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Skier Miraculously Survives A 500 Metre Fall Off The Side Of A Mountain

Video: The slope is impossibly steep and the snow looks fresh and it looks like the craziest line a skier can run through but one misstep and things can go real bad, real fast. That’s what happened to skier Ian McIntosh, who fell into a trench on one of his turns and then plummeted 500m in a free fall against the snowy side of the mountain. It’s crazy. Somehow though, and thankfully, he survived.

This Map Shows The First Snowfalls Across America

A heatwave is keeping most of the US toasty right now, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says they’re all living in denial — winter is coming, and it has a data visualisation to prove it.

Watch A Bubble Instantly Freeze

Video: There’s something really peaceful about seeing this video of a bubble freezing in the still of winter. The shapes it makes, how the freeze slowly spreads all over and finally connects, how it turns opaque, it’s a very calm yet wonderful phenomenon.

A Plane Landing In The Snow And Doing Doughnuts Is The Funnest Thing

Video: An untouched snow-covered plot of land? Let’s get a plane to land on it and then immediately do doughnuts for a few rounds and then take off again! That’s obviously the first thing that comes to mind, right? Well if it isn’t, it will be now after seeing this plane do its thing.

Taking A Surfboard Snowboarding Is Just Total Pure Fun

Video: Surfing and snowboarding are similar enough and attract the same people and require some of the same skills that it makes sense that surfers snowboard and snowboarders surf. This video is a combination of those worlds in that Martin Winkler uses a surfboard to snowboard. It’s like riding waves in the ocean, only if the waves were totally frozen.

This Video's Sound Is So Satisfying, It Makes Me Miss Winter

There’s an awesome story here about a mum and dad who built a backyard ice rink in the United States during the winter so that their two boys could have fun skating and playing hockey outdoors. But what I love most about this excellent quick-cut video is just hearing all those sounds come together. It’s enough to make a man maybe, MAYBE, miss winter.

You Can Now Pre-Order Forcite's Smart Snow Helmet

When we wrote about the Forcite Alpine smart helmet at the start of this year, we called it the snow sports headgear that “does it all”. That was when it had a 1080p action camera built in, a GPS tracker and built-in walkie-talkie. It’s now available for pre-order, and it’s even cooler than it was before.

How To Drive On Snow And Ice

There’s an awful lot of bad information floating around about driving in winter weather. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here’s how to drive on snow or ice without crashing your car or wasting money on unnecessary stuff.

How To Build A Snow Shelter

Want something fun and productive to do during this whole giant blizzard thing? Why not learn how to build a snow shelter? It could save your life one day but, more importantly, they’re just a ton of fun to make. Here’s how.

Crazy People Chainsawed A Frozen Lake To Make A Spinning Ice Carousel

Video: Winter makes people desperate. Being surrounded by snow for months saps the fun out of the world. Walking on a frozen ice lake is not comforting. But screw it all. Because people need to be, well, people, crazy folks that were sick of winter this year decided to chainsaw up a frozen lake and make a moving carousel on ice. It looks like so much fun!

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