Facebook Finally Stops Trying To Restrict What Gender You Can Choose

A little over a year ago, Facebook finally did away with its highly restrictive gender options. (It was male, female or nothing.) But instead of being open-ended, the social network would still only let you choose from among a list of 56 options. Now, after catching some flak, Facebook is finally offering infinite options. You can type whatever you want into the gender field.

Tony Abbott Wants To Stop Kids Being Radicalised Online

Prime Minister Tony Abbott continues to charge down the National Security rabbit-hole, delivering a speech to the Australian Federal Police today on why we need metadata so bad, while adding that the Australian government needs to employ social media expert gurus to stop Aussie kids being “radicalised” online.

'High There' Is Tinder For Pot Smokers

Weed smokers finally have their own version of Tinder thanks to a new dating app called High There.

Music Is Dead. VH1 Is Going Behind The Tweet 

For many a ’90s kid, VH1′s Behind the Music offered you your first glimpse into the rockstar lifestyle — highs, lows, laxatives and all. But now that the internet has rendered us effectively dead inside, VH1′s new parody series is giving us the only thing that matters any more: Twitter. Yup, it’s time for Behind the Tweet.

NYPD Uses Social Media To Bust Terrorists, Loud Parties

That the NYPD has a crack Social Media Squad stalking your every move is old news, but a recent Freedom of Information request sheds new light on exactly how the cops use their Facebooking powers. The answer? They’re on the lookout for terrorists, cop killers and um, loud parties.

The Creepiest Things You Can Do On Facebook

Sometimes in this world, you want to make someone as wildly uncomfortable as humanly possible. That’s why Facebook’s here.

Facebook's Newsfeed Is Our Lowbrow Psyche Staring Back At Us

Facebook’s Newsfeed is a broken mess. It’s meant to be a personalised news ticker, but it can look like a relentless stream of Ice Bucket Challenges and dog photos. Facebook has already tried to banish clickbait and hoaxes, yet many Newsfeeds are heavy on the meaningless filler and viral froth. To fix its flagship feature, Facebook is trying something else: asking people what they want to see and why they want to see it.

The British Army Is Creating A Battalion Of "Facebook Warriors"

Warfare is a constantly changing landscape, from the weapons that are used to the battlefields they’re fought on. Amidst mountains of Snowden leaks from the NSA and GCHQ, it’s no longer a mystery that the digital warfare is advancing quickly, and the British Army just upped its digital artillery.

Twitter Adds Video Support So You Can Watch Ads, Err, Message Friends

Twitter added two new services today to a) help people DM bomb lots of people at the same time and b) try to complement Vine with (slightly longer) in-app video support (read: ads).

Twitter Now Uses Bing To Translate Weird Foreign Tweets

If you’ve always looked longingly over the Fence of Babel at all those foreigners making jokes that you know would be funny, if only you could understand them, then fear not: Twitter has harnessed the power of the internet’s second-best translation tool into its service.

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