Watch Water Dance In Slow Motion On GE's Superhydrophobic Surfaces

We already knew that hydrophobic surfaces are extremely fun — but they’re even better in super slow motion. The Slow Mo guys recently paid GE a visit and shot some footage of their latest projects in their trademark super slow motion — including a hydrophobic coating GE is developing to keep wind turbines free of ice.

Watching Espresso Pouring In Slow Motion Is So Hypnotising

Normally coffee gets you all hyped up, but this slow motion footage of an espresso shot being pulled is so relaxing I can hardly take my eyes off it.

Dogs Shaking In Super Slow Motion Will Fix Any Bad Day

It’s no secret that dogs plus great photography and super slow motion have the power to mend the wounds of the world. Who doesn’t want more of that? You do. We all do. Here.

Watch These Giant Bubbles Exploding In Slow Motion

There are few better sentences than one that includes the words “giant”, “bubbles”, “exploding” and “slow motion”. Well, there’s one thing better: a video that fits that sentence.

Slow-Motion iPhone Destruction, Shot With iPhone Slow-Motion

Best way to show off the iPhone 5s’s slow-motion video capture? By using it to shoot Apple’s new smartphone being destroyed at 120 fps. How delightfully meta.

$US100,000 Camera Captures Slow Mo Surfing, From Underwater

For the upcoming BBC nature series “South Pacific,” filmmakers rigged a TyphoonHD4 to shoot above and underwater HD in gorgeous slow motion.

SprintCam V3 HD Shoots Breathtaking Full HD Video at 1,000 FPS

newVideoPlayer("/slowmocam_gizmodo.flv", 506, 305,""); Sure, the Casio EX-F1 shoots great slow-mo footage for a consumer camera. But it can’t touch the footage that the SprintCam V3 HD pumps out. Good lord.

Greatest Living Samurai Reduced To Slicing Vegetables, BBs in Slow-Mo

The noble Samurai has found his role in Japanese society reduced over the decades from a fearsome fighting warrior to a skilled cutter of vegetables and BBs that’s paraded on TV shows for our amusement.

Lighters Will Blend, But Also Ultimately Pwn 'Will It Blend' Blender

Will lighters blend? Yes, they will. And the explosive results, filmed in slo-mo, have finally warmed me up to this otherwise inscrutable internet meme. Good thing we didn’t try this at the Giz Gallery! [Kotaro269]

Casio EX-FH20 Budget Super Slow-Mo Camera Lightning Review

The Gadget: The Casio EX-FH20 camera, bargain brother to the popular EX-F1. It features 1000 fps slow-mo video, a 40 fps burst mode for still shooting and a 9.1-megapixel sensor, as well as good ol’ 720p at regular speeds, all for just over half the price of the original slow-mo star. galleryPost("exfh20lightning", 3, "");