Facebook Is Probably Tracking All Those Rainbow Profile Pictures

Friday’s Supreme Court decision legalising gay marriage was a historic moment for civil rights in America, and for the first time ever, Facebook released a tool that encouraged people express solidarity with a rainbow profile picture. Naturally, Facebook is also keeping track of who’s using it.

Use Filta To Search The People You Follow On Twitter

If you’re looking for people with a specific set of skills or in a particular location then the list of folks you’re following on Twitter is a good place to start. Filta makes it easy for you to scour this list with a couple of clicks. It’s the kind of useful feature Twitter should have built into its apps by now.

Watch The World Fly By, One Instagram Hyperlapse At A Time

I just watched the sun set on Russia. Pigs run around a farm in Denmark. Hundreds of New York City students graduating in cap and gown. These things just recently happened in locations all around the world, and yet I saw them all in less than a minute.

European Police Are Going On The Hunt For ISIS Social Media Accounts

Europol has put together a new task force to shut down social media accounts associated with ISIS, the BBC reports. It’s a tough task — in fact, shutting ISIS’ social media presence down completely may be next to impossible.

Oh Look, You Can Now Shop On Twitter

Change is in the air over at Twitter. Last week, the social media giant’s CEO stepped down, and earlier this week, we heard reports of the company’s forthcoming “Project Lightning,” a Snapchat-esque feature that will make it easier for you to keep up with trending events.

Twitter's Secret Project Lightning Sounds A Bit Like Snapchat

Twitter has a secret. The microblogging service will soon release a “major new feature” called Project Lightning that will bring human-curated content based on live events to one user-friendly place. BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan recently got a sneak peek, and you know what? Project Lightning is kinda like Snapchat.

Meet The Mormon Survivalist Preppers Of Pinterest

Pinterest — the mason jar lobby’s most effective propaganda apparatus — is an aggressively wholesome social platform. It’s The Container Store of social networks, but past the relentless arrangements of DIY barn-wedding souvenirs, there’s another Pinterest, one focused on surviving doom.

Twitter Just Made A Bulk Troll-Banishing Tool That's Actually Useful

Twitter has a troll problem that’s never going to go away, but its most recent tool is the smartest thing Twitter has done to help users deal with abuse. You can now share lists of users you’ve blocked with other people getting harassed.

The Most Popular Candidates For President, According To Social Media

Which of the current presidential hopefuls have the strongest social media base? You might be surprised. Rand Paul blows Hilary Clinton away on Facebook, while Clinton creams Paul on Twitter. No one likes Jeb Bush.

Snapchat Is Hiring Journalists To Document The 2016 Presidential Race

In its latest attempt to brand itself as a media entity, Snapchat is now hiring journalists to cover the 2016 presidential race. To Snap the race, more accurately.

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