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Buzz Aldrin Tops Bronwyn Bishop On Travel Expenses, Proves The US Federal Government Has A Form For Everything

This may be the only exciting piece of government paperwork you’ll ever read. Buzz Aldrin conquered Throwback Thursday forever last week when he shared his travel voucher from the Apollo 11 mission on Facebook and Twitter.

What If Everybody James Woods Talked Crap About On Twitter Sued Him?

James Woods has filed a $US10 million lawsuit against a semi-anonymous Twitter user who tweeted that the actor was a cocaine addict. Many people are holding up this case as the perfect example of the Streisand Effect, where more attention is drawn to the accusations by suing rather than ignoring the trolls.

Go Check How Many Devices Are Actually Connected To Your Twitter Account

With Twitter’s recently revamped security dashboard rolling out to all of its 302 million users, there’s no time like the present to run a quick audit of your account security — and checking up on the devices and apps associated with your Twitter profile is a key part of that.

How NASA Won The Internet

This time last week, the internet wasn’t talking about cat videos or Kardashians. Instead, millions were discussing whether a piano-sized robot 4.8 billion kilometres from Earth would beam home a critical radio signal on schedule. That signal would tell us that the New Horizons spacecraft had successfully accomplished its Pluto flyby.

Instagram Allegedly Hijacks Account To Give It To Soccer Star

Andres Iniesta is a Spanish soccer star, captain of FC Barcelona and player on the national team. A different Andres Iniesta is a regular guy from Madrid, and owner of the @ainiesta Instagram account. Or at least, he was.

Government Resarcher Explains How To Defeat ISIS With Twitter Trolls

With all the handwringing over how ISIS is “winning” on social media, recruiting young people using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, one policy wonk thinks we should fight back. He’s got disturbingly detailed plans for how the US government could borrow troll strategies to defeat ISIS on the internet.

Download The Dataset Of Every Publicly Available Reddit Comment

Redditor “Stuck_in_the_Matrix” has posted a torrent of what he claims is a dataset of every publicly available comment on Reddit.

Facebook Just Maximised Your Ability To Be A Huge Creep

Facebook’s most recent update gives us more control over what shows up in News Feed, which means we all just got a terrific way to maintain unhealthily close tabs on friends, crushes, enemies and racist acquaintances.

A New App Tracks Who Unfriends You On Facebook. Do You Care?

Now there’s an app to measure your Facebook (un)popularity.

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