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Watch Lightning Creep Towards Earth In Super Slow Motion

Scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology recently captured a beautiful lightning storm using a new high speed camera.

Watch Daredevils Land Skate Tricks In Slow Motion, While Their Boards Are On Fire

These guys may have melted the soles of their shoes a bit, but it was worth it to capture these jaw-dropping tricks in stunning slow motion.

This Is Why You Should Be More Careful With Your Drone

Before crashes could be simulated in a computer, aircraft builders would shoot chickens at planes to determine the damage from a mid-air bird strike. This rig, built at Aalborg University in Denmark, sort of does the same thing, but instead tests the damage a drone could inflict on a human.

A Flamethrower In Slow Motion Looks Like A Flying Dragon Made Of Fire

Video: They’re one of the most terrifying and destructive weapons of war, but through the lens of a high-speed camera, a flamethrower looks like it’s actually releasing a magical flying dragon made of fire. As with almost anything filmed by the Slo Mo Guys in slow motion, it’s surprisingly beautiful to watch.

Watch A Bridge Explode In Super Slow Motion

Video: Here’s footage of an old bridge over the Washita River in Oklahoma being demolished with 272kg of explosives. Because of the super slow motion, you can see how and where the explosives were rigged to the bridge in order to take it down. Explosions: always a good way to go out.

Slow Motion Laser Hair Removal Is A Tiny Massacre

Video: Laser hair removal might be the most requested cosmetic procedure, but how does it work?

Seeing A Bullet Shoot Out From A Homemade Quad Barrel Shotgun Is Unreal

Video: Wow. Let’s never ever be on this end of a gun barrel in real life, but seeing the slug shoot out from this homemade quad barrel shotgun is really, really impressive. The homemade weapon is pure insanity — like something only fit for a comic book villain — because its four shotgun barrels in one. Seeing it fire in slow motion is unreal. You can basically see the bullet dance in the air.

Burning Steel Wool Becomes A Spinning Blade Of Fire In Slow Motion

Video: The internet would be a far less awesome place to waste valuable hours at work were it not for the The Slow Mo Guys turning the mundane into the amazing with their high-speed camera. By itself a clump of burning steel wool is only mildly interesting, but at 1000 frames per second, it’s better than a fireworks extravaganza.

Real Explosives Blowing Up Mega Bloks In Slo-Mo Is Every Kids' Fantasy

Video: Mega Bloks, those weird, distant-cousins of Lego, have gotten surprisingly elaborate over the past few years. In fact, they’re the only way you can build your own official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 vehicles and boats like the folks from Glorious Eye Candy — who then blew them all up in front of a high-speed camera.

The Chemistry Involved In Lighting A Match Is Surprisingly Awesome

Video: Many of you may remember this slow motion video from a little over a year ago. The American Chemical Society has now taken this footage — shot at an astounding 4000 frames per second — to explain what’s actually happening at the molecular level when a match is struck.

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