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This Is The Cutest (And Possibly Smallest) 3D-Printed Drill In The World

Lance Abernethy, a maintenance engineer, from Auckland, New Zealand, 3D-printed a cordless drill that measures 17mm tall, 7.5mm wide and 13mm long, and holds a 0.5mm twist drill. Not happy with that, he is already working on a smaller version.

This Tiny Apartment Is Built Inside A 30-Year-Old Storage Unit

When most of us think of housing shortages, we think of the micro-apartments of Hong Kong or New York. But Stockholm is in the midst of its own shortage, and with it, incredibly resourceful solutions. Take, for example, this 36 square metre apartment in an old storage unit.

Honestly This Compact Crossbow Is Quite Small

There’s no governing body proclaiming this the world’s smallest crossbow, but it’s only slightly larger than a full-sized crossbow arrow so it’s got to be up there. Joerg designed this crossbow to be safe. The arrow is fully encapsulated so it won’t accidentally shoot off in an unexpected direction.

This Camera Is So Tiny You Could Eat It

Nikon updated its Coolpix compact camera range today, and amidst the new professional compact and the groovy, Android-powered S800c hides the Coolpix s01 — the cutest little camera you ever did see.

Miniature Cities Rise From The Ashes Of Busted Technology

Broken motherboards, transistors and other baubles are given new life by artist Franco Recchia. City life, specifically, as he is an artist who works at the miniature level to recreate Manhattan skylines using nothing but computer junk made useful again.

Twitter Co-Founder Begins Trial On SquareUp iPhone Credit Card Payment Service

Basic details about Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s plans for an iPhone credit card payment service have been floating around for some time, but it appears that his SquareUp startup has finally gone live for trial users—and it looks promising.

Extremely Confident Man Builds Extremely Tiny Car

Possibly the smallest street-legal car in the world, the 39-inch high, 26-inch wide, cheekily-painted project was made by a British man out of one of those coin-operated children’s rides.

Munchkin-Chic Lingo Wireless Mouse Might Be the World's Smallest

Nobody asked for it, but here it is: the ‘world’s smallest‘ wireless mouse! This thumb-sized min-strosity will run for 15 hours on one charge, assuming you can go that long without losing it.

10 of the World's Smallest Gadgets

The diminishing size of gadgetry is about as certain as Moore’s law, and is generally good for us. But for some, size is an obsession, and smaller is always better. This is what they’ve wrought:

Thecus N0204 miniNAS Makes the Unfortunate Claim of 'World's Smallest NAS'

I can’t think of another product category less served by the ol’ “world’s smallest” tag that gadget-makers continuously foam over than network storage drives. But, of course, here we have the “world’s smallest” NAS.

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