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American Hero Hacks Game Boy To Run Almost Any Retro Game

Meet the Gameboy Zero. It’s a classic Gameboy shell with a Raspberry Pi’s heart. But the mod isn’t purely cosmetic.

These Drawings Were Made By The Bad Guys In Legend Of Zelda

The other day I was playing SNES on an emulator and it suddenly struck me: The incredible amount of work that went into creating every single tiny box of light on that screen. It sounds like a simple point, but less so when you glimpse the maths and complexity behind video games in action.

A History Of Video Games In Commercials

It’s terrifying how long video games have actually existed. Utterly terrifying. Even more terrifying (and hilarious) are the commercials used to sell video games. Just for fun I decided to trail back through history to unearth almost a commercial for almost every single home console ever released. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 4 and everything inbetween: this is the history of video games in commercial form. Enjoy!

SNES Headphones Are The Best Way To Recycle Your Old Controllers

Forget Beats, Marshall or whatever the hell else cans you see people wandering around wearing. What you really, really need in your life is a pair of SNES headphones. Here’s how to make ’em.

What If Doctor Who Was A Cheesy 16-Bit RPG?

Strip Doctor Who of its BBC production values, translate it into a 16-bit role playing game and you have something so deliciously geeky that it really ought be made a reality.

You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever For $25,000

If you have $25,000 lying around and gathering dust, why not spend it on buying every single Super Nintendo game ever? YES. DO IT. Also, why not hang out with me after you buy it so we can play all 721 SNES games you just bought? Sounds like a plan!

The Perfect Wii Accessory For When You Miss Your SNES

The Wiimote is cleverly designed so that when turned on its side it functions as a classic video game controller. But if you’ve filled your Wii with classic 16-bit titles from the Virtual Console, you owe it to yourself to pick up this classic Super Famicom controller instead.

Retrode 2 Hooks Up Old-Skool Controllers And Cartridges To Your Computer

We love a bit of retro gaming here at Gizmodo, but there’s one common flaw: playing old console games without the original controller just doesn’t feel quite right. Retrode 2 can help with that.

Tired Of Your Old, Broken Super Nintendo Games? Piss On Them!

You thought that eBay lot of used Super Nintendo games was a good idea, until you discovered they were all either broken or horrifically outdated sports titles. At least you’ll have a pot to piss in, as long as you follow Price Charting’s instructions on how to build a video game urinal.

The Super Nintendo You Can Hold In The Palm Of Your Hand

And no, don’t make a Game Boy Advance joke, you smartass. Hyperkin’s Supaboy is an upcoming handheld unit that’s actually a Super Nintendo. Like, you have to insert Super Nintendo cartridges to play it.

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