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LA Mayor Sings A Sexy Lullaby To Comfort Angelenos About Closing The Freeway

When LA closes a major freeway for construction, the city usually comes up with scary names for it to keep people off the roads. Carmageddon. Jamzilla. This weekend, the city is taking a different approach. The “101 Slow Jam” not only has a cute name, it has a video starring LA Mayor Eric Garcetti doing his best-worst Barry White.

Wild 'Zola' Twitter Saga Will Soon Be A Movie Directed By James Franco

OK, the movie will actually be based off the Rolling Stone article that brought said Twitter saga to the world’s attention, but still — this is absolutely going to be the first film inspired by 148 tweets about a road trip involving Hooters, the “queen of hoeism”, a pimp, an exotic dancer and a plunge from a fourth-storey window.

The Australian Government Is Monitoring Welfare Recipients' Social Media Accounts

State and Federal Government agencies are using private investigators to conduct “optical surveillance” on members of the public, including monitoring the social media accounts of Centrelink recipients. This “open-source intelligence” is a growing trend, bringing questions about online privacy into the spotlight.

Aldi's Latest Social Media Campaign Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong

Ah, the good old “fill in the blank” twitter marketing. Getting your customers to engage with your brand is always a great idea, right? I can’t possibly see a reason anyone would horse a problem with horse, what do you horse?

Why Did Facebook Kill The 'Yay' Button?

We have no way of knowing why Facebook rejected the “Yay” button. But it’s kind of funny because “Yay” is slang for cocaine! Realistically, however, the world probably won’t be getting a “Yay” button because joy is confusing.

Google Wants To Forget It Ever Tried To Sell Humans Google Glass

After many months of silence, Google’s finally scrubbed the internet clean of its weird wearable consumer experiment known as Google Glass. Spotted by 9to5Google, Glass-related accounts on Google+, Twitter and Instagram have been shutdown with only Google+ giving any kind of parting farewell.

What Happens When A Popular Instagram Account With 8 Million Followers Posts A Picture

Video: As if you needed more proof that celebrities live in a different world than us: here’s what happens when an Instagram account with 8 million followers (this particular one shows the 433 soccer account) posts a picture and then gets deluged with likes, comments, emojis and whatever other notification. There’s no sad awkward moment before your first like from your mum, no social anxiety about social media, instead the phone becomes essentially unusable as it gets bombarded because of its popularity, like its being forced to run some sort of hacker script but it’s really just hundreds and thousands and millions of people across the world looking at their phone and double tapping on a dumb picture about nothing.

Everybody Shut Up About The Fake 10,000 Character Limit On Twitter

Once again, the internet is quivering with angst over Twitter ditching its 140-character limit. A Re/code report today claims that the microblogging service will soon become much less micro by expanding that limit to 10,000 characters. Everybody calm down.

What Is Peach And Why Is Everybody Talking About It?

‘Peach’ is currently trending on Twitter. Peach is a new iPhone app. It lets you “see what’s new with your favourite people”. Everybody is talking about it because people like iPhone apps and friends. Evidently, Peach is what’s new with your favourite people.

Dan From Optus Politely Schools Racists On Facebook

In the face of unrelenting racist evil on social media, Dan from Optus is a shining beacon of hope.

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