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Watch Different Colours Of Paint Spin Like Crazy On A Drill In Slow Motion

Video: It’s like a beautiful, colourful ballet. The Slow Mo Guys dipped a power drill in different colours of paint and then captured in spinning in glorious slow motion. To see all the colours whip around like string is pretty great. It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting in moving 3D.

Blinking Looks Super, Super Creepy In Slow-Motion

Video: This high-speed video of humans blinking allowed scientists to study the mechanics of the eye blink. It will also let them study how disconcertingly weird and creepy blinking actually is.

Awesome Slow Motion Footage Of Bullets Piercing Random Objects

Video: Ever wanted to see a bullet shoot through a banana? A hamburger? An apple? A lightbulb? A jug of water? Milk? Ham? A single playing card? You got your wish then. Vickers Tactical shot bullets at totally random objects in slow motions and the results are pretty damn incredible.

The Fun Sparkling Spiral Of A Spinning Ball Drenched In Water

Video: It’s always fun when the least complicated thing — this is just a ball soaked in water thrown in the air by the Slow Mo Guys — makes for such a spectacular visual in slow motion. The spiral of the foam ball is awesome as it jets out all the water it was holding inside. Plus, the droplets of water catch the sun just right and everything is sparkling.

Hitting Jell-O With A Tennis Racket Gloriously Slices It All Up

Tennis racquets are excellent at turning objects — namely, tennis balls — into blobs because the strings have just the right amount of give to absorb a bit of punishment. What’s even cooler though, is when something — like Jell-O — goes straight through the webbing and gets cut and sliced and chopped into jiggly flying snake-like objects.

Watch Deadly Animals Attack In Slow Motion

Chomp! Snatch! Snap! Attack. Here is a wonderful collection of killer animals from BBC Earth Unplugged showing the animals’ unique attacking methods attacking in slow motion. You’ll see owls and crocs and chameleons and praying mantises and others go through their specialty in all its detail. I think the chameleon is my favourite and the crocs makes me the most scared.

Watch Bare Skin Get Tasered In Painful Super Slow Motion

This is a little bit gross but if you were ever curious as to how a taser works, just watch it shoot out in super slow motion. The electrical cartridge jumps out of the gun in an explosion of confetti (the confetti has a unique serial number), breaking down the door and then swimming through the air to latch onto the skin of the target. The rippling effect once the taser makes contact is pretty gnarly and totally scary, since it never lets go.

Seeing A Ladybug Take Flight In Slow Motion 

Video: This is just so cool. I love how the dotted red shells split and then the wings slowly swing out and then begin to flap and the ladybug takes flight like some sophisticated alien space ship that’s ready to swarm together. It’s also really cool to see this angle of a ladybug taking flight because it’s so different than the overview look we typically get.

A Bomb Of Matchstick Heads Exploding In Slow Motion Is Like Fire Rain

What happens when you light 6000 matchstick heads (that is only the tip of the match)? Basically a huge fire bomb explosion that looks like it’s raining fire. The match heads all ignite and burst a super tall flame in the air and then the match heads start flying everywhere and when it falls to the ground, it looks like individual flames are burning down. So cool.

Seeing A Gun Fire At 73,000 FPS Is Absolutely Definitely The Most Incredible Thing

Wow. Ten thousand wows couldn’t even begin to explain how much amazement and pure jaw dropping wonder that I’m feeling after seeing a gun fire off a shot at 73,000 frames per second. We’ve seen bullets and other guns get shot in slow motion before but not anything like this, the visible force and pressure and explosion and dance of fire and ghost of a bullet trail and mini mushroom cloud that we get to see is just simply incredible. The detail, man.

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