Why Snow Is White Even Though Snowflakes Are Clear

When you look at pictures of individual snowflakes, the snowflakes are clear. So why is snow white and not clear?

Meet An Icicle Farmer 

To most of us, icicles grow naturally, usually off the roofs of poorly insulated houses. But at Utah-based Ice Castles, man-made icicle farms are growing 15,000 icicles a day. How else do you think giant ice palaces get built? Welcome to the world of icicle farming.

Forcite Alpine Helmet: The Aussie-Built Smart Helmet That Does It All

Having the right gear at the snow can mean the difference between having a great day on the slopes or a frustrating, cold time of it. You have to organise your action camera, walkie-talkie for keeping up with mates, phone for maps and all your safety gear before you get going, and that’s a goddamn nightmare. One Australian start-up found that the struggle is real on the slopes, and decided to make a helmet that integrates everything you’d need into one wearable. It’s called the Alpine by a company called Forcite, and it promises to do it all.

Check Out The Gigantic Snow Sculptures Made By Three Brothers

Every year for the past four, the three brothers Bartz (Austin, Connor and Trevor) have made a ridiculously oversized snow sculpture in their front yard. This year, it was a turtle; previous instalments have included a shark, walrus and blowfish.

A Glowing LED-Lit Sled Keeps You On The Slopes All Night Long

It’s too bad that snow really only falls during the winter months when the days are so short. It means that if you lose track of time, you’ll find yourself careening down a snow and ice-covered hill on a sled in the dark of night, with no way to see what you’re about to crash into. Unless you bring a torch, or sled with this glowing downhill racer.

Watch People Get Slow-Mo Smacked In The Face With Snowballs 

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone take a snowball right square in the jaw. Unless of course, it’s a whole crew of folks getting smacked with snow right in the face, like in this seasonal supercut. ‘Tis the season!

The Different Types Of Snowflake, Visualised

Snowflakes are endlessly fascinating and incredibly beautiful. But while they’re all (sort of) unique, they can be neatly divided into well-defined types of flake. This chart shows them all.

Skiing Through This Impossibly Narrow Ridge Is Insane

Video: Holy cow. I don’t know how professional skier Cody Townsend pulled off this insane ski line that saw him pretty much drop straight down and then through the most narrow of cracks while skiing insanely fast, but he did it. The English language is not equipped to express how unbelievably mind-blowingly awesome his ski run was.

The Artist Making Beautiful Snow Art With Simple Maths And Footprints

You’ve probably seen Simon Beck’s masterpieces floating around the internet. Up close it looks like an army has marched through the snow. But when you step back — way back — the texture turns into an extravagant design. Some look like snowflakes, some like elaborate fractals. They’re all made with just a compass, Beck’s feet and some simple maths.

600 Mountain Bikers Descend At Once Down 2500m Snow-Covered Course

Video: Watch GoPro footage of 600 lunatics on bikes descending at once down the Pic Blanc Glacier, France — it’s all part of Megavalanche, an 30km endurance event, with an 2500m descent over snow, ice and unsteady terrain. The event has run for nearly 20 years and attracts adrenaline junkies in their thousands.

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