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Every Smart Appliance Should Be As Brilliant As This Smoke Alarm

It’s easy to scoff at the idea of smart appliances when you’re faced with an onslaught of everyday devices with bewilderingly superflous internet-y capabilities crammed in for little other reason than to pad the feature list. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Take the Canary, for instance, a smart smoke alarm. It’s quite possibly one of the smartest smart appliances out there.

Hideous Moth Smoke Alarm Saves Lives Instead Of Destroying Clothing

Normally you’d do everything you can to rid your home of moths, lest they leave your clothes and other fabrics riddled with holes. But this oversized facsimile is actually being sold as a stylish alternative to run-of-the-mill smoke detectors that you won’t mind having perched to your ceilings.

Award-Winning Smoke Alarm Sounds Like A Bird

Smoke alarms may be essential life-saving devices, but they aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing electronics in your home. At least until now, that is.

Bird-Shaped Smoke Alarm Better Not Tweet When The House Is On Fire

I’m torn: On one hand I hate the blatant pandering to the millions of Twitter-users products such as this birdy smoke-alarm obviously involve, yet… it’s a bird-shaped smoke alarm! €50 ($67) to you, you and you. [Design3000 via RandomGoodStuff]

Change A Smoke Alarm's Batteries With A Broomstick

Not sure why it took $US2500 and a student design competition to come up with this, but Trevis Kurz has invented a smoke alarm you can change the batteries for with just a broomstick (and your arms).

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