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Here's How Nest Will Work Together With Your Dropcam Now

When Nest acquired Dropcam for $US555 million earlier this year, it seemed like an obvious move: Nest has sensors out the wazoo, but no camera. We hadn’t heard much about integration between the two companies though, until today, when Nest announced exactly how the devices will work together.

Hilton's Going To Make Hotel Room Keys Obsolete

Smartphones have been killing off fogey tech since the first iPhone. Goodbye MP3 player. So long stopwatch. Good riddance physical maps. Now, with some help from Hilton hotels, room keys are next to face extinction.

How Nest Is Already Using All That Data From Its Army Of Smoke Alarms

The big news from Nest today is that Protect is back on the shelves. But lost in the shuffle is a more interesting tidbit from the company: its first report on data culled from the alarms of hundreds of thousands of users. It’s a glimpse at how Nest (and Google) can use their army of home-based smart hardware for the better — and at just how much they could know about you some day.

Samsung's Bluetooth-Controlled LED Bulbs Create Their Own Wireless Network

Coincidentally timed with Apple’s WWDC HomeKit announcement, Samsung has revealed a new line of smart LED lightbulbs that communicate with your phone, and each other, using a mesh Bluetooth network they automatically create. What does that actually mean for you?

Apple's HomeKit Is An iPhone-Powered Universe Of Gadgets

Instead of jumping head first into the smart home market by allowing iOS users to (finally) control all of their connected appliances and devices from a single app, Apple has instead decided to tip-toe through the connected home’s front door with a new API that ensures everything can be securely connected wirelessly, and controlled using Siri voice commands.

Report: Google And Nest Want To Offer Home Surveillance

Google is reportedly hoping to add home security to Nest’s portfolio. According to The Information, it’s been considering a purchase of Dropcam — the worldwide leader in cloud-powered remote monitoring systems.

This Is How Smart All Smart Watches Should Be

So-called smart watches are sadly just fancy smartphone remotes. What if you were able to use a smart watch to control your entire home? That’s what this developer has built with Pebble WAND.

Just Flipping This Wireless Switch Is Enough To Power It

You might think that the humble light switch is so simple that it couldn’t really evolve much further — but you’d be wrong. Because this wireless switch, designed to work with the new breed of wireless bulbs, can harvest all the energy it needs to function from a button press.

LG Wants To Make The Smart Home Happen For Real This Time

Smart home integration has been something of a pipe-dream for years now. LG wants to make the dream a reality, without dropping you into a nightmare.

Here It Is: The World's First Remote-Controlled (LED) Light Bulb

Don’t you hate getting all bundled up under the covers, your pillows in the perfect scrunch position under your head, only to realise you didn’t turn out the lamp on the opposite end of the room and there’s no way you’ll be able to sleep with that bright bulb shining in your eyes all night? I do. And I do this all the time.

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