slow motion

Captivating Slow Motion Video Of Stuff Bouncing Off Gelatin

This video — made by General Electrics a few years ago — shows different stuff, from a Christmas ornament to a watermelon, falling and bouncing off gelatin in glorious and mesmerising stop motion. They didn’t create it just for fun, their locomotive engineers were looking for new ways of converting momentum into electricity.

Archery Legend Hitting An Aspirin Tablet In Glorious Slow Motion

Video: Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day grabbed his high-speed camera and went to see archery legend Byron Ferguson and took this video of him destroying an aspirin tablet — and many other small objects — with his arrow in glorious super-slow motion.

A Firecracker Exploding A Rubber Band Ball In Slow Motion Is The Best

Video: Who knew that rubber band balls could serve as an endless source of entertainment? Slow Mo Lab stuck a firecracker inside one of those balls and filmed it exploding in oh so sweet slow motion. It’s like watching a mummy spontaneously combust right before our eyes.

The Thrill Of Flying With A Wingsuit In A Beautiful Slow Motion Video

I’ve seen and posted here many wingsuit videos. Some show crazy close calls, other insane stunts, but it’s the first time I see something like this. The video, shot in slow motion with several cameras, it’s so beautiful and relaxing that it makes me want to try it. And that, my friends, never happened before.

It Only Took 5 Seconds To Film This Entire Music Video

In what has to be one of the shortest shoots ever, all it took to make this three and a half minute music video was five seconds of filming. That seems like some pretty good bang for your buck! The trick was that a Phantom 4K camera inhaled those five seconds at 1000fps to create this moving mural painting of a music video.

Seeing A Bunch Of Random Scenes In Slow Motion Is Surreal (NSFW)

If you ever wondered what hitting an egg with a golf club or throwing pork belly into a pan or shooting an arrow through a light bulb or cutting a woman’s hair all looked like in slow motion, you don’t have to wonder anymore, this video shows you and a lot of other awesome random things in slow motion.

Short Film: The Hilarious Story Of A Man Living In Slow Motion

Video: Everything in slow motion looks cooler. But there are always exceptions. In this case, the exception is called Leonard (Martin Starr): a white collar worker with a serious slow motion condition. The film was directed by Peter Livolsi.

Slow-Motion Explosion Of An Orange Is Like Seeing A Supernova On Earth

Video: Fruit may be the best thing to blow up because all that pulp, juice, seeds, peel, skin make for great gory guts in explosions. This slow-motion explosion of an orange is as good as explosions get. In fact, it almost looks like a mini version of our sun going supernova and exploding on itself.

Watch The Guts Of A DSLR Camera In Action At 10,000 Frames Per Second

Video: The Slow Mo Guys got a 10,000-fps high resolution camera and pointed it into the guts of a DSLR camera shooting photos at 1/8000th of a second. It’s amazing to see how much vibration there is when the mirror and diaphragm move.

Watch A Rotten Orange Full Of Fireworks Explode At 62,000 FPS

Every wonder what it would look like if you exploded an orange and filmed the carnage at 62,000 frames per second? Turns out, it looks a lot like the end of a very small world.