Showing Off On Social Media Is A Stupid Game

If life was a video game right now, it’d be a pretty terrible one. That’s because it would just be levels of Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams and social networks that would encourage us to pimp our lives for likes. And push us to hashbrag what we do. And to make sure the world sees our selfies. Team follow back. Gross.

Google+ Now Handles Gender Way Better Than Facebook

Google+ just announced a simple tweak to its profile settings that lets you completely customise the gender field in your profile. In the past, you could select male, female or other. Now, Google offers male, female, decline to state, and custom, which prompts you to describe your gender however you’d like. Good job, Google+!

White House: Enough With The Damn Selfies Already

US President Obama had a meeting with Prince William in the Oval Office today. Sitting under the a portrait George Washington, the two men chuckled and acted like old pals. They did not, however, take any selfies. And neither did any of the reporters present, because they were explicitly asked not to take selfies in the Oval Office.

Victoria Police: Don't Post Selfies With Your Guns

If you’re a gun owner and Instagram addict, listen up. Victoria Police want you to think very carefully before posting a photo of yourself online with your firearms, saying that gun thieves are targeting careless owners via social media.

What Today's Facebook Supreme Court Case In The US Means For Free Speech Online

How carefully do you think about the things you post on Facebook? Depending on the outcome of today’s US Supreme Court hearing, that answer could soon be way more carefully than you ever have before.

Do We Really Need An Eight-Second Social App?

Jourdan Urbach, co-founder of the new video app Ocho, would have you believe so. He spends a lot of time explaining why eight seconds is better than the six seconds of Vine, when he really should be concentrating on his more robust post-recording features.

Twitter Takes Another Teeny Tiny Step Toward Becoming Facebook

Twitter tweaked its website design today to move the status bar where you compose a tweet a couple short inches from the right-hand corner to the center of the page. And guess what, it looks just like Facebook now.

Why Ello's Plan To Stay Ad-Free Can Actually Work

I want to believe in Ello. It’s a cheeky little startup with idealistic ambitions and a haunting logo and the promise of no ads. What’s not to like? Well, a few days ago, Ello revealed its grand plan to stay ad-free, and, honestly, it sounded at first like total bullshit. But it’s not.

Twitpic Will Live On As An Archive, Owned By Twitter

The saga of Twitpic vs Twitter, probably the most ridiculously petty argument in the entire social media industry, is finally coming to a semi-satisfactory end: Twitpic is definitely shutting down, but its archives will live on in read-only mode, owned by Twitter.

The Horrifying Job Of Facebook Content Moderators

Isn’t Facebook great? (It’s not.) But isn’t it nice and clean and kid friendly? This is true for a very specific reason: the social media giant outsources the gnarly task of finding and deleting inappropriate content. In the November issue of Wired, Adrian Chen offers a peek into the darkest corners of the industry. It’s only slightly horrifying.