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A Homemade Jet-Powered Snowboard Is Maybe Not The Safest Idea

Look, I’m all for extreme sports (and general borderline-stupid shenanigans masquerading as sports). But I think I’d probably draw the line at a homemade, 3D-printed jet-powered snowboard.

A Solar Cell Snowboard Powers Your Gadgets While You Cruise

A couple of years ago the folks at Signal Snowboards tried their hand at making a board with a thin layer of solar cells on top to charge a battery while it careened down the slopes. Not only was their creation a success, it actually worked so well the company decided to put it into production, and it’s now available in its online store.

Making Snowboards By Hand Is A Beautiful Process

Video: Here’s a video that shows the full custom build process for Kindred Snowboards. They plan the design, get the wood, glue parts together, shave it down, add materials, press it together, clean up the edges and do so many things to one board that it may sound boring when you read it but is incredibly riveting to watch.

Watch The Australian-Invented Cross Board In Action

There’s a new snowboard in town. Developed by an Aussie bloke in the back of his shed over the course of nearly three decades, the Cross Board looks like a snowboard met a pair of snowshoes in a dark alley and some things happened. What’s it like to ride, though?

Meet The Cross Board: The New Aussie-Invented Snowboard

Snowboarding is in a decline. The number of riders hitting the slopes is falling every year, and there’s little innovation in the range and variety of boards available to beginners and pros. One Aussie inventor, though, has a fascinating and innovative piece of hardware that might change all of that — and it’s already out on one of Australia’s best snowfields.

A Snowboard With Headlights Keeps You On The Slopes All Night Long

There are very few sports you can’t play at night, thanks to the magic of gigantic stadium floodlights. But if your hunt for fresh powder leads you to the dark side of the mountain after the sun has set, careening down the slopes blind is a terrible idea. So the ever-innovative folks at Signal Snowboards decided a pair of snowboards upgraded with headlights would be much safer.

A Turntable Snowboard Brings The Party To The Slopes

The folks at Signal Snowboards like to experiment over the winter months with conceptual deck designs — sometimes they’re practical, and sometimes they’re downright crazy. And the company’s latest creation, a snowboard with a built-in turntable, probably falls into that latter category.

A Recyclable Cardboard Snowboard That Redefines Shredding

Signal Snowboards has made a name for itself — at least outside of snowboarding circles — with its experiments using unorthodox materials to make decks. The company’s glass snowboard was surprisingly resilient on the slopes, as is its latest creation which was actually made from recyclable corrugated cardboard.

Nike's Latest Snowboarding Boot Fits Right In At The Tron Chalet

First and foremost, a good pair of snowboarding boots should get you down a slope safely and with a good measure of comfort. But Nike also wants you to be noticed, particularly if you’re competing and need to impress a bunch of judges. So with its latest snowboarding boot — the LunarENDOR QS — Nike’s enhanced its iconic swoosh logo with 30 glowing LEDs so that when you’re pulling a spiralling Double McTwist 1260, you’ll be an impossible to miss swirl of blue.

A Self-Propelled Snowboard Makes Going Uphill Just As Fun

When Archimedes thought up his revolutionary water-pumping screw, little did he know that one day a group of high school students in Lyon, France, would find a better use for his design. Their Propul-Surf uses a pair of horizontally-mounted screws to push a snowboard through the snow when gravity doesn’t provide enough momentum.

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