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Slow-Motion Footage Of Double-Barrelled Pistols Firing Bullets Is Crazy

Video: Watch as we slow down time to see this guy fire off 20 bullets in just 1.5 seconds from two double-barrelled pistols. It’s a ballistics ballet that looks almost unreal at certain angles. The top-down look of the guns firing is especially cool to see, like a first-person shooter video game view only in real life.

Relighting A Candle In Slow-Mo Is Bizarrely Interesting

On a scale of one to mundane, relighting a candle with a match sits just a little higher than watching paint dry. But as with almost anything, film a candle at 2000 frames per second, and things get much more interesting — and weird.

Getting Slapped With A Hand Of Fire In Slow Motion Is Spectacular

Video: There are a lot of cool things you can see in slow motion, but few might be as satisfying as watching a hand on fire slapping a guy in the face. The face gets smushed in all kinds of ways with spit flying everywhere while the flames dance around all over the guy’s face and stays there a frighteningly few seconds too long.

This Collection Of Slow-Motion Scenes Is So Stunning It Stops Time

Paul Wex’s Interrupt is an absolutely beautiful look into people and life in southeast Asia. It’s filmed entirely in slow motion with a vintage 35mm OM Zuiko lens on a Canon 5D Mk3 and the footage of random daily life is peaceful and serene and stunning and unreal. Its like the video has stopped time to showcase life.

Slow-Motion Video Of Firing An RPG Shows The Massive Back Blast-Off

Video: Here’s footage from Vickers Tactical showing what firing a RPG-7 looks like in slow motion. It’s like a rocket launch, only turned horizontal. The back blast-off is so huge that it might be just as bad to stand directly behind the RPG as it would be to stand it front of it. OK, maybe not. But still.

Matchstick Rockets Captured At 2500 FPS Look Like Tiny ICBMs

If you’ve never wrapped aluminium foil around a match to turn it into a miniature rocket you’re missing out on a really great childhood experience. The one thing most of us didn’t have as kids was access to a high-speed video camera, but thankfully the Slow Mo Guys do, and they filmed this tiny launch at 2500 FPS.

Captivating Slow Motion Video Of Stuff Bouncing Off Gelatin

This video — made by General Electrics a few years ago — shows different stuff, from a Christmas ornament to a watermelon, falling and bouncing off gelatin in glorious and mesmerising stop motion. They didn’t create it just for fun, their locomotive engineers were looking for new ways of converting momentum into electricity.

Archery Legend Hitting An Aspirin Tablet In Glorious Slow Motion

Video: Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day grabbed his high-speed camera and went to see archery legend Byron Ferguson and took this video of him destroying an aspirin tablet — and many other small objects — with his arrow in glorious super-slow motion.

A Firecracker Exploding A Rubber Band Ball In Slow Motion Is The Best

Video: Who knew that rubber band balls could serve as an endless source of entertainment? Slow Mo Lab stuck a firecracker inside one of those balls and filmed it exploding in oh so sweet slow motion. It’s like watching a mummy spontaneously combust right before our eyes.

The Thrill Of Flying With A Wingsuit In A Beautiful Slow Motion Video

I’ve seen and posted here many wingsuit videos. Some show crazy close calls, other insane stunts, but it’s the first time I see something like this. The video, shot in slow motion with several cameras, it’s so beautiful and relaxing that it makes me want to try it. And that, my friends, never happened before.

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