Photographing The Perfect Plume Of Smoke Requires Thousands Of Tries

Talk about an ethereal subject. Pure smoke is about as intangible and unpredictable as anything you could think of putting in front of your camera. These beautifully frozen images were the result of literally thousands of attempts by photographer Thomas Herbrich.

These Incredibly Realistic Paintings Are Made Just Using Smoke

This is a portrait of Sir Roger Norrington created by Michael Fennel using just smoke. Not charcoal, not ashes, no fingers, no brushes — just actual smoke coming from a flame, pushing carbon particles into the air until they get stuck to the canvas.

Make A Smoke Waterfall Using Sticky Notes And Fire

Here’s an awesome experiment you can try if you’re looking for a last minute way to decorate your cubicle or house for Halloween. It’s particularly great if you have one of those tiny relaxing waterfalls at your disposal, since replacing the water with cascading smoke is sure to have everyone thinking you’re some kind of wizard — despite your costume.

What's Inside The Vatican's Black And White Smoke Signal

The Vatican needs to find a new Pope. To notify the world of when a new Pope is chosen, the papal conclave will communicate through smoke signal. Black smoke means they haven’t found a Pope, white smoke (or “fumata bianca”) would mean that there is a new Pope. So what’s inside the smoke?

Gizmodo Happy Hour: Making The Angry Ginger

Creating your first craft cocktail takes a lot of trial and error, a bit of science, and a dose of creativity. Today, you’re going to meet The Angry Ginger, Gizmodo’s first (but certainly not our last) attempt and creating an original cocktail. We think you’ll like the results.

Did You Know You Create Rainbows Every Time You Blow A Candle?

This is a wonderful photograph of someone blowing a candle. If you look closely, you can see rainbows on the smoke. Why do they happen?

Seeing A Fire-Breathing Human Is So Wrong

Double you tee eff doesn’t begin to explain this. This lunatic takes being a pyro to the next level. He stuffs his mouth with some sort of powder, waves a fan through his ear and starts a fire THROUGH HIS MOUTH.

Magical Puff Of Smoke Could Outshine Any Costume

You know that amazing Halloween costume you’ve been crafting for the past month? I’m sorry you wasted all that time because this Pure Smoke illusion — that magically conjures up puffs of vapour from your bare hands — has easily got you beat.

Let's Hope The Smoke Monster Is Not The Harbinger Of Apocalypse

Sometimes, coincidence and the capriciousness of physics are better than any Photoshop, like this smoke monster, being fought by fearless pompiers. [Thanks Oscar!]

What's Actually Inside The Tear Gas Being Used In Egypt?

The tear gas grenades being used to quell protestors in Egypt are actually made right here in the USA. They’re intended to cause “tearing of the eyes” and “irritation of respiratory tract and mucous membranes”. What’s inside the tear gas?