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Bangladesh Bans Facebook, WhatsApp To Stop 'Criminals'

Last week, the government of Bangladesh ordered ISPs to ban Facebook and other social media. In the chaos that followed, the entire country lost internet access for over an hour.

Belgian Twitter Users Are Supporting Police By Tweeting Cats

During the ongoing anti-terror lockdown in Brussels, police have been asking for ‘radio silence’ from the press and social media, to help their operations. Twitter users in the city haven’t stopped tweeting: they’re just using cats instead of real information

Facebook Is Testing A Weird Way To Make Break-Ups Easier

Break-ups suck. There’s no way around it. But now, somewhat perplexingly, Facebook wants to make it easier by offering a tool that will block your ex’s name or photo from showing up and ruining your day.

Binge-Watching Periscope Sounds Like A Crushing Experience

Periscope, a live video streaming app for the more narcissistic Twitter users among us, is a dismal place. This fact is less obvious if you stumble across a video or two in your Twitter feed, but binge-watching it on Apple TV like some post-apocalyptic punishment. Wired‘s Jason Tanz did just that.

Facebook's 'Safety Check' Lets You Locate Loved Ones In Paris

A Facebook feature implemented to help track people after natural disasters has been launched tonight to help people connect with their friends and family after the Paris attacks.

Why You Will Never Be Safe From Spoilers On The Internet

A couple years ago, I wanted to find out the name of the actor who played my favourite character on House of Cards, so I googled the character. Big mistake. The very first Google search result was the character’s House of Cards Wikia page — including date of death. I didn’t even have to click on the link. Spoiled.

Racist Gets Busted Because Yik Yak's Not Really Anonymous

Police arrested a suspect today for posting threats against black University of Missouri students on bulletin-board style messaging app Yik Yak. This isn’t the first time a jackass has been arrested in connection with making threats on the app — because Yik Yak is not anonymous.

Get Ready For More Ads On Instagram

Facebook is looking down the barrel of a future advertising crisis, so it’s trying to think up new ways to put “buy now” links in front of your peepers. The company’s top brass believe the answers will come from Instagram, Whatsapp, and video.

Don't Joke About Syria On Venmo Unless You Want To Get Flagged 

Joking about drugs, sex workers, and all sorts of other scandalous or weird purchases is part of the fun of using payment app Venmo. It can also get you flagged as a potential security risk.

Boomerang: Instagram Just Made An App That's Basically Apple Live Photos For Facebook 

Instagram is coming out with a new app called Boomerang that lets people share one-second silent mini-videos. The obvious comparison here is Vine, but Boomerang won’t have its own feed — instead, you post the mini-videos on Instagram or Facebook. So it’s a tool, not a social network.

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