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Honest Short Film Exposes The Lies People Tell On Social Media

Everybody lies. We can’t help it. We exaggerate details to seem more fun, we highlight specifics to get more sympathy, and we fish for other people’s reactions to make us feel better. And with the social media handcuff we lock onto ourselves everyday with our phone addiction, we lie even more on the Internet to cull for likes and hearts and thumbs ups. Reality isn’t real anymore but a highly curated photo feed of who we want to pretend to be.

How The Hell Are These Fan-Made Warcraft Promos So Much Better Than The Official Ones?

Actually, I’ll tell you how: The promotional material for the Warcraft movie has been atrocious. But that shouldn’t take away the fact that these gifs made by a Polish Warcraft fan are pretty great.

Facebook Is Betting Big On Live Video

Facebook is supposed to be the global arbiter of what is new and cool with the kids. This month, it appears to be live-streaming video.

10 Tricks To Turn You Into A Snapchat Wizard

Snapchat made its name with disappearing photos and videos, but there’s plenty more to the app than that. Behind its deceptively simple appearance are a few useful tricks you might not yet be aware of. We’re here to fix that and make sure your Snapchat game is the absolute best it can be. Here are 10 tricks that will make you a Snapchat wizard.

Twitter Update: This Is What The New Message Button On Tweets Does

We’ve been able to share tweets via private message since November 2014, but now it’s a whole lot easier to do. The option to send a tweet as a message from the tweet itself, as opposed to selecting the option from a pop up menu, has been implemented from today.

I Am An Obsessive Instagram Power User And I Demand A Chronological Feed

Yesterday, Gizmodo and a multitude of other outlets reported on an impending change to Instagram’s chronological photo and video postings. “Watch Out, People Are About to Get Unreasonably Upset About The Order of Their Instagram Feeds”, reads a headline from Gizmodo’s very own Sophie Kleeman, a writer I personally hired who then proceeded to pierce a hole into the black, FOMO-filled core of my heart with this news blog.

Some Guy Figured Out How To Hack Into Any Facebook Profile

A white hat hacker in India says he found a way to hack into any Facebook user’s profile. Don’t freak out though! Like a good white hat, the hacker alerted Facebook to the disastrous loophole. Facebook paid him a $US15,000 bug bounty. Seems small.

That 'Yelp For Humans' App Is Still Awful

Remember that app Peeple? You know, the “Yelp for People?” It launched this week under the guise of a more sugar-coated definition of rating your friend. But guess what: It still sucks.

The Six Stages Of Facebook Reaction Grief

Facebook now has reactions. (“Yay” is not one of them.) And I have feelings about these new Like button alternatives. (“Yay” is not one of them.)

Facebook's New Reaction Buttons Go Live Today

The global rollout for Facebook’s long-awaited reaction buttons on the social network starts today. So now, instead of just liking a friend’s post, you can now react with “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” or “angry” emoji.

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