, and war is no exception. In order to keep up with the shifting landscape, the United States military is experimenting with techniques to fight the rise of online terrorism — and it sounds like they’re, uh, still figuring it out.

US Student Suspended For Posting Photo Of Nasty School Water Online

When teens get in trouble for posting things online, there’s often something nefarious afoot, like drunken antics, offensive behaviour or criminal activity. But for one US high school student, publicly calling out her school’s nasty water situation was apparently enough to do the trick.

Average Internet Celebrities Make $100,000 Per Instagram Ad And $40,000 Per Paid Tweet

Agencies like the US Federal Trade Commission have started to crack down on celebrity endorsements on networks like Instagram and YouTube. But have you ever wondered how much your average celebrity gets paid for a post? Not Kim Kardashian West or Kanye West. We know they make millions. But just your average, run-of-the-mill celeb or internet-famous “influencer” with a few million followers? They still make tens of thousands of dollars.

If YouTube Is 'The Future' Of Entertainment, That Future Is Now

YouTube is not the future of entertainment, says Professor Stuart Cunningham. It is already the main form of entertainment for a great many young people, leading a new global screen ecology dictating the future of entertainment — and policy makers should take note.

French Official Threatens To Sue For Posting Pictures Of Police Officers Enforcing The Burkini Ban

Five cities, including Cannes and Nice, have now banned women from wearing burkinis, full body bathing suits worn by some Muslim women. The deputy mayor of Nice, Rudy Salles, told the BBC the ban was “a necessity” after the terrorist attacks in Nice earlier this summer.

An Algorithm Can Tell If You're Depressed Just By Looking At Your Instagram Photos

Social media can already give others insight into your personal life and mental state (even if you don’t want them to), but according to a recent study, even something as small as your Instagram filter choices can be enlightening.

Subtweeting Is Good

Subtweeting is something people generally consider to be mean and thus bad. For those unaware, subtweeting is tweeting about an individual without naming them. While this might sound bad on principle, subtweeting contains multitudes.

This Guy Keeps Getting Killed In Terrorist Attacks

If this face seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it associated with any number of recent terror incidents. This man has apparently died at least three times since January, most recently in the terrorist attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. So what gives? A France24 investigation provides the answer.

How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Media Accounts

If you’ve got a suspicion someone else has gained access to your social media accounts, it’s not difficult to check — and it could mean you’re able to apply a password change before any real damage happens. In fact, it’s worth checking these options regularly just to be sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are completely yours.

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