Epic Aerial Footage Of Mountain Hiking Reminds Me Of How Tiny We Are

Whatever you’re stressing about right now, try to clear your head by watching this epic video of a mountain climber attacking the Ledge Route of Ben Nevis, Scotland. We’re just a small part of this world, it stretches beyond what we can see. Winter is ending, adventures are beginning. Enjoy it!

My First Time On The Slopes In 16 Years, I Skied The Backcountry 

I haven’t been skiing since the late ’90s. So, for my first time back, a trip out of bounds though the backcountry outside Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the US was a safe, practical thing to do, right?

Crazy Guy Rode His Snowmobile Off A Cliff And Then Started Flying

A snowmobile weighs nearly 225kg and isn’t meant for flying and yet, that’s what professional crazy person Antti Pendikainen did with his snowmobile. He gunned it down the mountain and then launched it off a cliff and then started soaring, reaching heights in the air typically meant for helicopters and planes.

How To Survive An Avalanche

Want to have fun in the snow outside a ski resort? Then avalanches are going to be a huge risk. Thirty-five people were killed by them in the US last winter alone. But, with a little preparation, a few gadgets and some basic knowhow, they can be survivable.

What It Looks Like To Receive A World-Record Snow Dump 

Capracotta, a charming town in Italy’s heartland, received a barely believable 256cm of snow over the course of 18 hours yesterday. That’s possibly a world record for snowfall, and it has unsurprisingly brought life in the town to a grinding halt.

I Climbed The Windiest Mountain In The World, In Winter

The windiest mountain in the world isn’t in some far flung place, it’s in New Hampshire. Mt Washington’s winds can top 320km/h and its temperatures fall as low as -44C. During one of the coldest Februarys on record, we decided to climb it, along with the six other peaks that make up the Presidentials.

What One Southern California Beach Looked Like This Morning

Yes, that photo above is real. But no, that’s not snow on a Los Angeles beach.

Recreate Your Favourite Calvin And Hobbes Comics With Tiny Snowman Molds

In the comics world, a little kid like Calvin can churn out a small army of miniature snowmen in a single afternoon. In reality, it takes a lot longer, and you’ll end up with a pair of freezing soaking wet gloves well before you’re finished. But if you have access to a 3D printer, you can make the process of building a tiny snowman army a lot easier with this simple plastic mould.

Snow Plough Looks Like It's Drifting When It Clears The Snow

Video: This monster snow plough, the TowPlow, totally looks like it’s drifting and dangerously flying through the snow covered roads but it’s actually really smartly extending itself and making the plough wider so it can clear roads even faster. The TowPlow is dragged by the snow truck and swings out to cover more area. Slick.

Why Snow Isn't Always White

Over at JSTOR Daily, Matthew Wills has an interesting read on all the different ways snow can be colours other than white. Although you might think that there’s only one reason for off-colour snow — and one that doesn’t take a lot of scientific effort to identify — it turns out there’s a variety of biological and physical causes for frozen water to be anything but white.