A Recyclable Cardboard Snowboard That Redefines Shredding

Signal Snowboards has made a name for itself — at least outside of snowboarding circles — with its experiments using unorthodox materials to make decks. The company’s glass snowboard was surprisingly resilient on the slopes, as is its latest creation which was actually made from recyclable corrugated cardboard.

Nike's Latest Snowboarding Boot Fits Right In At The Tron Chalet

First and foremost, a good pair of snowboarding boots should get you down a slope safely and with a good measure of comfort. But Nike also wants you to be noticed, particularly if you’re competing and need to impress a bunch of judges. So with its latest snowboarding boot — the LunarENDOR QS — Nike’s enhanced its iconic swoosh logo with 30 glowing LEDs so that when you’re pulling a spiralling Double McTwist 1260, you’ll be an impossible to miss swirl of blue.

A Self-Propelled Snowboard Makes Going Uphill Just As Fun

When Archimedes thought up his revolutionary water-pumping screw, little did he know that one day a group of high school students in Lyon, France, would find a better use for his design. Their Propul-Surf uses a pair of horizontally-mounted screws to push a snowboard through the snow when gravity doesn’t provide enough momentum.

Can You Really 3D-Print A Snowboard? Kind Of

Using traditional fabrication techniques, the folks at Signal Snowboards have made decks from all kinds of crazy materials, including glass. But, this month, they’re trying out a radically different fabrication technique to see if you really can make a usable snowboard with a 3D printer.

It's Shocking How Much Abuse This Glass Snowboard Takes Before Breaking

For their latest creation, the folks at Signal Snowboards travelled to Italy where they took advantage of skilled local artisans to create what has to be the world’s first functional glass snowboard.

Australian Snowboard With Brakes Helps Beginners Learn To Carve

Strapping your feet to a board and then sliding down a snow-covered hill requires skills that most humans aren’t born with. So, to make it just a little easier for novices to learn how to snowboard, Australia’s Streetboardz has created a board with a built-in handbrake that lets riders easily stop before things get out of control.

Solar Snowboard Charges Your Gear When You're Done Carving

The talented folks at Signal Snowboards are back with one of their most practical creations yet. Using a sheet of ultra-thin solar cells from a company called Powerfilm Solar, they created a board that harnesses the sun’s rays and turns them into usable electricity for charging a small device.

When A Snowboard And A Motorbike Collide, Anyone Can Ride The Slopes

Putting a new spin (literally) on the adaptive snowboards that let those with physical disabilities still enjoy snowsports, the folks at Signal Snowboards worked with Crankbrothers to design what could be the world’s first snow-friendly wheelchair.

Fly Fishing Snowboard Bridges Summer And Winter Pursuits

Those who like to stay active all year long probably have a garage filled with gear that can only be used during certain parts of the year. So the folks at Signal Snowboards decided to build something that could be enjoyed whether it was balmy or snowy outside with this versatile fly fishing snowboard.

Burton Wants To Help You Snowboard With Shorter Boards, Dial Lacing Boots And More

Quick! While it’s still winter! Burton is showing off its latest gear for the US snow season and it’s heavy on the technology to make it easier on the slopes. Get it before the snow melts.