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40 New Tricks For Your Amazon Echo

Amazon recently announced that the Alexa AI powering its Echo and other hardware has now learned 1,000 “skills” (up from just 135 in January). In case you’re not up to speed with all the new tricks, we’ve picked out 40 of our favourites — you can discover the other 960 yourself.

How You Can Make Your House Look Like It's From The Future

It’s impossible to predict what the future looks like – while Back To The Future got many things right, aesthetics wasn’t one of them. One safe assumption, however, is that technology will be integral to the home of the future. If you want a house that looks like it’s from the future, it’s best to look at technology rather than styling.

How To Use Smart Blinds To Keep Your House Safe, Even When You're Not There

There are things we all do when we go away. Take out the garbage so the place won’t smell on your return. And do whatever you can to make it seem like your house isn’t actually empty — put lights on timers, ask friends or neighbours to collect the mail, water plants and put out the bins. But these are awfully 20th century methods of signalling that you’re home. You need something smart. Your home needs protection whether you are at home or not.

How Smart Gadgets Can Take The Chores Out Of Doing Housework

Between classic appliance made smart and multiple new types of helpful household robots, smart gadgets are popping up left and right that will make your work around the house a little easier. Whether you prefer to use them individually or as part of a smart home ecosystem, here are some of the best smart household devices on the market — and how they can help you.

These Are The 10 Smartest, Most Futuristic Homes Around The World

What does your dream home look like? It is a log cabin in the mountains? A sleek design on an ocean cliffside? Whatever the overall look, if you’re hoping to integrate smart features that will control the entertainment, lighting and heating systems in your home, maximise energy efficiency or simply have that futuristic edge, here’s some inspiration from around the globe.

Apple's Amazon Echo Competitor Sounds Goddamned Terrifying

Earlier this week The Information reported that Apple is making a smart hub to compete with the very cool Amazon Echo and recently announced Google Home. This is not shocking. Consumer technology companies’ new favourite thing is to get their remarkably well-designed talons into every aspect of our lives. If we want the convenience they promise then we have to sell a little bit of our digital soul.

We Designed A House Powered Entirely By Smart Technology

Walking up to Gizmodo’s imaginary smart house is rather an anticlimax. A modern house powered by smart technology looks like any other home. There are no Jetsons-esque robot maids, jetpacks or levitating buildings. Voice control is getting better, but it’s still no Jarvis. So don’t expect anything radical. What a smart house really is, is just a more frictionless existence.

Smart Home Devices That Will Save You Time, Money And Energy

To say I’m a fan of smart homes is an understatement. Being a renter I’m limited somewhat as to what I can have in my apartment, but that hasn’t stopped me from integrating as many smart devices into my environment as humanly possible.

One thing I’ve discovered a long the way — not only have I saved a lot of effort (regular light switches are for plebs, you guys), but I’ve saved time, money and kilowatts on my energy bill. Here’s my top recommendations for doing the same at your place.

10 Things You Need To Know To Build A Smart Home

If you’re thinking of building yourself a smart home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get underway. We’ve got a few tips and tricks that will help you make sure your smart house doesn’t get overly complicated, and that it only serves to make your home life that little bit more efficient.

The Best Smart Locks Tested: Leave Your Keys Behind

We spent more than three months researching all of the top-rated smart locks currently available and put 10 leading models through their paces in both side-by-side tests and real-world everyday use to find the best for your home. We have a best overall pick for most people, one with a keypad, an alternative for renters that works with your existing deadbolt, and a reliable (if unpolished) budget-friendly option.

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